SB 48 Debate ('LGBT' role models for kids): Thomasson v. Leno


On Alan Colmes Show: 'LGBT' role models bill debate

On July 12, 2011, the Alan Colmes Show on Fox News Radio featured a debate on SB 48 between President Randy Thomasson and homosexual state senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, the bill author. Play the FIRST PART below.

During the full 15-minute segment on Colmes’ syndicated liberal show, Leno refused to admit the very high disease rate among homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals, and instead engaged in ad hominem attacks on Randy. While Randy didn't get in all his points and counterpoints, he was able to expose several important items, noted below the video.


1) There is no so-called "gay gene"

2) SB 48 would require homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality to be talked about only positively and the unhealthiness of these lifestyles would be prohibited

3) Homosexuality and bisexuality cause of 3/4s of HIV transmissions and the highest rate of many STDs

4) Homosexual activist Harvey Milk is a horrible role model and should not be glorified in textbooks for children to admire

5) SB 48 would severely violate parental rights with no opt-out (read our veto letter)

6) You deal with school bullies by isolating bullies and teaching non-violence, not pushing sexual brainwashing on the entire student body

7) There are existing laws that deal with "LGBT" school "discrimination," "harassment," "hate," etc., rendering SB 48 unnecessary


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