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Will Democrats turn California into the Suicide State?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 6:09 pm | Randy Thomasson


Do you think it’s right to tell a depressed person they’re better off dead?

That’s what Senate Bill 128 in California would do. So-called “terminal” patients (and how often this diagnosis has been refuted when desperate patients seek alternative treatments on their own) would be given a proposal of a lethal dose of drugs to “put you to sleep forever” (kill them) in bed.

In Oregon, which SB 128 is modeled after, physician-assisted suicide isn’t done for pain, but for loss of autonomy. In other words, doctors are killing depressed people. How much this violates long-held medical ethics and the sanctity of human life. The devil must love the State “offing” people before they have a chance to make peace with God on His terms.

Just the facts, ma’am: With Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law, the large majority of patients who chose suicide didn’t complain about physical pain, but their main concerns were “losing autonomy” (93%), “less able to engage in activities making life enjoyable” (88%), and “loss of dignity” (73%). See the official Oregon stats. A 20-year-old incapacitated in the hospital after a motorcycle accident could cite the same concerns!

Despite these facts, after passing the Democrat-controlled Senate Health Committee on March 25, by my count, it’s virtually assured that SB 128’s physician-assisted suicide (PAS) will also be approved by the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee, and go to the Senate floor in May.

There, this suicide-promotion bill will likely pass by a narrow vote — unless there’s a big fight against it in Hispanic and culturally Catholic strongholds. I say this because if enough people in their districts rose up in protest, enough Democrat state senators could vote no. With a 40-member State Senate, a majority is 21, and by May the Democrats will hold 26 Senate seats.

Therefore, at least 6 of the following Democrats need to vote no, and all 14 Republican state senators also need to vote no, in order for SB 128 to be defeated by at least 1 vote on the Senate floor:

Hispanic / culturally Catholic districts:

Ben Hueso of San Diego and Imperial counties
916-651-4040, 619-409-7690, 760-335-3442

Tony Mendoza of L.A. County (Hacienda Heights, La Mirada, Lakewood, Downey, La Mirada) 916-651-4032, 323-890-2790

Connie Leyva of San Bernardino County (from Pomona to San Bernardino)
916-651-4020, 909-591-7016, 909-888-5360

Doctors or married to doctor (Calif. Medical Association opposes SB 128):

Richard Pan of Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove
916-651-4006, 916-651-1529, 916-262-2904

Robert Hertzberg of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley
916-651-4018, 818-901-5588

Untested or wildcards:

Cathleen Galgiani of San Joaquin County (and surroundings)
916-651-4005, 209-948-7930, 209-576-6273

Ricardo Lara of Los Angeles’ southeast area (Vernon in north to Long Beach in south)
916-651-4033, 562-256-7921, 323-277-4560

Ben Allen of Los Angeles’ beach cities (Rancho Palos Verdes to Pacific Palisades, then westward to Hollywood)
916-651-4026, 310-318-6994

Richard Roth of Riverside County (from Corona to Moreno Valley and Perris) — although he supported SB 128 in committee, he’s in a swing district and “disappointed calls” could remove his support)
916-651-4031, 951-680-6750

If physician-assisted suicide passes the Senate, the only other place it can be defeated is in the 80-member Assembly, with younger, more pliable, and “less crusty” politicians. So please also urge your own assemblymember to vote no on SB 128.

The prohibition against killing legally innocent people is later formalised in the sixth commandment, ‘You shall not murder’ (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17). The Hebrew word for ‘murder’ is ratsach (Greek phoneuo) and its meaning is further defined in four main passages in the Pentateuch (Exodus 21:12-14; Leviticus 24:17-21; Numbers 35:16-31; Deuteronomy 19:4-13).

