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Tell Rudy Salas to DROP his anti-parent school-based clinic bill

Saturday, August 6, 2022, 9:50 am | Randy Thomasson

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Will you join me in trying to kill a bad bill? This time, we’re going to demand the author DROP his own bill!

AB 1940 is the center of a package of medical-tyranny bills advancing in the Democrat-controlled California State Legislature. SB 866’s coercive injections, SB 1419 hiding “health” records from parents, SB 1479’s perpetual “Covid tests” — they all hinge on the powerful presence of AB 1940’s immoral, anti-parent, school-based “health clinics.”
Fornication, abortion, risky vaccines, mind-altering drugs, “sex changes”

School-based clinics in California already push upon children fornication, abortion, injections, mind-altering drugs, and “sex changes,” all behind parents’ backs.

For evidence, look at Los Angeles Unified School District authorizing Planned Parenthood abortionists to set up 50 clinics at L.A. government-run high schools.

And consider there is no state law preventing immorality being pushed on children in government schools. In fact, there are Democrat-authored laws encouraging it.

One of the worst California laws permitting mental molestation of children is SB 543 signed by “Republican” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, which permits school staff to remove children — aged 12 and up — from classrooms and take them off-campus for immoral “counseling” sessions (which includes grooming kids to become “LGBTQIA+”), without parental permission or involvement.

Or, as devilish Democrat State Senator Scott Weiner of San Francisco explains, “Young people age 12 and 17 can also get birth control and abortions, as well as medical treatment for sexually transmitted infections, drug and alcohol-related disorders, injuries resulting from sexual assaults and intimate partner violence, and mental health disorders – all without parental consent.”

AB 1940 takes advantage of existing bad laws and medical-tyranny bills this year to group all these “services” to children (as young as kindergarten) and fund them at as many “public schools” as possible. Children will be targeted with this garbage, and parents won’t know about it until it’s too late.

With AB 1940, there’s practically no “service” these school-based clinics can’t provide. And yes, Planned Parenthood can be paid to run them, as a “health provider relationship.”

As the Democrat-run Legislative Counsel’s office says, “This bill would rename the program as the School-Based Health Center Support Program and would redefine a school-based health center to mean a student-focused health center or clinic that is located at or near a school or schools, is organized through school, community, and health provider relationships, and provides age-appropriate, clinical health care services onsite by qualified health professionals. The bill would authorize a school-based health center to provide primary medical care, behavioral health services, or dental care services onsite or through mobile health or telehealth.”

Again, “clinical health care services,” “primary medical care,” and “behavioral health services” are very broad phrases. Of course, they can include pushing upon and providing children with birth control, abortions, risky vaccinations, mind-altering drugs, and “sex change” treatments, all behind parents’ backs.
Salas lied, said AB 1940 is about ‘eyeglasses’

On May 25, 2022 on the Assembly floor, Democrat Rudy Salas of Bakersfield spent only a half-minute describing his AB 1940, and he brashly lied about it, saying:

“Thank you, Madam Speaker and Members, I present AB 1940, which updates and modernizes the existing school-based health centers. Members, this will allow kids that need eyeglasses to get eyeglasses and health checks. Respectfully ask for an aye vote.”— Source: Official Assembly video, May 25, 2022 floor session, 09:46:19 to 09:47:15

Without any Republicans rising to speak in opposition, AB 1940 passed the Assembly floor with the “aye” votes of 54 Democrats and the two most liberal Republicans, Jordan Cunningham and Suzette Valladares.

AB 1940 has been gliding through Democrat-controlled Senate committees. Unless the bill is pulled by the author, it will pass the Senate Appropriations Committee by August 12 and go to the Senate floor for a final vote, then to Gavin Newsom for his signature.
Rudy Salas can be pressured to drop his anti-family bill

Over the years, I’ve seen enough “heat” upon San Francisco Bay area Democrat legislators that they’ve shelved their bad bills — bills promoting communism, mandating the “Covid vaccine,” banning spanking, and banning Biblical counseling for struggling homosexuals.

Therefore, Rudy Salas, who’s from one of the most pro-family (but often Democrat-voting due to a large Hispanic population) parts of California — the southern San Joaquin Valley — can be pressured to drop AB 1940. People in his district are strongly for parental rights, and will be offended by Salas and his bill if they hear about it. Help the people there know they can call to say “Drop AB 1940!”

