5/22/13: 'Harvey Milk Gay Day' Just The Tip Of The Iceberg


May 22, 2013 -- For Immediate Release

'Harvey Milk Gay Day' Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
Statement by SaveCalifornia.com President Randy Thomasson

Sacramento, California -- Veteran pro-family leader Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, which promotes moral virtues for the common good, and had urged parents statewide to keep their children home from schools participating in today's "Harvey Milk Gay Day," has issued the following statement:

"'Harvey Milk Gay Day" is just the tip of the iceberg in a long list of sexual indoctrination laws impacting the curriculum and activities of every child in California government schools. Morally-sensitive parents need to realize that public schools no longer prioritize academics, but are brainwashing children to embrace liberal values, behaviors, and worldviews.

"It's sexual indoctrination days like this that are driving good parents to learn about the dishonorable deeds of Harvey Milk, a predator of teens and a sexual anarchist, and to realize that 'Milk Day' is only one of a raft of school sexual indoctrination laws. This is why why SaveCalifornia.com offers our special website, RescueYourChild.com, to help California parents understand the top 10 reasons to be concerned about public schools, and to help them take decisive action to rescue their precious children."

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