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Welcome to your California Pro-Family Election Center

This is where you can get reliable facts and perspective and advice about how to vote for moral, social, fiscal conservative and constitutional values in California. Since 1999, SaveCalifornia.com has been serving children and families, and we're privileged to serve you with our June 7, 2022 Pro-Family Election Center.

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On this page:

  • Election dates and deadlines
  • Insight: Why always vote NO on these
  • Candidate Q&A: Whose values are yours?
  • Discover where candidates stand
  • Independent 'voter guides'
  • Party platforms and government guides

Election dates and deadlines

May 23, 2022:
If you've moved since the November 2020 election (turned 18 or got married and took your husband's surname), you need to register or re-register to vote. Your deadline to register to vote for the June 7 election is May 23, 2022. You must either have your return-envelope paper registration form postmarked by this date, or you must register to vote online by 8pm

June 7, 2022: Last day to vote by mailing your ballot, dropping off your ballot, or voting in person at a polling location. There should be a least one physical polling place in your California county, where, according to the California Secretary of State, you may "vote in person up to 10 days prior to Election Day." If you don't see this in-person option in your voter guide, visit the website or call your county registrar of voters. For greater security of your ballot, SaveCalifornia.com recommends voting in-person and avoiding "drop boxes."

On June 7, which is the "last day to vote," physical polling places are open 7am to 8pm, and vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked, or placed in "drop boxes," or dropped off at your designated polling place (see the back of your voter information guide or visit your county elections website).

SaveCalifornia.com provides the following solely for educational purposes. Since our beginnings in 1999, our pro-family, pro-child organization has taken positions on ballot measures, yet our nonprofit status does not permit us to support or oppose candidates for public office.

Why to oppose all local taxes, bonds, fees, and assessments

Graphic Money HouseSaveCalifornia.com knows that big government often robs people of personal responsibility and saddles working families, property owners, and small business owners with greater financial burdens. It's all because big government refuses to investigate and slash its own waste. Because of the influence of government unions and entrenched bureaucrats, independent, tough audits are simply not seen.

Therefore, we encourage you to vote NO on ANY AND ALL tax increases, tax extensions, bonds (which is borrowing money with interest, which is always more expensive than a direct tax), fees, and assessments.

It's pro-family to keep more of your hard-earned money, so it's pro-family to oppose wasteful government taking away more money from you and other Californians. Sneaky politicians like to take it incrementally, so you must consistently oppose even the smallest tax/bond/fee/assessment increases in order to inhibit the government from making you and your family poorer.

SaveCalifornia.com works solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates.

Therefore you must decide yourself who to support on your ballot. To help you, here are answers to relevant questions from pro-family Californians:

Q: Can I trust the "Republican voter guide" or "Democrat voter guide" sent to me in the mail?

A: No, you really shouldn't. Because "endorsements" are PAID by the candidates themselves! Look at the FINE PRINT. Don’t rely on voter guides in the mail unless they are from a trusted, recognizable source. And unfortunately, those trusted sources are very few and far between, because even some pro-family voter guides include pro-perversity Republicans as recommended "pro-family" candidates.

Q: Are there any pro-life or pro-family Democrat candidates left in California?

A: Not to our our knowledge. We don't know of any candidates within the "Democratic"/"Green"/"Peace and Freedom" parties who are pro-life for preborn babies and pro-family against the immoral "LGBTQIA+" agenda. Even in conservative "red states," pro-life-on-abortion Democrat candidates are being rubbed out. As recently as 2020, DNC Chair Tom Perez and Democrat presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren said there's no room for anti-abortion candidates in the Democratic Party.

Q: Which parties or candidates in California are reliably pro-life and pro-family?

A: It's getting harder to know, since truly pro-family candidates are rarer these days. From our observations, among the "Republican"/"American Independent"/"Libertarian" parties in California, we've determined that generally supporting traditional moral values are usually always "American Independent" candidates, most of the time "Republican" candidates, and some of the time "Libertarian" and "no party preference" candidates. Yet in the last several years, we've definitely seen more Republican and Libertarians candidates that support the unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, tyrannical "LGBTQIA+" agenda.