With enough calls, it can happen. Especially since Salas is running for Congress against incumbent “Republican” David Valadao (in the June primary, voters supported GOP candidates more than they did Salas). He wants to leave Sacramento behind for Washington, D.C. If Salas thinks AB 1940 will kill his chances, he’ll kill his own bill.

But time is of the essence. AB 1940 is scheduled to “escape” the “suspense file” of the Senate Appropriations Committee by August 12. That means today and this weekend and early next week are key days to urge Rudy Salas to drop this anti-parent bill, AB 1940.
ALERT: Please call Rudy Salas at 661-335-0302, 559-585-7170, and 916-319-2032

Leave a message such as, “Drop AB 1940. Your bill tramples parents and parental rights!”

You can leave voicemails at 661-335-0302 (his Bakersfield district office), 559-585-7170 (his Hanford “satellite” office) and 916-319-2032 (his State Capitol office).

And no matter where you live in California, you can leave an anonymous voicemail message weekdays (7pm to 8am). Don’t identify yourself or where you live, so that Salas’ staff won’t “trash” your message.

However, if you live in Kern, Kings, or Tulare counties, please call anytime and say where you live. Also please spread the word to all your friends in these three counties. That’s the new congressional district in which Salas is running. He will become very nervous if he receives many phone calls from people in the district he wants to represent.

You can see a detailed map of the new 22nd Congressional district near the bottom right of this page (look for map entitled “California District 22 after 2020 redistricting cycle”).

Here is the area of the congressional district Salas wants to reprepresent:

Tulare County: From Lindsay in the north and south along on 65 and everything east
Kings County: Nearly all of the county except Lemoore and north Hanford
Kern County: Delano, McFarland, Wasco, Shafter, Buttonwillow, Los Hills and westward; Bakersfield east of Chester Avenue and southeast Bakersfield, south of California Avenue, south of Ming Avenue, east of Ashe Road, south of Panama Lane, east of Gosford Road, north of Taft Highway (119), east of Wible Road, north of Houghton Road, east of 99 Freeway all the way so to the 5 Freeway interchange

IMPORTANT: If you live in or near this congressional district, please call and urge your friends to call. Salas needs to receive hundreds of calls urging him to drop AB 1940, from people he either knows (or thinks) are from Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties.

But everyone seeing this emergency alert can call, at least anonymously at night and on weekends, to “mix in” with the other calls Salas is receiving. Yet please send this alert to friends in the southern San Joaquin Valley, whose calls to Salas “will count” all the more!

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”
Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States (1981 to 1989)

5 California Republican congressmen for ‘homosexual marriages’

Saturday, July 23, 2022, 10:25 am | Randy Thomasson

SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes
and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

It was shocking to see new political prostitutes emerge in the Republican Party on July 19. Because five U.S. House Republicans from California voted in favor of unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, tyrannical homosexual “marriage.” The question now facing you and your friends is, do they deserve your support this 2022 election?

If you live in the new districts in which these five pro-homosexual “marriage” Republicans are running, it’s your decision whether to keep supporting them. But consider this:

1. The “yes” votes of Ken Calvert, Mike Garcia, Darrell Issa, Jay Obernolte, and David Valadao are against the natural familyagainst our U.S. Constitutionagainst the Word of Godagainst good health, and against the Republican Party platform. What’s more, they’re challenging you to support the unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical “LGBTQIA+” too — because these pro-perversity Republicans are still asking conservatives to vote for them.

2. These five Republicans’ pro-perversity votes are symptomatic of slavish fear of the Tyrannical Left, instead of respectful fear of God or love for impressionable children. To flip from being pro-man-woman-marriage and pro-traditional-family in an election year, in the general election cycle where they might be beaten, is indicative of fear, not moral principle (for how can a principle be moral if it violates the commands of Holy God?). Don’t we need constitutional fighters, who will do what’s right under pressure, not cave and sell-out?

3. Homosexual “marriage” is a harmful role model for impressionable children. Because not only are most male homosexual relationships “open,” their behavior has very high rates of sexually-transmitted diseases. And children are being roped into this, by the government schools or other strangers. What’s more, state schools aim to “groom” children not just into homosexual behavior, but also into cross-dressing and “sex changes.” Most of all, promoting homosexual “marriage” all the more rapidly erodes the difference between Right and Wrong on every moral issue. With fewer and fewer moral absolutes, our culture becomes exponentially more confused, divided, and dangerous.

