5/06/13: Pro-family statement on court OK for cities to ban pot shops


May 6, 2013 -- For Immediate Release

Pro-family Statement on California Ruling Affirming Bans on Pot Shops    
Thomasson: 'Now is the time for...city and county officials to close all pot shops'

Sacramento, California -- A veteran pro-family leader in California is applauding the strict constructionist ruling of the California Supreme Court, which has affirmed the right of local governments to ban pot shops. Writing for the state high court, which issued a unanimous ruling, Justice Marvin Baxter said marijuana dispensaries "may pose a danger of increased crime, congestion, blight, and drug abuse."  

"Now is the time for concerned Californians to urge their city and county officials to close all pot shops, which are creating crime in our neighborhoods and drug addicts among our youth," said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, which promotes moral virtues for the common good. "Today's marijuana is much more mind-altering than decades ago. Smoking pot regularly causes brain abnormalities in teens and young adults, and harms people's lungs faster than smoking cigarettes. Most of those frequenting pot shops are 'recreational users' posing as 'medicinal users.' But anyone using marijuana for purposes under Prop. 215 can get it from their doctor or grow it at home."

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Proposition 215 as approved by voters in 1996

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