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1. Get your religious exemption now. See how you can draft or receive religious exemption to keep your job and avoid "vaccine" death or injury.

2. Don't consent to be injected with an experimental biological agent before you see these videos: 1, 2, 3. See what Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech are hiding from you.

3. Rescue your child from non-academic, dysfunctional, godless government schools

4. Fight for America -- your free speech and election integrity -- in all 50 states

Upcoming California Events, Rallies, Protests

From conferences at The Church of Glad Tidings in Sutter County (north of Sacramento)
Watch General Michael Flynn's July 16 event
Watch these "Free and Brave" conferences to understand Covid lies

Protests, Rallies, and Events for Your Liberties:

We update this list when we find new events. Please check back soon.

-- Monday, October 18
"Statewide School Walk Out: Say You Are Not OK With The Vax" flyer

Downey -- Monday, October 18 @ 7am
"Anti-Mandate Rally" (against forced masks and vaccines) flyer
"Firestone Blvd. in front of Porto's" (8233 Firestone Blvd.)

Temecula -- Monday, October 18 @ 7am
"Anti-Mandate Rally" (against forced masks and vaccines) flyer
"Ronald Reagan Sports Park across the street from TVHS" (31555 Rancho Vista Road)

Visalia -- Monday, October 18 @ 7am to 8:30am
Walk Out Rally flyer
Outside VUSD office, 5000 W. Cypress Ave

Van Nuys -- Monday, October 18 @ 7:30am - 9:30am
"Stop the Vax Mandate Protest" flyer
On the public sidewalk at Victory Boulevard and Balboa Boulevard, outsider Birmingham Community High School

Patterson -- Monday, October 18 @ 7:30am to 9:30am
Rally: Keep your children home today -- oppose vaccines (no flyer)
At the corner of Sperry and Ward

Redlands -- Monday, October 18 @ 8am to 10am
"Sit Out Rally: Communicate the absence is in reponse to the vaccine mandate" flyer
Outside RUSD office, 20 W. Lugonia Avenue

San Diego -- Monday, October 18 @ 8am
"Rally for Freedom of Choice" (on masks and jabs) flyer
I-8 Bridge at Grossmont Boulevard and Murray Drive

San Diego -- Monday, October 18 @ 8am to 11am
"School Sit-Out Local Field Trip" flyer
Organ Pavillion at Balboa Park, 2125 Pan American Road East

Westlake Village (on Los Angeles County border with Ventura County) -- Monday, October 18 @ 8:30am
"California Sit Out, Peaceful Protest" (of mandatory Covid shots for public and private schoolchildren) flyer
Foxfield Park, 31965 Foxfield Drive

Camarillo -- Monday, October 18 @ 9am to 11am
"No Mandate Rally" flyer1 | flyer2
Outside Ventura County Office of Education, 5189 Verdugo Way

Huntington Beach -- Monday, October 18 @ 10am
"Statewide School Walk Out" (against schools' mandatory masks/"vaccines") flyer1 | flyer2
Huntington Beach Pier at PCH and Main Street

Napa -- Monday, October 18 @ 10am
"Parade for Parents' Choice" opposing Covid mandates upon children flyer
Rally at County Administration Building at 3rd Street and Coombs Street, then march to Fuller Park

Vacaville -- Monday, October 18 @ 10am
"Sit Out Rally at the School District Office" flyer
401 Nut Tree Road

Sacramento -- Monday, October 18 @ 10am
"My Children, My Choice" protest at the State Capitol
Led by Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Church of Rocklin
(either on north or west side of the State Capitol)

Brentwood (Contra Costa County) -- Monday, October 18 @ 11am
"Statewide School Sitout + Patriot Pumpkin Hunt" flyer
"At a local Brentwood farm ... text to RSVP for details: 925.306.4406"

Fresno -- Monday, October 18 @ 11am
Rally "to remind government officials that individuals have the final say when it comes to their health" flyer
Meet outside the Fresno County Department of Health, 1221 Fulton Street

