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Action: Pull your children from 'LGBT' Harvey Milk Day

A predator of teen boys, Harvey Milk is hailed as a hero by homosexual activists and the liberal left. A California law encourages teachers and schools to "celebrate" Milk on May 22, without parental notice. Details »

Parents -- Why you need to Rescue Your Child

There are 20 big reasons to be concerned about government schools and the impact on your kids: Academic weakness, immoral "values," liberal theology, unsafe, LGBT indoctrination laws, more. Problems + solutions »

Action: Stand Up for Parental Rights and Medical Freedom

Whether you are for or against vaccines, everyone must take a stand for informed consent and parental rights. Oppose SB 277 & SB 792.
Latest report + call your assemblymember & Gov. Brown »

Oppose Assisted Suicide in California

SB 128, the "physician-assisted suicide" bill by Democrat politicians, gives California doctors a license to kill. Instead, patients deserve counseling and pain management. Call now: Special 2-day alert »

Action: Why It Matters: People Are Not Born 'Gay'

"LGBT civil rights" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable. But nobody is born 'gay'. Facts + why it matters »

Action: Call on GOP Governors to protect marriage

Tell them: Stop issuing homosexual 'marriage' licenses. You swore to defend the Constitution, not to defend judicial activists. You have the power and the duty to protect the vote of the people on marriage. Act now »

Action: Be Salt and Light in Your Church and Community

A huge mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Be a light in your church congregation for God’s values and help make a positive impact in the public square. Start a Salt and Light Council »

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Union employees:
How to resign from the union to stop funding anti-family values