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BILLIONS of homeless funds down the drain

Friday, April 12, 2024, 7:37 pm | Randy Thomasson

If you’ve supported the Democrat state politicians’ $24 BILLION already spent on “homelessness,” or Newsom’s $10+ BILLION for “free homeless housing”(Prop. 1), you’ve flushed away big money.

The California State Auditor on April 9 issued a scathing report that basically asks, “Where’s the money gone?”

Democrat Party Governor Gavin Newsom appoints the co-chairs of the “California Interagency Council on Homelessness.” Yet the State Auditor, also appointed by Newsom, says the “council” hasn’t been doing its job:

“(The council) has not tracked and reported on the State’s funding for homelessness programs statewide since its 2023 assessment covering fiscal years 2018–19 through 2020–21. Currently, it has no plans to perform a similar assessment in the future. In the absence of an up-to-date assessment, the State and its policymakers are likely to struggle to understand homelessness programs’ ongoing costs and achieved outcomes,” reads the report.  “(It) has neither ensured the accuracy of the information in the state data system, nor has it used this information to evaluate homelessness programs’ success.”

As veteran California newspaper columnist Dan Walters writes:

The number of homeless Californians has increased by 50% in the last decade and 20% since Newsom became governor in 2019, despite the state’s spending about $20 billion on the various anti-homelessness programs during the last five years.

Meanwhile, the proliferation of anti-homelessness programs continues. Just last month, voters – by the thinnest of margins – approved Newsom’s multibillion-dollar plan to overhaul mental health treatment in California, including providing more housing for those with ailments.

The fact that his measure, Proposition 1, barely survived despite many millions of dollars being spent on the campaign for it, indicates anew that Californians are growing weary of politicians’ promises to end the crisis.

The new audit implies that the public’s skepticism is well-founded. If the agency created to coordinate homelessness responses is falling short of its mission, why should we think that any specific programs are having a lasting impact?

Critically-thinking Californians, along with SaveCalifornia.com, knew Gavin Newsom’s Prop. 1 was a scam, with zero requirements for transients to go to counseling, classes, or training. And now we know even more, don’t we?

See my March 25 blog, “Newsom snookered voters to attract transients worldwide

…the state is spending money faster than it can track it, that the money being spent is exorbitant, that spending money on homelessness, at least in California, actually increases the problem due to the induced demand (people from out of state coming for the benefits and yes it is a very high percentage,) and that the homeless-industrial complex – which stands between the state and the homeless person – is hoovering up vast amounts of cash with little or no oversight.
“California State Auditor’s scathing homeless report: Where did the money go?”, California Globe, April 10, 2024

Newsom snookered voters to attract transients worldwide

Monday, March 25, 2024, 9:05 am | Randy Thomasson

Thank you for standing for Truth, and for voting right and helping others vote right, and especially for what you did to help expose the very bad Proposition 1 in California’s March 5 primary election. I admire your good deeds for the love of God and people! Here’s my take on Gavin Newsom’s embarrassing “narrow victory.”

Once the Secretary of State and the media discovered a 50-50 split — and some days Prop. 1 was losing — Newsom & Co. aggressively called for “ballot fixing,” with which large counties with a huge backlog of rejected ballots, such as Los Angeles, Alameda County, and Sacramento County, dutifully complied.

When vote-by-mail ballots are littered throughout California, piling up at apartment building mailboxes (most county registrars of voters DO NOT believe in honest, accurate elections, so they DO NOT clean the voter rolls of people who have moved or died), both election fraudsters inside and outside elections offices have the opportunity to turn rejected ballots with a mismatched signature or no signature, or a wrong or missing voter registration address, into a “cured ballot” that is then processed and counted.

In this “black box” environment, none of us know whether election fraud was or was not committed. Which is why true Christians with authentic fear of God and love for the U.S. Constitution need to work at elections offices, where they can shine their lights.

Now that Prop. 1 has passed (the Associated Press says so), it’s either going to be more taxpayer money down the drain, or if actually used for “free housing for homeless” it will be a strong magnet for transients worldwide to stream to sunny California for valuable housing, with zero requirements for treatment, counseling, or training of any kind.

Don’t believe Newsom wants more transients to stream to California? Watch California’s Democrat Party governor in 2021 (view from 38:20 to 40:09) as he signs $12 BILLION of our dollars away for “homeless,” and actually invites transients worldwide to California!

What does Gavin Newsom’s embarrassing Prop.1 “narrow victory” mean on a positive note? Be encouraged that more Californians don’t trust Newsom and don’t trust Big Goverment “solutions” to fix homelessness. This means pain is teaching more Californians to be wiser!

…for even when we were with you, this we commanded you,
that if anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat…
The Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Election returns: Prop. 1 tied, but most money-grabs passed

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 8:45 pm | Randy Thomasson

California just had an election where conservatives voted at a greater rate than liberals, which is very good! And while this isn’t you and others who follow SaveCalifornia.com, the results also show us that too many “conservatives” are financially foolish.

I wanted to take a day after “Election Day” to let the dust settle. And while I’m happy about what SaveCalifornia.com did, and what many moral, constitutional California conservatives did to fight for what’s right in God’s sight, there’s some “humble pie” to eat.