4. This is not the first time three of these five Republicans have voted very wrong:

  • Also in 2017, David Valadao abstained on this pro-family amendment that would have banned taxpayer-funded, military “sex changes.” And in January 2021, Valadao was the only California U.S. House Republican to vote “yes” to impeach former president Donald Trump (for the second time).
  • In 2018, as a California state assemblyman, Jay Obernolte voted “yes” on AB 2439 to establish an “official” State of California “LGBTQ Veterans Memorial.” Then, in 2019, Obernolte voted “yes” on AB 711 to force schools to retroactively falsify a student’s “sex” on former student records. That same year, Obernolte abstained on ACR 99, a Democrat resolution blaming pastors and religious leaders for “LGBTQIA+” suicides. In 2020, Obernolte’s liberal positions were exposed by his conservative opponent, Tim Donnelly.
  • Back in 1994, Ken Calvert was publicly exposed for having sex in his car with a known prostitute. Still, in light of Calvert’s strong pro-family record since then, I was surprised he caved to the “homosexual marriage” agenda this month.
  • I am most surprised by Mike Garcia’s capitulation to darkness. Garcia votes pro-life on abortion and calls himself a Christian. And in 2021, he admirably voted against putting homosexuality and transsexuality into federal employment and housing law, stating “equality that comes at the expense of or as a detriment to other free citizens is contrary to American ideals.” Yet now, succumbing in fear to “LGBTQIA+” activists is Garcia’s inexplicable, head-shaking act.

5. With the strong expectation that Republicans will win back majority control of the U.S. House of Representatives this year by capturing most of the 33 identified toss-up seats, they’ll still take away Nancy Pelosi’s gavel even if California’s five sell-out “Republicans” are defeated.

So whether you live in the new District 22 from Hanford to Bakersfield (where David Valadao is running), or in the new District 48 from Murrieta to Santee, then south to the Mexican border (where Darrell Issa is running), or in the new District 23 which includes Ridgecrest, California City, Barstow, Baker, Victorville, Big Bear City, and Twentynine Palms (where Jay Obernolte is running), or in the new District 41 from Corona to Indio (where Ken Calvert is running), or in the new District 27 which includes Santa Clara, Palmdale, and Lancaster (where Mike Garcia is running), now you are more informed and the decision is yours. See the new California congressional district map

A publication from the American Psychological Association includes an admission that there is no “gay” gene, according to a doctor who has written about the issue…
“‘Gay’ gene claim suddenly vanishes,” WND.com, May 12, 2009

“Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them…”
Moses’ father-in-law Jethro in Exodus 18:21

“When Christians face two clearly immoral options, we cannot rationalize a vote for immorality or injustice just because we deem the alternative to be worse,” Moore said. “The Bible tells us we will be held accountable not only for the evil deeds we do but also when we ‘give approval to those who practice them,’ (Romans 1:32).
Russell Moore, “Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?”

PRIORITY ALERT: Stop these 4 Democrat anti-parent bills

Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 2:28 pm | Randy Thomasson

Want to defeat evil? Then please join SaveCalifornia.com in fighting to stop FOUR anti-parent bills, trampling family values, on the floor of the California State Assembly.

Together, we have a plausible chance to kill these awful Democrat bills, since radical anti-parent bill SB 866 has stalled, which is “paving the way” to stall the other three bills when the California Legislature returns from its taxpayer-funded vacation on August 1.

Additional factors are the “hot” election, making legislators more sensitive to opposition, and redistricting, which means many current assemblymembers are running in different districts and trying to appeal to brand-new voters. Your calls this month of July will make more of an impact!


Anti-parent bills on or headed to the Assembly floor:

SB 866 threatening children with coerced vaccines behind parents’ backs

SB 1184 letting health insurers disclose children’s info to school or county reps behind parents’ backs

SB 1419 eliminating parental rights to see all of their children’s medical records

SB 1479 mandating schools develop a “Covid test” plan, targeting every boy and girl for invasive testing, tracking, and quarantining, shoving aside parental rights and wishes

See more about these awful bills at the SaveCalifornia.com Legislation Center

Act now — go for the win! Please especially call the district office numbers.

