9/18/18: California law now promotes secret murders



September 18, 2018 -- For Immediate Release

California law now promotes secret murders
Thomasson: "This is a green light for a bad doctor, bad nurse, or bad family member to pressure you to die."

Sacramento, California -- Murdering someone in secret will be easier now that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill exempting from prosecution certain acts of pressuring someone to commit suicide.

AB 282 says it's no longer a crime when someone "deliberately aids, advises, or encourages another to commit suicide" if done in compliance with the End of Life Option Act. The bill comes on the heels of a 2015 law (ABX2-15), which permitted physicians to prescribe a legal drug to so-called "terminally ill" patients who request it.

"Californians sent home to die by establishment doctors who gave them drugs, and didn't tell them about natural medicine that could heal them, now need to be afraid of family members who might pressure them to die and get out of the way," said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, representing children and families in California since 1999.

Signed by Gov. Brown without comment on Sept. 5, AB 282 removes all legal hesitation from someone -- a doctor, a nurse, a family member -- who wants you to commit suicide. Exempting all suicide pressure from the California Penal Code, AB 282 says no one can be prosecuted for "aiding, advising, or encouraging" physician-assisted suicide.

"This is a green light for a bad doctor, bad nurse, or bad family member to pressure you to die," Thomasson warned. "No police, district attorney, or judge will know what went on in the final moments, and even if they did, they'll have to look the other way. More than the 2015 law, AB 282 sets up the 'perfect crime.' Someone who could financially benefit from your death can actually 'help you' sign an order prescribing suicide pills, and then pressure you to swallow the pills when no one else is around. This sets up murder for profit. Self-administration of the lethal dose of drugs is not guaranteed, which opens the door to euthanasia."

"This pro-death bill sends an unmistakable message to teenagers and young adults that if you're depressed, suicide is the 'answer,' Thomasson said. "With the Democrat politicians in control of the State Legislature, California has flipped from an anti-suicide policy to a pro-suicide policy. Unless struck down as unconstitutional, as it should be, California will continue to be the 'Suicide State.'"

SaveCalifornia.com wishes the State of California would promote life-saving natural medicine as the cure to chronic diseases, including cancer. "Instead of pressuring depressed people to commit suicide, sick Californians should be directed to natural medicine websites such as CancerTutor.com for real hope that they can keep living and loving," Thomasson said.

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