First of all, thank you to you if you voted, voted right, and helped others vote right. You are the civics application of the flavorful “salt of the earth” that Jesus Christ described!

Second, thank you for following SaveCalifornia.com’s lead to expose the fraud, theft, and waste of Proposition 1 and the local government money-grabs. Your votes against Gavin Newsom’s Prop. 1 transient magnet and against local government’s money grabs are the righteous deeds that other Californians need, whether they know it or not!

The best news statewide is, because of you and other Californians who knew about government waste, human nature, the bondage of bonds, and Gavin Newsom’s untrustworthiness, the transient magnet of Prop. 1 is “on the ropes” and in a virtual 50-50 tie between supporters and opponents.

If Prop. 1 is defeated (there are hundreds of thousands of “uncounted ballots”), it will be a testament to your good values and all the people who last week opened SaveCalifornia.com’s email messages sent to millions of Californians or heard our messages on conservative- and Christian-format radio.

Yet if conservatives had a big voter turnout, why is Prop. 1 almost passing? It’s obvious that too many Californians who call themselves “conservative” are foolishly trusting in government “authorities” and don’t understand that tax increases, tax extensions, bonds, fees, and assessments just make wasteful government bigger and the private sector (we who are not “owned” by evil government) all the poorer.

Because, up and down California, most of the 100+ money-grabbing local ballot measures PASSED. This foolishness is the equivalent of voluntarily giving more money to thieves. For the tough, in-reality, outside-of-California audits are just not happening, and the government “authorities” regularly deny there’s any waste to be cut.

Don’t believe in corrupt, Democrat- or RINO-government waste? Believe it when they don’t even use our money to do the basics we pay them to do. See this “pothole” story from Democrat-Party-controlled Los Angeles

And let’s not forget WHY the money-grabs are happening. It’s because the out-of-control police and fire department pensions are pressing burdens and temptations for union-boss-prostituting politicians and highly-paid city-employee “managers” to raise more revenue (never to cut waste or drastically reform government-employee pensions) — which is the main reason for their outright lies about the purpose of their money-grabbing ballot measures. It’s both a shell game and a black hole!

These grow-government-bigger and make-average-citizens-poorer schemes are passing because too many “independents” and even “conservatives” don’t want to study this and because they have at least a halfway “blind trust” of what local politicians tell them.

Yet there are pockets of resistance, with wiser Californians who know unneeded, thieving revenue schemes pushed by Democrats, RINOs, or bureaucrats should always be opposed. Be encouraged with these examples of where the government thieves lost:

I’m especially encouraged that voters in two big, urban, Democrat Party strongholds — the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento — rejected money-grabs.

In San Francisco, the city’s “Proposition B” was rightly labeled the “cop tax” and over-taxed San Franciscans — even “faithful liberals” said no. And in Democrat-run Sacramento, voters resoundingly defeated Measure C, which would have raised taxes on businesses large and small.

Another local victory protecting taxpayers and property owners was the defeat of Measure M in the city of Woodland, northwest of Sacramento. The Democrat-controlled city council’s deceptive ballot measure would have put city residents in greater debt in order to inhumanly flood and harm farmers’ lands, all because the environmental wacko groups’ “bought” politicians won’t improve creeks, like they did in “the old days.”

These wins are happening because:

a) any pain — including financial pain — can make people wiser — and Newsom & Co. and Biden & Co. have been pouring on a lot of financial pain for years now.

b) both San Francisco and Sacramento had strong “no” campaigns where wealthy individuals and business associations (not the “chamber of commerce”) cared enough to spend big money educating voters of the harm of these particular tax increases.

Also, I want you to know cultural, pro-family battles are still being fought in California.

First, a painful, probable loss in the city of Orange, in Orange County, where the election-night margin of “yes” versus “no” on the recall is holding steady:

Yet here’s some very good pro-family news from Huntington Beach, also in Orange County, where constitutional Republicans are the city council majority:

What’s needed now? That statewide, conservative activists will raise up local armies in their communities to defeat more money-grabs and to fight for what’s right in God’s sight. Because even foolish liberals can believe in and oppose government thievery if you reach them with the evidence.

All this is to say that “salt of the earth” people can strategically use leverage in their communities to educate the masses on issues of concern. Because people who haven’t “awakened” to the Tyrannical Left can indeed vote right on “crossover issues” when conservative activists give time and concerned business owners give money.

As a People, our biggest need is to daily repent before God in Jesus’ Name. And in regard to preserving our republic, conservatives who don’t vote and otherwise biblical pastors who don’t publicly say, at least, “Remember to vote,” need to repent of their lack of love.

For Christian involvement in politics is all based on Jesus Christ’s Second Greatest Commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And when evil government is hurting your neighbor, the need to protect also becomes apparent to non-believers who still have an intact conscience.

“You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’ ‘Do not bear false witness,’ ‘Do not defraud,’ ‘Honor your father and your mother.'”Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and God in the flesh, in Luke 15:7

From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”The Bible, Matthew 4:17

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?
The Bible, Micah 6:8