Q: Who are the anti-family Republicans on my ballot?

A: We report and you decide. For example, on May 19, 2022 on the Assembly floor, 49 Democrats and 1 independent were joined by 3 Republicans in voting to publicly praise anti-family, anti-God, sexual predator, and public liar -- the notorious Harvey Milk of San Francisco from the 1970s. The independent who became a coauthor of HR 109 was Chad Mayes (a former Republican) of Beaumont, Yucaipa, Yucca Valley, and the Palm Springs area, while the 3 Republican coauthors of this anti-family resolution were Phillip Chen of north Orange County, Steven Choi of south Orange County, and Suzette Valladares of Santa Clarita. See a screenshot of 53 assemblymembers voting to add their names as coauthors of HR 109 (May 19, 2022).

Five days later, on May 24, 2022, nearly the exact same resolution, in the form of SR 88, passed the State Senate floor 33 yes to 7 not voting. Voting yes were 27 Democrats and 6 Republicans (Patricia Bates, Andreas Borgeas, Shannon Grove, Brian Jones, Melissa Melendez, and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh). Not voting (abstaining or absent) were 3 Republicans (Brian Dahle, Jim Nielsen, and Scott Wilk) and 4 Democrats (Allen, Archuleta, Caballero, and Hertzberg)

This behavior was essentially the same a year prior -- on May 17, 2021, when California state senators passing SR 31 to honor homosexual activist, child predator, and anti-religion zealot Harvey Milk were 29 Democrats + 7 Republicans (Patricia Bates, Andreas Borgeas, Shannon Grove, Brian Jones, Melissa Melendez, Jim Nielsen, Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, Scott Wilk).

Three days later, on May 20, 2021, the California state assemblymembers voting to add their names as coauthors to HR43, honoring homosexual activist, child predator, and anti-religion zealot Harvey Milk were 56 Democrats + 1 independent Chad Mayes + 3 Republicans (Devon Mathis, Marie Waldron, and Suzette Valladares).

Also, on August 30, 2021, a Democrat-authored bill, AB 465, forcing "LGBTQIA+" brainwashing upon professional fiduciaries, passed the State Senate (voting yes were 29 Democrats and 2 Republicans: Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh and Scott Wilk). On September 1, AB 465 passed the Assembly with the yes votes of 61 Democrats + 11 Republicans (Phillip Chen, Steven Choi, Jordan Cunningham, Laurie Davies, Heath Flora, Vince Fong, Tom Lackey, Devon Mathis, Suzette Valladares, Randy Voepel, and Marie Waldron).

You must also independently research brand-new candidates as well as incumbents and former elected officials who are running again (instructions below).  So you need to do online searches on the candidates, using the additional search words, such as "abortion," "choice," "gay," "lesbian," "LGBT," "mask," "lockdown," "medical freedom," or any other word or phrase that divides true conservatives from the rest.

Q: What kind of candidates are the best?

A: It's become more obvious that for our God-given liberties and constitutional rights, it is not enough for candidates to be "Republican" or "conservative." We need fighters -- who will work, speak, and fight for what's right in God's sight. Fortunately, in the primary election, there are all the candidates -- not merely the "top two" in the general election -- so this is your opportunity to prefer a fighter over a seat-warmer.

Q: What can I do to generate more votes?

A: You can "multiply votes" via web, email, social media, and leafletting. Imagine helping hundreds of people vote for what's right in God's sight. You can do your own research to produce your own documented voter guide or recommended candidates, then publish or distribute it via a web page, blog, email, and social media. You can also print it up on a full or half sheet of paper (both sides) to place on automobile windshields in church parking lots. Want hellp doing this? If you call SaveCalifornia.com at 916-265-5650, just leave a message with a good time to call you back, and we'll call you to answer your questions and equip you.

