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Thank you for standing strong for your values with SaveCalifornia.com -- working for you since 1999. This Action page features alerts, links, and helpful information. Plus, you can view the outcome of some past key California bills.

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PRIORITY ALERT: Oppose the 4 radical anti-parent bills on the Assembly floor. Take quick action
LEGISLATION & STATUS: See full list of bad bills in the California State Legislature. Understand what these bills would do, their status, and how to take action. Visit our Legislation page
JAB INFORMATION: Don't consent to be injected with an experimental biological agent before you see these videos: 123. See what Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech are hiding from you.
RESCUE YOUR CHILD from government school indoctrination. The attacks on the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of children through the government school system are relentless. Children are a captive audience to everything from sexual indoctrination to Leftist ideologies like CRT, socialism, and communism. That's on top of low-academics, negative peer pressure, masks and jabs, and an anti-parent and anti-god sentiment. See "10 Reasons to Be Concerned" and the 12 California indoctrination laws for K-12 public school children PLUS get solutions at our special website RescueYourChild.com. You can also see eye-opening videos on our School Indoctrination page.
FIGHT FOR AMERICA: Stand for your free speech and election integrity -- in all 50 states. Plus see both "Agenda" movies in their entirety. Visit SaveAmerica.com.


Upcoming California Events, Rallies, Protests

Protests, Rallies, and Events for Your Liberties:

For public outdoor rallies and protests, bring yourself, your friends, and creative, large, legible signage making convincing, memorable arguments to viewers driving by and watching on video.

Carlsbad (San Diego County) -- Saturday, August 13 @ 9am
Alternative Education Conference flyer | flyer2
Register here for $30
Carlsbad City Library Auditorium, 1775 Dove Lane map

Simi Valley (Ventura County) -- Sunday, August 14 @ 1pm
Patriotic Cruise and "Stand Up For Trump" (not a declared candidate) flyer
1189 Simi Valley Town Center Way

Union City (Alameda County) -- Tuesday, August 16 @ 6:30pm
"Town Hall": Let Democrat U.S. Rep Eric Swalwell peacefully "hear from you" flyer
33997 Alvarado-Niles Road (Ruggieri Senior Center) more info

Newbury Park
(Ventura County) -- Thursday, August 18 @ 4pm
"Whose Children Are They?" screening + true education panel flyer
Godspeak Calvary Chapel, 320 Via Las Brisas

-- Wednesday, August 31 @ 12 noon
"End of Legislative Session Parental Rights Rally and Lobbying" flyer
(make sure you oppose all 4 anti-parent bills: SB 866, SB 1184, SB 1419, SB 1479)
State Capitol, 10th and L Streets

Live Oak
(Sutter County) -- Friday, September 2 @ 7pm
Premiere of Dr. David Martin's movie, "America R/Evolution"
$10, registration required
Church of Glad Tidings, 1179 Eager Road

Hollywood -- Saturday, September 3 @ 12 noon to 4pm
March: "Save Our Children, Babies Lives Matter" flyer
At Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street


From conferences at The Church of Glad Tidings in Sutter County (north of Sacramento):

What standing up for freedom looks like:

California Legislation 

The Radical Left at the State Capitol (3/4ths Democrat control) are pushing terrible bills. See their worst bills and take action. Visit the SaveCalifornia.com Legislation Center.


Follow the Science: Is anyone 'born gay'?

"LGBTQIA+" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable, but where's the so-called "gay gene"? Facts + why it matters »

Participate: Be salt and light in your church and community

A big mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Yet government and laws imact morality, religious freedom, parental rights & more! Be a light for God’s values. Start a Salt and Light Council »


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