SB 179: Stop "3rd gender" identity fraud //


Oppose SB 179 -- STOP "3rd gender" identity fraud

STATUS: The May 31 vote on SB 179 in the 40-member California Senate was 26 yes, 12 no. Only Democrats voted "aye." See's June 1 news release.

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Have you heard about the radical bill inventing an official 3rd "gender"? Senate Bill 179 would explode the envelope of sexual anarchy by creating an official 3rd "gender" in California.

On drivers' license applications and drivers' licenses, SB 179 would require 3 "genders" to be offered -- male, female, or "nonbinary," meaning not exclusively male or female, or a combination of two or more "genders."

Anyone would be able to "change" their gender, simply by filing a form with the state. SB 179 says this signed form "shall be accepted as conclusive proof of gender change," thus eliminating the current law requiring a physician's affidavit affirming that "clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition" has occurred. 

Minors who want to "change" their gender could do so by getting one parent to agree, which would automatically drag the disagreeing parent into court to "show cause."


Authored by 9 California Democrats who are either homosexual practitioners or support the unnatural, unhealthy, "LGBTIQ" agenda, SB 179 cannot be beaten on merit. But, like so many bad bills, it can defeated on process.SB 179 has already passed the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, which is heavily dominated by Democrats.

You see, the Democrat politicians in control of California government believe in sexual anarchy. Whatever sexual behavior or sexual "identity" anyone wants to be is wickedly OK with them.

Yet SB 179 ushering in new identity fraud should concern any legislator who claims to be anti-crime.


1. Confusing children: Children would be lied to about Nature and health, and entertain the idea that it's OK for a doctor to cut off their healthy body parts. At the DMV, 15- and 16-year-olds getting learner's permits and driver's licenses will be told they are either "male," "female," or "nonbinary."

2. Identity fraud: SB 179 eliminates the current state law that requires anyone seeking to "change" their gender to seek and receive a physician's declaration that "gender change" is occurring. However, under SB 179, anyone could file a simple form with the State of California to "change" their gender. Imagine how police and courts would be befuddled by this new identity fraud. Imagine the arrest of a biological male whose driver's license says "nonbinary." Or someone whose new birth certificate says "nonbinary," but they dress as a man one day and a woman the other. And if one's sex can be officially "changed" by simply -- even repeatedly -- filing a form with the state government, it's going to be a lot harder to accurately identify "nonbinary" accused criminals in open court.  



Call YOUR OWN state assemblymember that represents THE DISTRICT WHERE YOU LIVE. Call anytime.

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WHAT TO SAY: When you call, give your name and city and say you live in the Member's district and that you're calling to say, "Please prevent identity fraud and oppose SB 179, which eliminates a physician's verification of gender change. Protect our courts and police from fraud."

Call Governor Jerry Brown, saying, "Please veto SB 179 if it reaches your desk. This bill invites identity fraud by eliminating a physician's affidavit of gender change. Protect our courts and police from fraud. Veto SB 179."

916-445-2841 (during regular business hours) | fax 916-558-3160 | Governor's webform

Want to do more, or live outside of California? Call EVENINGS ONLY to as many State Assemblymembers as you can, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. See their contact numbers.

Please call ONLY between 7pm and 7am when offices are CLOSED, or weekends. Do NOT share your name, location, or any identification.

LEAVE THE MESSAGE: "I'm calling to urge Assemblymember ______ to stand against identity fraud. Oppose SB 179, which eliminates a physician's verification of gender change. Protect our courts and police from fraud. Thank you."

"Typically females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y. Mothers always pass an X chromosome on to their children. Whether your father passes on his X chromosome (leading to a pair of X chromosomes) or his Y chromosome (making a mixed set) determines your sex." "The X and Y Chromosomes Determine Your Sex," Origins,