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Will Prop. 8 be overturned by California voters?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 5:21 pm |

There’s a new, large poll out on homosexual “marriages” from the Public Policy Institute of California.

It’s got some things that pro-family citizens won’t like. But keep reading, because it’s a shot in the arm that should get you talking to others about the natural and beautiful institution of marriage between a man and a woman, the very foundation of family.

The March 9-16 PPIC poll found that support for homosexual “marriage” legalization is edging up in California. Among all adults, more say they favor (50%) same-sex “marriage” than oppose it (45%). This is a five percent increase from similar polls between 2004 and 2009, when support for the notion of homosexual “marriages” hovered around 45%.

Sadly, majorities of Democrats (64%) and independents (55%) support destroying the natural definition of marriage. However, most Republicans (67%) oppose redefining marriage. Most whites (55%) express support for homosexual “marriages,” while Latinos are more opposed (51%) than in favor (43%) of altering the foundation of familia.

How accurate is the poll? Telephone polls are less accurate than they used to be, because a lot of conservatives won’t talk to pollsters who ring their home or cell phone.

Ultimately, the only poll that matters is on Election Day. The PPIC poll claims that likely voters supported homosexual “marriage” legalization 49% to 45%. But that’s not very reliable since the poll identified “likely voters” based on what people said about themselves, not on their actual voter records.


I had the privilege of telling the truth about this issue to millions of Latinos that read La Opinion, California’s largest Spanish-language newspaper.

From the March 30 newspaper article, entitled “Gays seek Latino support”:

Randy Thomasson of the organization SaveCalifornia.com said the PPIC survey had spoken with people who are not necessarily voters.

“This poll is a wake-up call to start talking about the importance of nature, morality, marital oneness, and children. Caring about the most important things in life means supporting marriage for only a man and a woman.”

The Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman does not support gay marriage but civil unions and same-sex couples to adopt children.

Steve Poizner, Republican candidate for governor is also in favor of civil unions but not gay marriage. As the only Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown is sympathetic to the marriage of same-sex couples, calling it a fundamental right.


Don’t be complacent. Let this horse-race poll be your wake-up call that marriage licenses are up for grabs. If you don’t know it yet, hear it now: Homosexual activists want to qualify a constitutional amendment to override Prop. 8 in 2012 or 2014. This would be a war for marriage licenses all over again.

So take action today. Talk to children and young adults and, as appropriate, sensitize them to the importance of protecting the natural institution of man-woman marriage. Tell them the facts:

• CHILDREN: An extensive body of research proves that children do best with a married father and mother. Yet children raised in homosexual environments experiment homosexually themselves and develop gender identity problems.

• LONGEVITY: Marriage between a man and a woman lasts, on average, 10 times longer than homosexual relationships.

• HEALTH: Monogamous sex between a faithfully married husband and wife is the only true “safe sex” around, while homosexual “sex” is inherently unhealthy.

• BIOLOGY: It’s a lie to promote same-sex “marriages” because men and women are biologically created for each other, not men for men or women for women.

• SPIRITUAL TRUTH: In the Bible, God consistently says that marriage is only for a man and a woman. To disagree with this exclusive, sacred definition is to go against God Himself.

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”
U.S. Founding Father Samuel Adams, 1775

ALERT: Call Orange County’s Loretta Sanchez on Obamacare

Saturday, March 20, 2010, 6:57 pm |

It’s appalling that nearly all the Democrats in Congress want much more government control over people’s personal health care, instead of freeing up the superior private sector and encouraging personal responsibility.

But in the midst of being angry, I have hope. As I write this, along with guaranteed “no” votes from all the House Republicans, there are 37 committed “no” votes from Democrats, with 17 “undecided” votes remaining. If just 1 of the 17 undecided Democrats votes no, the number of Democrat “defectors” rises to 38 and Obamacare will be defeated without a vote to spare.

This scenario is more than possible because of a handful of pro-life Democrats who voted for socialized medicine in November say they won’t this time because both the Senate bill and the House reconciliation bill allow for taxpayer-funded abortions.

The current inside count is there may be only 210 Democrats who will end up voting for Obamacare — six votes short of the 216 votes required for passage.

California’s congressional delegation does not include any pro-life Democrats. Even those Democrats who claimed they were against taxpayer-funded abortions – Joe Baca of San Bernardino, Dennis Cardoza of Merced and Jim Costa of Fresno – have abandoned their rhetoric and are voting for socialized medicine that defines abortion as medicine and make taxpayers fund it. Pro-abortion Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton is also going to vote yes on Obamacare again.

Surprisingly, usually liberal Democrat Loretta Sanchez of Santa Ana remains the only California undecided vote and that has Obamacare managers worried. Sanchez, in a tough reelection battle, was the last Democrat to vote for Obamacare in November. Today, she wasn’t even at the Capitol and some wonder whether she’ll be a no-show for Sunday’s big vote.

ALERT: If you live in Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Anaheim or Fullerton, please leave a short message on Sanchez’ district phone tonight and Sunday morning urging her to “Vote NO on Obamacare — both the Senate bill and the House bill.” Phone (714) 621-0102 | fax  (714) 621-0401 | fill out contact form.

Check the latest vote count of The Hill

Understand the Senate bill and the House reconciliation bill

SaveCalifornia.com provides the above information solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates.

California’s new era of “gay” political correctness

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 7:45 pm |

Political correctness is running amok in California. Just say “I am gay” and all your troubles go away.

