Oppose AB 2153 -- Indoctrination of school teachers


Oppose AB 2153 -- Forces indoctrination of teachers, students

Bill Status: On May 31, this bill was approved by the Democrat-dominated California State Assembly. The vote on AB 2153 was 57 yes, 12 no, and 9 not voting (the 57 yeses were all Democrats except for 3 anti-family Republicans joining them: Catharine Baker, Tom Lackey, Brian Maienschein). AB 2153 now goes to the State Senate.

SaveCalifornia.com urges you to oppose AB 2153, which would indoctrinate every California public school teacher (via in-service training) by requiring them to support, as stated in the bill language, "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupils.”

You see, liberal lawmakers want every teacher to forcibly indoctrinate children as young as kindergarten to unquestionably support these lifestyles, while disparaging anyone who lovingly presents science proving these are unnatural and unhealthy behaviors.

So while nearly 3/4 of 8th graders in California public schools cannot read, write, or compute at a proficient level, government-school union bosses and Democrat state legislators are instead fixated on finding more ways to indoctrinate every child.


Please voice your opposition to AB 2153 with a simple VETO call to your California state assemblymember.
Leave this message: "Respect local control of schools. Train teachers to teach rigorous academics. Stop with the social engineering. Vote NO on AB 2153."
To find the name and numbers of your California state assemblymember: Click here and enter your voter registration address. Two legislator names will display. Click your assemblymember, then see the phone numbers at the end of the home page or contact page.
Thank you for doing your part!
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"California public schools have become sexual indoctrination centers
that mess with children’s minds behind their parent’s backs."
Randy Thomasson, founder and president of SaveCalifornia.com