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Meet Randy Thomasson®

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Randy Thomasson® is founder and president of SaveCalifornia.com. With a heart for people, and a passion to share messages that Big Media won’t, Randy is an articulate voice on moral, social, and fiscal issues impacting families.

He spent many years lobbying at the State Capitol, and has previously been a guest on various media platforms.

Randy’s experience and insight on political issues of the day have become a go-to resource for countless Californians.

He has led for families over the years, including: Fighting against sexual indoctrination of children, working against legalization of non-medicinal marijuana, and promoting parental choice in education.

His efforts helped launch the website equipping dads and moms, RescueYourChild.com.

Through SaveCalifornia.com, Randy is empowering parents, grandparents, and concerned individuals to stand up for the values they hold dear, including their constitutional freedoms and God-given liberties, and the protection of children's innocence.

He delivers insightful information year-round to “Insider News” email subscribers, and voices educational audio messages on behalf of SaveCalifornia.com and our Campaign for Children and Families

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