Q: Is SaveCalifornia.com providing links to pro-family voter guides this election?

A: Yes, but with a big disclaimer. Because so-called "pro-family" voter guides are actually a list of endorsements, and too many of them include anti-family Republicans. For example, in some of these “voter guides,” there are current or former incumbent "Republican" officeholders who have supported the "LGBTQIA+" agenda in one way or another, which tramples your God-given liberties and constitutional rights, which is in no way "pro-family" or "liberty loving." And there are other "pro-life" incumbents in the California State Legislature who have voted in favor of abortion-filled budgets. While linking to the "voter guides" of individuals and other organizations (see below), SaveCalifornia.com encourages you to do your own research to confirm your beliefs about a particular candidate or candidates.

In just a few minutes, you can usually find out what you want to know about a particular candidate. Here's how to see if candidates match your values:

1. Simple steps to research candidates

Your best research on candidates will be done by yourself. Google a candidate's name along with other search terms. For example, if you want to search candidate John Smith for State Assembly and his position on sexual perversity, enter John Smith, Assembly, California, LGBT. Poke around and you might find his position on the tyrannical "LGBT" agenda.

Examples of other terms you might wish to search with the candidate's name and the position he or she is seeking are: Covid, virus, mask, test, lockdown, gay, gun, life, abortion, taxes, fees, constitution, etc.

Again, as a nonprofit organization, we cannot and do not support or oppose candidates for public office, and we don't tell you for whom to vote. Instead, you have to do your own research.

But with our guidance and your internet, it's fairly simple:

1. Have your sample ballot in front of you

2. On a computer with internet, type in a search engine a candidate's first and last name and office they are seeking, such as "Assembly," "Senate," "Congress," "U.S. Representative," etc.

3. Then, one word at a time, one search at a time, search the candidate name and a key word, such as Covid. This could reveal the candidate's statements, positions, or votes on the subject.

4. Do this kind of search for each candidate on your ballot, unless there are some you're seriously ignoring for a valid purpose.

How does SaveCalifornia.com President Randy Thomasson research?

Randy says, "First, I take out my ballot. In the partisan races, who are the Republicans? Are there an independents to consider? Of these, then I do my internet research with key words, looking for what they've said or done to show they're good or bad. Which is the conservative constitutionalist? And if there's more than one conservative constitutionalist in a particular race, who has the better chance of winning second or first place in the primary election and first place in the general election? This simple study usually makes my voting easy. For non-partisan seats, you can usually find out the party affiliation of candidates by searching under their name and Democrat or Republican. Don't be fooled by liberals in disguise -- do your own research to know where they really stand." 

You should also visit candidates' websites for their specific positions on constitutional, family-values and moral issues. And consider emailing the candidate to ask specific questions. And remember, what a candidate has done on a certain issue is always more revealing than what they say. For example, if you want to vote for a candidate who supports medical freedom, you'd be interested to know that Treasurer candidate Andrew Do voted for a countywide mask "mandate." Again, we don't support or oppose candidates, but want you to do your own research so you don't mistakenly vote against your own values.

2. Learn from voting records and endorsements

Your second-best research is key votes cast by incumbent politicians. A constitutional conservative will not vote against family values, will not support the "LGBTQIA+" agenda, will not support abortion/"Covid mandates"/"gun control," etc.

Provided for you below are links to help you know whether a candidate is genuinely pro-family or not. See for yourself: 

  • Learn from anti-family opponents: See candidates -- all Democrats -- who support the entire "LGBTQIA+" agenda trampling everyone else's rights: Equality California: "Our Endorsements"

    See candidates -- all Democrats -- who support abortion of pre-born babies, on demand, without any restrictions, with your taxpayer dollars: Planned Parenthood Endorsements: California U.S. Representatives | Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley

  • California: Of the candidates for California's congressional seats and statewide offices, who is "liberal," "leans liberal," "moderate," "leans conservative," or is a "verified conservative"? See the FRC Action California voter guide

  • Federal: How often does your current U.S. Representative vote for constitutional, pro-family values? Visit the pro-family, constitutional Eagle Forum website, which has a percentage ranking for each sitting congressman and congresswoman. Click here and enter your zip code, then click the photo of your U.S. Representative, then on the new page featuring your rep scroll down to see the percentage ranking and documentation.