Simi Valley -- Monday, October 18 @ 2:30pm
Rally: "Say NO to COVID Vaccine Mandates for School Age Children" flyer
Best Buy parking lot, 1173 Simi Town Center Way

Rancho Cucamonga -- Monday, October 18 @ 3pm
Rally: "Parents Against Mandates" flyer
Central Park, 11200 Baseline Road

Apple Valley -- Monday, October 18 @ 3:30pm to 5:00pm
"Protest Student and Teacher Mandates" flyer
Outside AVUSD District Office, 12555 Navajo Road

Hollywood -- Monday, October 18 @ 5pm
Protest Forced Masks and Vaccines (in front of the "Hollywood Elite") flyer
El Capitan Theatre, 6838 Hollywood Boulevard


Beverly Hills -- Tuesday, October 19 @ 10am
"Health Freedom Rally" (against tyrannical globalists conference) flyer
Outside The Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Boulevard

Stockton -- Tuesday, October 19 @ 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Supervisor Tom Patti Q&A: "Protecting Freedom and Constitutional Rights" flyer
Kennedy Community Center, 2800 South D Street

Livermore -- Tuesday, October 19 @ 7pm
Protest mandatory jabs scheme in Livermore govt schools flyer
At Livermore school board meeting, 685 East Jack London Boulevard

Los Angeles
-- Wednesday, October 20 @ 11am to 1pm
News Conference and Rally: "Support Our Firefighters, Choice, Informed Consent, Medical Freedom" flyer
Outside Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street

Palmdale -- Wednesday, October 20 @ 5pm
"No Vax Passports Rally" flyer
Poncitlán Square, 38315 9th Street East

-- Thursday, October 21 @ 4pm
"Rally: Stop The Mandates!" flyer
6735 Magnolia Avenue

San Diego -- Friday, October 22 @ 3:30pm
Press conference on harmful effects of Covid mandates flyer
Outside City Hall, 1200 3rd Avenue

Concord -- Friday, October 22 @ 5pm to 7pm
"California Freedom of Choice Rally -- No Mandates!" flyer
In front of Concord Police Department, 1350 Galindo Street

San Bernardino County -- October and November 2021
"It is time for patriots to band together and rise up" flyer

-- Saturday, October 23 @ 2:30pm
"We the People Will Not Comply Patriot Party!" flyer | map
On Mugu Beach along PCH

Costa Mesa
-- Tuesday, October 26 @ 5pm (rally, then speak at board meeting)
"Rally for Freedom to oppose unethical forced medical mandates" flyer
Newport-Mesa Unified School District office, 2985 Bear Street

Riverside -- Saturday, October 30 @ 10am to 1pm
Rally for Medical Freedom (no coerced jabs) flyer
Outside Kaiser Permanente, on the public sidewalks at Magnolia Ave and Park Sierra Dr

Brentwood (Contra Costa County) -- Saturday, October 30 @ 10am to noon
"Freedom Rally: Small Business / Students / Health Choice" flyer
At Brentwood City Park

-- Saturday, November 6 @ 10am to 2pm
"Homeschooling & Craft Fair" flyer
Woodrow Park, 3101 Sherwood Avenue

Hueneme Beach (Ventura County) -- Saturday, November 6 @ 1:30pm to 7pm
"Celebrate Freedom of Choice (Not Mandates)" flyer
Oceanview Pavilion Event Venue, 575 E Surfside Drive

El Cajon
-- Wednesday, November 10 @ 6pm
"Stop The School Mandates: Grossmont Union High School District Meeting" flyer
Grossmont High School, 1100 Murray Drive

Torrance -- Saturday, November 13 @ 9:30am to 11:30am"March Against Medical Tyranny: Say No to Mandatory Vax and Passports" flyer
Meet at intersection of Hawthorne and Sepulveda boulevards

2021 California Legislation 

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