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Know and Respond: 5 bad California bills to oppose now

Religious freedom, parental rights, property rights, ownership rights, the innate right to life -- these are constitutional and pre-constitutional rights. Yet Democrat politicians are working to remove your freedoms. Act now »


Action: Stop "3rd gender" identity fraud bill - Oppose SB 179

SB 179 would explode the envelope of sexual anarchy by creating an official 3rd "gender" in California. Drivers' license applications and drivers' licenses would require 3 "genders" to be offered. Oppose this bill »


Action: Protect liberties of religious institutions - Stop AB 569

AB 569 prohibits religious institutions, including schools and hospitals and churches, from upholding their religious beliefs on contraception, abortion, and sex outside of marriage. Learn more and Take Action »

Protect parental rights - Say NO to SB 18

SB 18 codifies a radical, anti-parent notion known as "children's rights." Ultimately, it means liberal politicians will become the de facto parent. You are need to fight FOR parental rights and AGAINST SB 18. Act now »


National Alert: Tell Jeff Sessions to protect religious freedom

Trump has punted the defense of religious freedom to U.S. AG Jeff Sessions, who is strongly pro-family. Tell Sessions to fight for and protect religious business owners' consciences on moral issues. Details + Call/email »


Trump Alert: Tell the President to reverse 'LGBT' order

Trump has taken forceful steps imposing homosexuality and transsexuality (cross-dressing) upon all parts of the federal government and also upon federal contractors (about 1/5 of the private sector). Email Trump »


Trump Alert: Urge him to issue religious-freedom exec action

At the Feb. 2, 2017 National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump said "My administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty." But opponents are pressuring him not to. Email Trump »

Action: Parents -- Why you need to rescue your child 

See 20 big reasons government schools are harmful to your child's mind, heart, and soul. Plus, the mandated pro-'LGBT' textbooks for children, starting in 2nd grade, are headed your way. Why & how to intervene »

Alert: Why it matters that people are not born 'gay'

"LGBT civil rights" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable. But nobody is born 'gay'. Facts + why it matters »

Action: Be Salt and Light in Your Church and Community

A big mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Yet government and laws imact morality, religious freedom, parental rights & more! Be a light for God’s values. Start a Salt and Light Council »


SIGNED: SB 1146 initiates State control over religion

Action SB1146 ReligFreedom 54x50 Gov. Jerry Brown has signed SB 1146, which initiates State control over religion by placing the State in a new role of judging religious matters on religious property. Understand why you should be concerned »

SIGNED: Brown signs transsexual bathroom signs bill

On Sept. 29, 2016, Jerry Brown signed AB 1732, tearing down 'men' and 'women' signs and replacing them with pro-transgender 'all gender' signs at single-occupancy restrooms. Why it's wrong» 

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