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Alert: Help put a constitutionalist on U.S. Supreme Court

Feb. 2, 2017 -- You are needed to drum up overwhelming support for Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States.

The evidence is that Neil Gorsuch is a dependable constitutionalist:

• Pro-life on abortion
 Against assisted suicide
• For man-woman marriage
• For religious freedom
• Strongly for the original intent, structural limitations, and actual text of the United States Constitution.

As Gorsuch said Jan. 31, 2017 when he was nominated by President Donald Trump:

"Standing here in a house of history, I'm acutely aware of my own imperfections and pledge that if I am confirmed, I will do all my powers permit to be a FAITHFUL SERVANT of the Constitution OF LAWS of this great country."

And constitutional expert and proven patriot Senator Ted Cruz said Gorsuch's nomination is "a home run" and a "big, big deal."

Tell "Swing State" Senators to Confirm Neil Gorsuch

Democrats from "swing states" are the legislators you need to call, because they could lose reelection if they don't vote for a constitutional Supreme Court justice.

This article in Real Clear Politics describes the pressureAt the heart of Democrats’ dilemma is an unusually challenging Senate map ahead in 2018, which will feature 10 of their incumbents running for re-election in states where Trump won. Were Democrats to block Gorsuch for months to come, their obstruction could begin to impact those frontline races.

“If they continue to delay this for a year or two, I think there will be a consequence for states that Trump carried in a big way,” said Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican. “If you take a look at North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Indiana and West Virginia, they’re all states that Mr. Trump carried by 17 points or more. I think the real people in those states are expecting action, and all those states have Democrat incumbent members who are up in 2018.”

Call These Senators With This Message

Make your quick calls to the 12 Senate Democrats and 1 Independent listed below -- NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. The 12 Democrats are up for re-election in 2018 and are vulnerable. They need to know that Americans across the country are watching them and expect them to confirm this outstanding nominee.

Leave your message, "I'm calling to urge the Senator to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch is highly qualified and is someone we can count on to defend the Constitution." If the person on the phone asks for your address or where you live, just say, "Please give my message to the Senator" -- then hang up.

IMPORTANT: ONLY CALL -- DO NOT EMAIL. Because they may not accept or respect out-of-state emails.

Joe Manchin (Democrat, West Virginia) 202-224-3954

Heidi Heitkamp (Democrat, North Dakota) 202-224-2043

Jon Tester (Democrat, Montana) 202-224-2644

Joe Donnelly (Democrat, Indiana) 202-224-4814

Claire McCaskill (Democrat, Missouri) 202-224-6154

Sherrod Brown (Democrat, Ohio) 202-224-2315

Bill Nelson (Democrat, Florida)

Bob Casey (Democrat, Pennsylvania)

Tammy Baldwin (Democrat, Wisconsin)

Amy Klobuchar (Democrat, Minnesota)

Debbie Stabenow (Democrat, Michigan)

Tim Kaine (Democrat, Virginia)

Angus King (Independent, but caucuses with Democrats -- Maine)