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The next California statewide election is June 3, 2014

This page will be updated by May 2014

Last statewide election was: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Below is our 2012 Election Center information. 

SaveCalifornia.com provides the following information solely for educational purposes. While our organization represents conservative family values, we take positions on ballot propositions but our non-profit status does not allow us to support or oppose candidates for public office.

On this page: (scroll down for each section)

BOTTOM LINE: Vote NO on 7 measures, YES on 3, and why we're neutral on 1
CANDIDATES: Voter guides and scorecards
DIG IN: Understand the 11 state ballot propositions

The mailers, TV ads and radio commercials can sound so convincing -- from both sides. What are the facts about the impact of the 11 propositions on California's November ballot?

30 NO Increases sales tax and income tax, harming economy
31 NO Permits local governments to get larger and worse
32 YES Protects workers' paychecks from political coercion
33 YES Allows lower auto insurance for already-insured drivers
34 NO Prohibits the death penalty for convicted murderers
35 YES Increases penalties for convicted human traffickers
36 NO Releases dangerous convicts, weakens "Three Strikes"
37 NEUTRAL Requires GMO warning labels at grocery stores
38 NO Increases income tax, harming economy
39 NO Raises taxes on out-of-state businesses, harming jobs
40 NO Vote no in order to reject biased legislative districts

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Don't trust the "Republican voter guide" or "Democrat voter guide" sent to you in the mail. WHY? Its "endorsements" are PAID by the candidates themselves! Look at the FINE PRINT. Don’t rely on voter guides you receive in the mail – unless they come from a trusted, recognizable source.

While SaveCalifornia.com does not support or oppose candidates, we have provided links to candidate voter guides and scorecards listing candidates’ positions on issues and the past votes of elected representatives. These links speak for themselves and do not represent the views of SaveCalifornia.com.

Voter Guide Links

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Also, see who the 'LGBT' activists and abortionists support

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Elected Representative Voting Records

See how California's congressional delegation voted on key issues:
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How current California state legislators voted on 18 bills:
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Democrats & Republicans In Their Own Words

See the National Party Platforms on Specific Biblical Issues: Abortion, Homosexuality, Prayer in Schools, School Choice & Faith-Based Education


There are strict constructionist judges and then there are judicial activists. It is important that you know whether the judicial candidates believe in upholding the written law (strict constructionists) or "re-interpreting" the law to suit their personal values (judicial activists).

Judge recommendations are few because of the heavy research requirements. However, the following sites contain some helpful judge information for you to peruse. SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose these candidates:

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Misplaced your official voter information? Official Secretary of State Voter Pamphlet »

Here's how SaveCalifornia.com decided the 11 statewide ballot measures:

Prop. 30 NO
Increasing the state sales tax on everyone and the income tax on some

This is what politicians who waste money love to do -- take more money from you. Prop. 30 is a bad idea (and so are the other two tax-hike propositions, Prop. 38 and 39). Increasing the state sales tax for all Californians and state income tax for wealthier residents harms family budgets, jobs, prosperity, and the economy as a whole. In 2009, SaveCalifornia.com identified tens of billions of dollars wasted annually by California's Democrat-controlled state government. And Californians have the highest state and local tax burden on the West Coast. But now they want to harm families and businesses that provide jobs instead of cutting disgusting government waste? Vote NO on Prop. 30.