These passages resolve any ambiguity for us and give a precise definition of what is prohibited, namely the ‘intentional killing of an innocent human being’ (Exodus 23:7; 2 Kings 21:16; Psalms 106:37,38; Jeremiah 19:4). Euthanasia clearly falls within this biblical definition. There is no provision for compassionate killing, even at the person’s request and there is no recognition of a ‘right to die’ as all human life belongs to God (Psalms 24:1). Our lives are not actually our own. Suicide (and therefore assisted suicide) is therefore equally wrong.
What Does the Bible Say About Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia?


Join the fight for parents’ rights and informed consent

Monday, March 30, 2015, 6:00 pm | Randy Thomasson


If you’re like me, sometimes you don’t even watch the news because it’s so one-sided. But sometimes, when SaveCalifornia.com seizes the opportunity, the news can be one-sided…for parental rights!

Enjoy these two Sacramento-area news reports from March 25 featuring parents of vaccine-injured, autistic children, along with Dr. Robert Rowen, in front of the State Capitol:

Fox40 | News10

Then, please pick up the phone and urge these key senators to oppose the anti-parents’-rights, anti-informed-consent bills, SB 277 and SB 392.

Thank you for all who support our Campaign for Children and Families, as we stand true for parental rights, constitutional rights, and basic human rights.

No man is good enough to govern another man, without that other’s consent.
I say this is the leading principle—the sheet anchor of American republicanism.

Abraham Lincoln in 1854

Make this 1 phone call for LIFE

Thursday, March 12, 2015, 12:49 pm | Randy Thomasson


Is innocent human life sacred? Should doctors be able to kill any patients?

If you answered YES to the first question and NO to the second, please make this 1 phone call right now.

You are needed to oppose the Democrat state legislators’ bill, SB 128. This very bad bill would permit California physicians to prescribe deadly drugs to so-called “terminal” patients. Don’t let California become the Suicide State!

1. Call your own state senator’s State Capitol and district office too (the bill will be voted on first in the State Senate).

Enter your address here to find your California state legislators,
then click your state senator’s web page
On the senator’s home page there are phone numbers or a tab with phone numbers

Leave a message such as, “Please vote NO on SB 128. Patients don’t need to be killed with a deadly drug, they deserve counseling, referrals to natural medicine physicians, and pain management if needed. Suicide is not the answer to anyone’s problems, and suicide is not something the State of California should ever promote.”

2. Want to do more? Call the members of the Senate Health Committee which is scheduled to decide SB 128 on March 25. The bill needs 5 votes to pass the 9-member committee, so please especially call the 3 undecided Democrats (marked with **) and the 2 Republicans on the committee (marked with *):

Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair) SD22 (coauthor of SB 128)
*Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair) SD34
Senator Isadore Hall, III SD35 (coauthor of SB 128)
**Senator Holly J. Mitchell SD30
Senator Bill Monning SD17 (coauthor of SB 128)
*Senator Jim Nielsen SD04
**Senator Richard Pan SD06
**Senator Richard D. Roth SD31
Senator Lois Wolk SD03 (coauthor of SB 128)

3. Have a business, organization, ministry, or school? Add your name to the official list of SB 128 opponents that all the committee members see. You can help make this a long list! Fax your one- or two-page opposition letter on your business, organization, ministry, or school letterhead to the Senate Health Committee office at 916-266-9438 before noon March 18. Don’t have a fax? You can also email your opposition letter to Teri.Boughton@sen.ca.gov.

Your letter can include relevant talking points you agree with in SaveCalifornia.com’s Jan. 21 news release or Life Priority’s March 9 alert. The point is that it’s on your official letterhead, with your signature and your title at the end of it, and following this general format at the top:

March 12, 2015

The Honorable Ed Hernandez
Chair, Senate Health Committee
State Capitol, Room 2191
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Senator Hernandez,

_____________________ (name of business, organization, ministry, school) opposes SB 128…

* * *

(After faxing the committee at 916-266-9438, please also fax your letter to SaveCalifornia.com at 916-848-3456 or paste your email in our web form. Thank you!)

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.
Hippocratic Oath