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Sign the petition to repeal SB 277, forced vaccines

Saturday, August 8, 2015, 1:35 pm | Randy Thomasson


I’m not a fan of referenda (plural for a single referendum). They’re the weakest of all of California ballot measures, the differences being:

1. A referendum passed on the ballot (if enough people vote “no,” a referendum succeeds) repeals an unpopular state law. However, the California Legislature can amend or repeal a referendum the day after it succeeds at the ballot. If a referendum were pro-life on abortion or against sexual perversity, I have no doubt that the Democrat-controlled Legislature would try to repeal it with a simple majority vote.

2. In contrast, a statutory initiative overrides the Legislature and can only be amended or repealed by California voters or judicial activists at the California Supreme Court. (And count on judicial activists to try to defeat abortion/marriage/sex ballot measures whenever they can.)

3. Strongest of all is a state constitutional amendment which is over the State Legislature and the state courts, which even the California Supreme Court cannot (or should not) override. Therefore, I only recommend constitutional amendments for anything dealing with abortion (like parental notification for abortion) or sex (such as banning transsexual bathrooms).

However, there is one referendum currently collecting signatures to achieve the 2016 ballot that I strongly support — and I urge you to support it too. Because God-given parental rights, religious freedom, medical freedom, and children’s special needs matter. That’s why we need to repeal the anti-parent SB 277. See why I hate SB 277 and why you should too, whether you’re pro- or anti-vaccine.

So, if this good SB 277 referendum gathers enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, the bad forced-vaccine law that kicks children out of school, even church schools, unless parental abandon their consciences on controversial vaccines, will be placed on hold pending a vote of the People in November 2016.

And if a majority of Californians vote “no” in 2016 (that’s how referenda work — you have to vote “no” to repeal an unpopular law), the anti-parent, anti-religious freedom, anti-medical freedom SB 277 will be repealed. At that point, I don’t think the Legislature would undo it, even though they could. Because even some Democrats oppose forcing vaccinations into the bodies of children and adults.


Learn about the SB 277 referendum and watch a video by proponent Tim Donnelly

Sign the petition at a location near you and pick up petitions to collect more signatures

Thank you for signing a petition and helping others to sign. This month of August is crucial for you, your family members, your friends, and your church congregation to sign petitions to repeal SB 277!

Given that the general public doesn’t accept that vaccines can injure and yet, there are so many stories about vaccine-injured children, I decided to start a list stories written by parents of their child’s vaccine injury. This is only the very tip of the iceberg…
“Stories of vaccine injured children,” Health Impact News