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ACTION: Get your California pro-family voter information

Visit the Pro-Family Election Center to get educated about the candidates and to see why you should vote YES on Prop. 50. Your vote matters! Election day is June 7. Get informed »

Oppose 'transgender' bathroom signs in Calif.

Under AB 1732, single-person restrooms must be stripped of "men" and "women" symbols and pro-transsexuality "all gender" signs erected instead. Your inside story on Assembly vote + Make 4 calls »

Action: Parents -- Why you need to rescue your child 

There are 20 big reasons to be concerned about government schools and the impact on your kids: Academic weakness, immoral "values," liberal theology, unsafe, LGBT indoctrination laws, more. Problems + solutions »

Alert: Why It Matters: People Are Not Born 'Gay'

"LGBT civil rights" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable. But nobody is born 'gay'. Facts + why it matters »

Action: Be Salt and Light in Your Church and Community

A huge mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Be a light in your church congregation for God’s values and help make a positive impact in the public square. Start a Salt and Light Council »

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Union employees:
How to resign from the union to stop funding anti-family values