STEP 1. Leave voicemails for the deciding-vote Democrats and 1 independent* 7pm to 8am and weekends, without identifying yourself, since most legislative offices “trash” messages from outside their districts: Tell them, “Don’t you dare eliminate parental rights! Oppose the anti-parent bills SB 866, SB 1184, SB 1419, and SB 1479.”

* When clicking below to see a new seat for which a current assemblymember is running, scroll down to the lower right for the map of the new district “after 2020 redistricting cycle”

Tina McKinnor (running for the new AD61) 916-319-2062 and 310-412-6400: A new assemblymember (sworn in June 20), McKinnor is untested and needs your calls.

Lisa Calderon (running for the new AD56) 916-319-2057 and 562-692-5858. She is running for a new district covering South El Monte, Pico Rivera, Rose Hills, Whittier, La Puente, Walnut, and Diamond Bar. Some local activists are targeting her, and with enough calls, might be moved to abstain.

Eloise Reyes (running for the new AD50) 916-319-2047 and 909-381-3238: Claims to be in favor of parental rights, but robotically voted for SB 866 in committee; tight with Democrat bosses, she needs your calls

Mike Fong (running for the new AD49) 916-319-2049 and 323-264-4949: Needs to remember Asian family values and needs your calls

Blanca Rubio (running for the new AD48) 916-319-2048 and 626-960-4457: She voted yes on the SB 866 amendments; her sister, Susan Rubio, abstained on SB 866 on the Senate floor

Luz Rivas (running for the new AD43) 916-319-2039 and 818-504-3911: She voted yes to amend SB 866; however, she “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866

Mike Gipson (running for the new AD65) 916-319-2064 and 310-324-6408: Voted yes to amend SB 866, but thinks he’s a Christian and might support clear-cut parental rights

Jose Medina 916-319-2061 and 951-369-6644: Representing northeast Riverside County, Medina will reportedly abstain on SB 866 — make sure

Miguel Santiago (running for the new AD54) 916-319-2053 and 213-620-4646: Vote yes on the SB 866 amendments, but used to abstain more, and represents mostly pro-parental-rights Hispanic families

Isaac Bryan (running for the new AD55) 916-319-2054 and 310-641-5410: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments

Wendy Carrillo (running for the new AD52) 916-319-2051 and 213-483-5151: She abstained on the SB 866 amendments

Robert Rivas (running for the new AD29) 916-319-2030 and 831-759-8676: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments. His district overlaps that of Democrat State Senator Anna Caballero, who abstained on SB 866.

Joaquin Arambula (running for the new AD31) 916-319-2031 and 559-445-5532: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments, personally believes in traditional parental rights, and represents mostly Hispanics

Kevin McCarty (running for the new AD6) 916-319-2007 and 916-324-4676: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments, and also abstained on AB 2223 permitting infanticide

Freddie Rodriguez (running for the new AD53) 916-319-2052 and 909-902-9606: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments. Used to abstain on controversial bills.

Eduardo Garcia (running for the new AD36) 916-319-2056 and 760-347-2360: From the sprawling Imperial Valley region with many Hispanic families

Jacqui Irwin (running for the new AD42) 916-319-2044 and 805-482-1904: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments. Represents part of state senator Henry Stern’s district, who twice abstained on the Senate side

Tasha Boerner Horvath (running for the new AD77) 916-319-2076 and 760-434-7605: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments, and represents a formerly Republican district with pro-family constituents

Cottie Petrie-Norris (running for new AD73) 916-319-2074 and 949-251-0074: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments and “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866

Jim Cooper (just won election to be Sacramento County sheriff) 916-319-2009 and 916-670-7888: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments; he also abstained on AB 1797 creating a state “Covid vaccine” database

Sabrina Cervantes (running for the new AD58) 916-319-2060 and 951-371-6860: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments. Also initially abstained on AB 2098 punishing good doctors and AB 2223 permitting infanticide, but then later changed her votes to yes after both bills passed

Tom Daly 916-319-2069 and 714-939-8469: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments. He also abstained on AB 2223 permitting infanticide, and initially abstained on AB 2098 before later changing his vote to yes. Has abstained on other bills over the years

Al Muratsuchi (running for the new AD66) 916-319-2066 and 310-375-0691: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments, and also initially abstained on AB 2098 before later changing his vote to yes

Adrin Nazarian 916-319-2046 and 818-376-4246: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments; he also abstained on medical tyranny bills AB 1797 and AB 2098