Prop. 31 NO
Some reform to state government, but likely worsening of local governments

While this proposed change in state government has some welcome ideas (requirement for bills to be published 72 hours before a legislative vote, zero-based budgeting, and even the possible benefits of a two-year budget cycle), Prop. 31 would unfortunately make it harder to pass tax cuts in the future, would have judges deciding whether bills were "balanced," and would mean liberal parts of the state could create worse and bigger local governments. For all practical purposes, to have to name specific program cuts to offset proposed tax relief would make the special interests fighter harder to defeat that tax relief. And to allow local governments to change the rules on how they operate, you can expect the Democrat-controlled California Legislature to OK bad changes proposed by liberal local governments and to deny good changes proposed by conservative local governments. On balance, Prop. 31 would do some good, but would open the door to more bad, making local governments bigger and correspondingly worse, and in all likelihood slamming the door on the practicality of a future tax cut. Vote NO on Prop. 31. Read Katy Grimes | Read Michael Anton

Prop. 32 YES
Protecting the consciences and paychecks of workers from political coercion

This is the most important proposition on the ballot. There will be a political sea change in California if Prop. 32 passes to require written consent before unions and corporations can deduct money from workers' paychecks for political purposes. Prop. 32 also prohibits unions and corporations and state contractors from donating directly to candidates. Support Prop. 32 to weaken the special-interest stranglehold and system of political "pimps and prostitutes" that has resulted in the most dysfunctional state government on the West Coast. Vote for individual conscience and fairness and vote against corrupt government by voting YES on Prop. 32.

Prop. 33 YES
Freedom for lower auto insurance rates in a free market

You can save money on auto insurance if Prop. 33 passes. A basic issue of fairness that our founders' free-market system supports, Prop. 33 allows auto insurance companies to provide discounts for previously insured drivers who switch carriers. Currently insured but want to pay lower premiums that another insurance company offers you? Prop. 33 will allow you to switch and save money. It's an issue of justice and fairness and strengthens competition in the field of auto insurance. And insured drivers will win. Vote YES on Prop. 33.

Prop. 34 NO
Banning the death penalty, weakening the message "you can't get away with murder"

One of the worst ideas to make it to the ballot, Prop. 34 would ban the death penalty for murderers. But remember the victims, remember God's justice standards, and remember that the death penalty, if enforced -- and it likely will be in the future, with greater regularity, if Prop. 34 is defeated -- protects innocent human life by sending the unmistakable message to young people that you cannot get away with murder. Think about the victims -- innocent people who have been murdered. We support life by opposing murder. And we protect innocent human life in the strongest statement possible by supporting the ultimate penalty for those who would snuff out innocent lives. God in His Word consistently supports the death penalty for murderers, in both the Old and New Testaments (see Genesis 9:6, Romans 13:4, Luke 23:43, etc.). Vote NO on Prop. 34.

Prop. 35 YES
Throwing the book at human traffickers

People are created in the image of God, and human trafficking is slavery that is often combined with rape and prostitution. Vote YES on Prop. 35 to curtail the burgeoning human trafficking trade in California. Prop. 35 would increase criminal penalties for human trafficking, as well as reform court practices in favor of victims, and would train police officers about the scourge of human trafficking in California. Vote YES on Prop. 35.

Prop. 36 NO
Refusing to lock up career criminals, and letting them back on the streets

Another soft-on-crime ballot measure, Prop. 36 weakens California's "Three Strikes and You're Out" law for career criminals. For the sake of public safety and the protection of California families, please vote NO to keep career criminals locked up. The genius of the 1994 "Three Strikes and You’re Out” law is that career criminals are caught and future crimes prevented because even criminals can count to three. A thug who has been convicted of two serious or violent crimes has a major character problem. He is a hardened criminal who cannot easily be reformed and should be locked up for a long time, even if the third "strike" -- a blatant crime -- was not "serious" or "violent." Ask yourself, do you really want to get softer on those convicted of violent crimes, especially when violent crime increased 18% last year? Bottom line, your NO vote on Prop. 36 will prevent hardened criminals from being released on the streets. Fresno's Mike Reynolds, author of "Three Strikes and You're Out," whose 18-year-old daughter, Kimber, was murdered by a killer who then received a short sentence, says, "Once someone has been convicted of two serious or violent offenses, I suggest it's pretty clear what they are capable of. If [Prop. 36] passes, we are likely to see property crimes going up all over the state, and in very short order." See this deeper analysis of Prop. 36. Vote NO on Prop. 36.