It used to be that politicians who were arrested for drunken driving did the honorable thing and resigned from office. Even this year, a drunk-driving state senator in Utah resigned the day after his arrest. But not in California!

The tabloid talk of the State Capitol, Republican state Senator Roy Ashburn, is setting a new standard for elected officials. The Ashburn standard: engage in homosexual behavior; use it to break up your marriage; lie to friends, donors, and constituents for years about it; violate your Taxpayer Protection Pledge by voting for the largest tax increase in state history; get drunk at gay bars and pick up younger men; get in your state-owned SUV and drive drunk only hours before you’re to be on the Senate floor; get arrested on a DUI a few blocks from the State Capitol building; and then – this is the essential part – cap it all off by boldly stating “I am gay.”

What magical results you’ll see. The media will quickly and conveniently forget about all the wrong you’ve done. You’ll be embraced by liberal politicians and even some Republican legislators will pat you on the back.

Just look at the media fawning over Ashburn:

Sheila James Kuehl commends Ashburn, says he’s being true to self
Sacramento Bee, March 8

“Ashburn may have been fearful of being criticized”
KCRA Ch. 3 Sacramento, March 8

Dan Walters: Coming out of the closet is best for all
Sacramento Bee, March 9

Ashburn changes narrative by publicly revealing sexual orientation
Capitol Weekly, March 11

Gay groups reach out to Ashburn
Bay Area Reporter, March 11

What has Roy Ashburn’s bad behavior – and his “I am gay” statement – done to society, especially to impressionable young people?

For politicians who need to resign, saying “I am gay” is like swallowing a pill to make their public-relations troubles go away. But, as with all drugs, there are side effects. This particular drug has the very negative effect of taking California to a new “low” for elected officials. Here’s the damage Roy Ashburn has done:

• He’s redefined the standard for public office. No longer is personal bad conduct reason to resign. No longer will being arrested for drunken driving, in a taxpayer-funded vehicle, trigger anyone’s resignation.

• He’s made himself the latest poster boy for mainstreaming of homosexuality — with, of course, no mention of the very high rate of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that there’s no “gay gene.”

• He’s teaching young people that if you’re sexually confused, don’t seek Christian gender-identity counseling, just announce “I’m gay!” This will satisfy liberal people. And then to satisfy most churchgoers, just like Ashburn did, say “My faith is very clear and very firm…I pray to God that I can find peace…I ask people to pray for me.” And then show up to work like you’ve done nothing wrong.

Homosexuality rumors “first back in 2004”

Ashburn divorced his wife, Diane, in 2003, choosing a secret homosexual lifestyle over his marriage vows. As reported by Capitol Weekly, a Sacramento online publication, Ashburn’s homosexual lifestyle has been going on for several years:

Ashburn’s sexual orientation has been chattered about in the Capitol for years. Many considered his sexuality to be old news, especially since Ashburn terms out this year and his political future is uncertain. He didn’t pursue rumored bids for the Board of Equalization and Congress. In his interview with Barks, he said he dropped the idea of a congressional bid due to his sexuality.

A number of people told Capitol Weekly that Ashburn has been a regular at Sacramento gay bars for at least two years. Some said Ashburn became more brazen after his local paper, The Bakersfield Californian, laid off longtime Sacramento bureau chief Vic Pollard in 2007. Pollard had a reputation for dealing aggressively with politicians and breaking major stories about them, such as his report on Rep. Bill Thomas, who was married and then the powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, for having an affair in 2001. Thomas was Ashburn’s political mentor and former employer.

Pollard, who still freelances for the paper and writes for the Capitol Morning Report, said that calls and emails about Ashburn’s sexuality “rose and fell in waves,” first back in 2004, then again last year. Last summer, the paper’s Lois Henry asked Ashburn if he was gay. Ashburn refused to answer. But Pollard said the paper had no interest in outing Ashburn “for the sake of outing him.”

SaveCalifornia.com is faithfully holding up a moral standard

So far, SaveCalifornia.com is the sole California pro-family organization calling for Ashburn’s resignation. There should have been others. Our calling is to stand up and proclaim the difference between right and wrong in government and culture. We serve the people, not the politicians. And, like we’re used to, we stood for the truth this last week despite liberal name-calling.

Our March 8 news release outlined the combined reasons why Ashburn is untrustworthy and should resign.

Our March 10 news release explained how legislators in other states resigned after being arrested for drunk driving. In January, Sheldon Killpack, the #2 Republican in the Utah State Senate, resigned the day after being arrested for drunk driving, saying he didn’t want to become a public distraction.

More examples of resignation keep coming in. We just learned today that Kevin Garn, the #2 Republican in the Utah House of Representatives, has resigned after it was revealed that he paid a woman to keep quiet about being nude together in a hot tub 25 years ago.

Is Roy Ashburn listening?

SaveCalifornia.com’s voice for more principled government was heard in Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, other parts of the state, and around the nation through OneNewsNow.

Check out the media coverage featuring SaveCalifornia.com’s voice for truth in this matter

ACT NOW: Stand up for what’s right

Call Roy Ashburn’s office at 916-651-4018 or email him and demand that he do what’s right and resign. Even if you’re told he has voted pro-family in the past, he is untrustworthy now. Also call your California state senator and state assemblymember and tell them to urge Roy Ashburn to resign. Find their contact information.

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice;
when the wicked rule, the people groan.

Proverbs 29: 2 NIV