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Report Card on the Natural Family

Our Report Card on the Natural Family measures where the candidates really stand on marriage, children, adoption, family and moral standards. Because their actions speak louder than their words.

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Have you seen the Report Card documentation?

A candidate's actual votes and public actions, along with his repeated, consistent, specific spoken positions, demonstrate where he really stands on public policy issues regarding the natural family. Don't disagree with the evidence before seeing the documentation and source links here:

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See the evidence for RON PAUL »

(Newt Gingrich has withdrawn) »
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(Rick Santorum has withdrawn) » and our national arm,, provides this information solely for educational purposes. We represent Biblical family values and moral virtues for the common good. We reach, educate, and activate people to make a difference, but do not support or oppose candidates. That's up to you!

Why this Report Card is so important

In this important election season for concerned Americans, and is pleased to provide the Report Card on the Natural Family for the Republican presidential candidates. Describing the candidates’ real positions on marriage, children, adoption, and family and moral standards, this honest, tough, and fair scorecard of the six GOP candidates gives voters a reality check on who might become their next President.

“Deeds mean more than words,” said Randy Thomasson, President and Founder of and “Our objective voter guide is unique in that it focuses on the natural family centered on a husband and wife and their children, and helps voters overcome mere opinion, personal bias, shallow claims, and media-shaped ideas with the stark reality of stubborn facts that predict what candidates would or would not stand for if they won the White House.”

How the Report Card was produced

We scoured the web searching for what candidates actually did on issues, more than what they said. Then we carefully measured published votes, policies, public statements, and documents to determine the candidates' real positions on 10 issues of importance to families. No coordination was done with any candidate or supporting campaign or supporters of a particular candidate.

In the Report Card on the Natural Family, the greatest weight was given to actual votes, actions, and implemented policies, rather than contemporary statements that differ from past policies or statements that contradict previous actions. Where there's inconsistency or uncertainty in a candidate’s position, a question mark hangs over them.

“Talk is cheap and campaign promises are a little better,” said Thomasson, a longtime West Coast pro-family leader and a registered independent. “But what you’ve done in the past is the most reliable indicator of what you’ll do in the future. While most of the Republican presidential candidates claim to represent family and moral values, let the actual record show they are marching to different drummers on marriage rights, adoption, schoolchildren, obscenity laws, the military, the Boy Scouts, and the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual political agenda.”

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