Family entertainment with redeeming messages

Films impact our senses like no other medium. From inspiring us to frightening us, to teaching moral excellence to tearing us down with graphic sex and violence, movies have immense power over our hearts and minds. See my picks of flicks to make you better:

"Old Fashioned" (on DVD)

Randy says: "Can you believe there’s a film that makes true Christianity and true morality look good -- because it IS good? 'Old Fashioned' exalts sexual purity and Godly standards for a man and a woman. It promotes the success, happiness, and safety of courtship over the failure, disappointment, and harm of dating. And it promotes secondary virginity and real repentance – turning away from sin and turning back to God. 'Old Fashioned' is a love story that will move you deeply. I give it big thumbs up! Because if you take teenagers and young adults to see it, they can make life-changing decisions. Don’t just curse the darkness -- turn on the light! See 'Old Fashioned' today!"


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A few favorite DVD picks

I avoid most movies in the theaters because they have garbage and appeal to prurient interests. Instead, I find great movies to view at home. Although they might not have been box office hits, they’re hits with me because they inspire and improve the soul. Here are just a few favorites.

THE BOARD -- Watch the trailer and get the DVD »

I can’t say enough good about The Board. This 40-minute short film is a masterpiece. It was beautifully produced by an Ohio church, but it doesn’t look anything like a church movie. The Board is a very gripping portrayal of how our soul — our mind, feelings, conscience, heart, will and memory — all combine to make a decision for or against Jesus. I found it personally edifying because it reminded me that everything I do has already been approved by my mind, conscience, and heart. I give The Board my highest recommendation!

THE RIVER WITHIN -- Watch the trailer »

I also recommend the The River Within. This heartfelt and inspiring movie centers on a 20-something believer and a pastor who learn that talking about the Christian life is a whole lot different than living the Christian life. Through twists and turns, you can’t help but connect with the characters in this film as several plot lines merge and lead to its dramatic conclusion. The River Within is a clear message about doing God’s work, not “just talking.” The trailer does not do this film justice, but you'll get an idea of the storyline.

TIME CHANGER -- Watch the trailer »

Another excellent movie I recommend is Time Changer starring Gavin McLeod. This film is challenging and stimulating. It explains how America fell away from God’s standards, and how God’s Word is essential to the health of nations, churches, and generations of families.

BUTTERFLY CIRCUS -- Watch this ENTIRE beautiful 20-minute film here

While I’m at it, let me recommend the 20-minute Butterfly Circus. This short film by Joshua Wiegel about two very different circuses and a life-changing ringmaster is a powerful message of hope and redemption. Warning: this film can make you cry. It stars Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs. The Butterfly Circus is the winner of the 2009 Doorpost Film Project.


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FLYWHEEL -- This preview doesn't do justice to this inspiring film. Rent or buy it.