3. Republican candidates for California statewide offices

See how the Republican candidates define themselves (in alphabetical order) for California's 7 partisan statewide constitutional offices (excludes the non-partisan office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction):

Governor: Ronald A. Anderson | Shawn Collins | Brian Dahle | Janny Rae Le Roux | David Lozano | Daniel Mercuri | Cristian Morales | Robert Newman | Anthony Trimino | Major WilliamsLeo Zacky

Lieutenant Governor: David FennellAngela Underwood JacobsClint W. Saunders

Secretary of State: Rob BernoskyRachel HammRaul Rodriguez Jr.

Controller: Lanhee Chen

Treasurer: Andrew Do | Jack Guerrero

Attorney General: Eric EarlyNathan Hochman

Insurance Commissioner: Robert HowellGreg Conlon

SaveCalifornia.com does not support or oppose candidates, but provides the following solely for educational purposes. The recommendations below are neither produced by, nor assisted by, nor vouched for, nor recommended by SaveCalifornia.com. Instead, they are independent voices in California, and it's up to you whether to trust them.

For example, in some of these “voter guides,” there are incumbent "Republicans" (current or former officeholders) who have supported the "LGBTQIA+" agenda in one way or another, which tramples your God-given liberties and constitutional rights, which is in no way "liberty loving." Also, there are other "pro-life" incumbents in the California State Legislature who have voted in favor of abortion-filled budgets. Finally, on the "liberty loving" guides, you should know there are some Democrat politicians who might be only against "medical mandates," but perhaps not against anything else you're against.

You'll also see that these voting recommendations from either "pro-life" or "freedom" or "Christian" perspectives differ on whom they support. So, while we do not recommend these "voter guides," we provide them, in alphabetical order, for your education as a California voter doing your own research. So if you peruse them, please also research independently whether a recommended candidate attacks your values, for example, on the natural family and the tyrannical "LGBTQIA+" agenda, or any other important issue.

Californians for Life 
California ProLife PAC 
Craig Huey (covering 18 California counties: Alameda, Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Madera, Orange, Placer, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, Ventura) 
Freedom Revival "Freedom Loving Candidates": San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Riverside CountyOrange CountyLos Angeles CountyVentura County 
Robyn Nordell (covering 5 SoCal counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego)

Democrats & Republicans In Their Own Words

Every political party has an official Party Platform, which is a written document that is the most reliable indicator of how that party's candidates will vote as an "elected representative." The party platforms will tell you what to expect, but not as much as a candidate's voting records or specific public promises. Though published in 2012, the platform comparison "In Their Own Words," below is eye-opening.

» Comparison of 2020 platfoms of the Democratic and Republican parties
Human Life, Religious Liberty, Healthcare, Sex Education/LBGTQ/Title IX, School Choice, Courts, Law & Order, Immigration & Border Security

» "In Their Own Words": Republican and Democratic Platforms (2012)
Life, Marriage, Health Care & Conscience, Second Amendment (Firearms), Education, The Economy, The United Nations, Right to Work & Unions, Energy & Climate Change

State government-produced voter guide

» Official California State Voter Pamphlet

Thank you for being a responsible citizen, researching the facts, and voting your conscience.

We're thankful for all of the people who make SaveCalifornia.com and this Pro-Family Election Center possible. People just like you, who care about moral values, religious freedom, the sanctity of life, financial freedom, and the future of our children.

It's a privilege to stand for your values -- not just at election time, but year-round!

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