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ALERT: Defend Prop. 8, rescue schoolchildren, get equipped to vote

Friday, May 21, 2010, 9:19 am |

Let me quickly update you on the State Capitol battle over Prop. 8, why “Harvey Milk Gay Day” for children is just the tip of the iceberg of sexual indoctrination, and why you should visit SaveCalifornia.com’s Election Center.

SB 906

We’ve been telling you about SB 906, which intends to pave the way for the future legalization of homosexual “marriages.” If SB 906 becomes law, “LGBTQ” activists will say this means letting “any two people” get married doesn’t threaten religious freedom. But that’s not true — redefining marriage would mean further trampling the dearly-held values of religious business owners and parents of children in public schools.
View Tuesday’s TV news report on SB 906

Thursday’s anticipated vote on the floor of the California Senate didn’t happen, since the senators decided to make it a “check-in” session, where they show up for a couple of minutes to qualify for their $141.86 “per diem” money, and go home. This means Monday afternoon is the next possible floor vote on SB 906.

Keep emailing and calling against SB 906 | About per diem

Who’s sponsoring and supporting SB 906?

Equality California (co-sponsor)
California Council of Churches (co-sponsor)
AIDS Project Los Angeles
Anti-Defamation League
Asian Americans for Civil Rights & Equality
California Communities United Institute
California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
California Teachers Association
Consumer Attorneys of California
Jewish Political Action Committee (JPAC)
Sacramento Lawyers for the Equality of Gays and Lesbians
Inland Counties Stonewall Democrats
City of West Hollywood

Harvey Milk Gay Day

The “celebration” of homosexual activist Harvey Milk will hit its high point today and Saturday.

Today, aggressive liberal teachers in California are expected to tell children that Milk was admirable, when he was actually a teen predator, sexual anarchist, public liar, and an aggressive devotee of deadly cultist Jim Jones.

Tomorrow, Milk’s birthday, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, “LGBTQ” activists and their supporters will rally for the media. Throughout the state there will be special showings of the part-fiction movie “Milk,” starring Sean Penn. Nationwide, some 26 cities in 20 states will hold events to honor Harvey Milk.

This is just the beginning of this new, blatant and perverse indoctrination of children via Harvey Milk Gay Day. “Milk Day” is designed to teach children they may be homosexual, bisexual or transsexual, and that they should support political activism to destroy marriage and family and religious opposition to the harmful “LGBTQ” agenda. It will increase even more next year, and then Harvey Milk’s indoctrination will manifest in many more government schools in 2012 when May 22 finally falls on a school day, Monday.

Parents and grandparents, I plead with you to rescue your children and grandchildren from immoral education and awful peer pressure. Harvey Milk Gay Day is just one of 6 school sexual indoctrination measures passes in the last several years. And there’s a raft of other pressing reasons to save children from government-run schools.

Choose to permanently rescue your child | See one of the stories exposing Harvey Milk Gay Day

Visit the Election Center

With a little more than two weeks until Election Day, it’s important to study the propositions and the candidates. Don’t let yourself be paralyzed by lack of knowledge. SaveCalifornia.com’s Election Center will help you vote with confidence. Enter the Election Center

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Samuel Adams, a major leader of the American Revolution (1722-1803)