3/27/18: The transsexual agenda is not the purpose of the U.S. military


March 27, 2018 -- For Immediate Release

The transsexual agenda is not the purpose of the U.S. military

Thomasson: "'Sex change' procedures, funded by the taxpayers, have no place in our armed forces"

ACTION: Call or email President Donald Trump. Send your message of "Thank you for restoring a measure of sanity to our military. The transsexual agenda is not the purpose of our armed forces."

Sacramento, California (March 27, 2018) -- In response to General James Mattis and President Donald Trump restoring some order to the U.S. armed forces by prohibiting any new "transgenders" from enlisting, Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, a leading family issues organization supporting moral virtues for the common good, has issued the following statement:

"Americans who know that the purpose of the U.S. military is to maintain superior cohesion and troop strength to aggressively defend the interests of the United States in the world are happy with Donald Trump and Jim Mattis prohibiting any more transsexual recruits. The social engineering must stop, so that the original, functional purpose of the military can be restored.

"The U.S. armed forces are not for Americans in uniform -- enlisted military personnel are for the U.S. armed forces. In the military, individual identity is appropriately replaced by group identity. Therefore, individual 'wants,' such as 'sex change' procedures, funded by the taxpayers, have no place in our armed forces.

"General Mattis is right to recognize that transsexual behavior can 'undermine readiness, disrupt unit cohesion, and impose an unreasonable burden on the military that is not conducive to military effectiveness and lethality.' The Trump Administration is right to restore a semblance of order that reduces sexual tension, increases troop cohesion, and increases effectiveness."


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