Brian Maienschein (running for the new AD76) 916-319-2077 and 858-675-0077: Abstained on the SB 866 amendments and voted no on the original SB 866 in committee

Chad Mayes (former Republican, now “independent”) 916-319-2042 and 760-346-6342: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments; in May, he also voted no on AB 2223 and abstained on AB 2098

Chris Holden (running for the new AD41) 916-319-2041 and 626-351-1917 and 909-624-7876: Earlier he “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866; however, he voted yes on the SB 866 amendments

Adam Gray (running for the new CD13) 916-319-2021 and 209-726-5465 and 209-521-2111: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments and earlier “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866

Timothy Grayson (running for the new AD15) 916-319-2014 and 925-521-1511: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments; he also abstained on AB 2098, punishing good doctors against the “Covid vaccines”

Ken Cooley (running for the new AD7) 916-319-2008 and 916-464-1910: He abstained on the SB 866 amendments; he also voted no on medical tyranny bills AB 1797 and AB 2098

Jordan Cunningham 916-319-2035 and 805-549-3381: He was the only Republican to abstain on the SB 866 amendments; however, he voted no on the original SB 866 in committee

Rudy Salas (running for the new CD22) 916-319-2032 and 661-335-0302 and 559-585-7170: Abstained on SB 866 amendments, but earlier he “confirmed no on SB 866”

Patrick O’Donnell 916-319-2070 and 562-429-0470 and 310-548-6420: Abstained on SB 866 amendments, and previous issued public statement promising to vote no on the original SB 866

Sharon Quirk-Silva (running for the new AD67) 916-319-2065 and 714-525-6515: Voted no on amending SB 866 and has “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866

James Ramos (running for the new AD45) 916-319-2040 and 909-476-5023: Voted no on amending SB 866 and has “publicly confirmed no or abstain” on the original SB 866

Carlos Villapudua (running in the new AD13) 916-319-2013 and 209-948-7479. Voted no amending SB 866 and earlier “confirmed he will be voting no” on the original SB 866; he also issued a public statement promising to vote no on the original SB 866

STEP 2. Leave voicemails for the 19 Republican assemblymembers 7pm to 8am and weekends, without identifying yourself: Tell them, “I expect you to stand and speak on the floor against the four anti-parent bills. Raise your microphone to expose SB 866, SB 1184, SB 1419, and SB 1479.”

Megan Dahle (running for the new AD1) 916-319-2001 and 530-223-6300
James Gallagher (running for the new AD3) 916-319-2003 and 530-895-4217
Frank Bigelow 916-319-2005 and 209-267-0500 and 559-673-0501
Kevin Kiley (running for the new CD3) 916-319-2006 and 916-774-4430
Heath Flora (running for the new AD9) 916-319-2012 and 209-599-2112
Jim Patterson (running for the new AD8) 916-319-2023 and 559-446-2029
Devon Mathis (running for the new AD33) 916-319-2026 and 559-636-3440
Thurston Smith (running for the new AD34) 916-319-2033 and 760-244-5277
Vince Fong (running for the new AD32) 916-319-2034 and 661-395-2995
Jordan Cunningham 916-319-2035 and 805-549-3381
Tom Lackey (running for the new AD34) 916-319-2036 and 661-267-7636
Suzette Valladares (running for the new AD40) 916-319-2038 and 661-286-1565
Phillip Chen (running for the new AD59) 916-319-2055 and 714-529-5502
Kelly Seyarto (running for the new SD32) 916-319-2067 and 951-894-1232
Steven Choi (running for the new AD73) 916-319-2068 and 714-665-6868
Randy Voepel (running for the new AD75) 916-319-2071 and 619-258-7737
Janet Nguyen (running for the new SD36) 916-319-2072 and 714-843-4966
Laurie Davies (running for the new AD74) 916-319-2073 and 949-240-7300
Marie Waldron (running for the new AD75) 916-319-2075 and 760-480-7570

STEP 3. Call your own assemblymember’s office (and especially who might become your new assemblymember, state senator, sheriff, or congressmember) during business hours or after-hours, and identify yourself and where you live. Tell him or her, “Don’t you dare eliminate parental rights! Oppose the anti-parent bills SB 866, SB 1184, SB 1419, and SB 1479.”

See who wants to represent you by clicking the new district maps above. To find your own, current state assemblymember, click here and enter your information.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”
The Bible, Ephesians 6:1-3