Prop. 37 NEUTRAL
Grocery store labels on genetically-engineered foods, enforced by private attorneys

Anyone who cares about nutrition should be interested in Prop. 37, which would require the labeling of unnatural, unhealthy "genetically modified organisms" (GMOs), which contain insecticides, in grocery stores. In animal tests, the fairly recent chemical invention of GMOs has shown to be harmful (no surprise, because going against God's creations can have negative consequences). Sadly, for us humans, GMOs are today in most of the corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, eggs and meats (because of GMOs in feed) you find at the grocery store -- yet consumers aren't told they're buying GMOs to feed their family. As Prop. 37 supporter Whole Foods explains, "Genetic Modification is a technique that changes the genetic makeup of cells, including alteration of genetic materials and other biologically important chemicals, and allows genes to move across species. It produces new combinations of genes and traits that do not occur in nature. Plants that have been altered in this way are called GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, or GE, genetically engineered. GMO plants are modified to include genes allowing them to survive the application of chemical herbicides, or cause the plants to produce pesticides."

People deserve an informed choice on whether unhealthy GMOs are in their food, because it is easy to change a food label. What’s hard is demanding honesty, which Prop. 37 proposes to achieve. However, while GMOs are harmful, so is the lawsuit overkill that Prop. 37 would permit. To enforce the new law, private attorneys would be able to sue growers and grocery stores that don't comply with Prop. 37 (perhaps because they can't efficiently track every GMO coming into their store or perhaps because of some vagueness in defining a GMO). It's overkill because these private attorneys would extract tens of thousands of dollars, at least, from growers, packagers, and grocers, with every win in court. As attorneys for agricultural clients predict, passage of Prop. 37 will result in "frequent litigation and settlements."

As much as we hate GMOs, we abhor this kind of lawsuit abuse where the sued party always loses financially, even if innocent. Enforcement by state officials unmotivated by personal profit would have been much more reasonable. We are therefore NEUTRAL on Prop. 37. If it passes, everyone who grows, processes, packages, and markets food for grocery stores must be diligent to be in compliance, starting in July 2014. If Prop. 37 is defeated, we urge everyone to avoid the rising tide of unhealthy, unnatural GMOs by buying organic foods wherever GMO dangers are likely.

Prop. 38 NO
Increasing the income tax of most Californians

Another bad idea from the liberals/progressives/Democrats/socialists, this time to hike the state income tax for most Californians. You can never tax a society into prosperity. Prop. 38 would harm families, businesses, jobs, and the entire economy. SaveCalifornia.com has identified tens of billions of dollars wasted annually by California's Democrat-controlled state government. We're urging a NO vote on both Prop. 30 and 38, two big tax increases that will harm people financially instead of slashing a mountain of waste in Sacramento. Vote NO on Prop. 38.

Prop. 39 NO
Increasing taxes on out-of-state businesses selling in California

Want to drive more workers and jobs out of California? Prop. 39 would increases state business taxes on out-of-state companies that sell in California. But this government money grab will harm families and the economy when these out-of-state businesses either leave California (taking jobs with them), or stay and raise their prices (government-caused inflation). Some have even suggested a third option: that these businesses will be able to sidestep Prop. 39's reformulated tax equations, rendering this ballot measure useless at least and financially harmful to Californians at most. Vote NO on Prop. 39.

Prop. 40 NO
Reject the biased district maps of the state bureaucracy

The mistake of California voters in 2008 was to give the liberal state bureaucracy to create the "Citizens Redistricting Commission" to draw new legislative boundaries. The result was many biased and irregular-shaped districts. Vote NO on Prop. 40, a ballot referendum, in order to reject and overrule the Commission and to send redistricting mapping to the fairer "special masters" (retired judges) who would be appointed by the California Supreme Court, which did a fair redistricting job a decade ago. Again, for a better chance at fair districts, vote NO on Prop. 40.