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URGENT: Tell Newsom to veto these costly bills

Saturday, September 2, 2023, 9:39 pm | Randy Thomasson

On September 1, the Democrat leaders of the California State Legislature, by their actions, challenged Newsom to sign their most radical, unconstitutional, anti-family bills.

By passing hundreds of bad bills in the appropriations committees, your leftist Democrat “rulers” are saying they don’t care what you think, and they actually believe they can “make” Newsom sign their devilish agenda, like he has before.

But this year is different, since California’s uberliberal Democrat governor IS running for president, with a self-induced $31.5 BILLION state budget deficit hanging over his head. And if Newsom doesn’t balance it, his claim he’s a “fiscal conservative” will disintegrate.
Among the hundreds of bad Democrat bills removed from the “suspense file” and passed in the Senate and Assembly appropriations committees Friday are:

AB 659 pushing harmful Gardasil jabs upon junior highers and college students

AB 5 forcing public-school employees into “LGBTQ cultural competency training”

AB 443 discriminating against moral/religious police officers and office candidates

AB 1078 taking away local control of school boards to make curriculum decisions

AB 576 funding all Medi-Cal chemical abortions. at taxpayer expense

SB 58 promoting a raft of “hallucinogenic substances” as “recreational drugs”

SB 274 eliminating suspensions/expulsions of willfully defiant teens (grades 9-12)

SB 345 forcing new costs on cities/counties for abortion/”LGBTQIA+” agenda

SB 407 punishing religious foster parents who don’t support “LGBTQIA+”

SB 541 requiring “internal and external condoms” be available in grades 9-12

SB 596 empowering school boards to arrest “disorderly” parents at meetings

SB 729 requiring insurance to pay for artificial insemination of gays and trans

SB 760 forcing government schools, grades 1-12, to have an “all-gender restroom”

With immoral Democrats controlling three-fourths of each house of the State Legislature, which of these bills might Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom veto?

There have been signs for months that Newsom is sharpening his veto pen.

In the media, he’s repeatedly mimicked his predecessor, Jerry Brown, saying it would not be “prudent” for the state budget to “imbalanced.”

And on September 1, Newsom’s Department of Finance representative was noticeably absent from the front table of the “suspense file” meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee, where “Finance” is regularly represented. Was this a boycott by the Newsom Administration after being told to get ready for lots of costly bills on his desk? It’s plausible.

So, this is now a “donkey fight,” where the blatantly bad Democrat legislators are challenging another evil Democrat, Governor Gavin Newsom, who, as long as his presidential hopes are alive, wants to put the brakes on additional spending.

NEW ACTION: Urge Newsom to veto these bad bills. Put on the pressure to remind him these radical bills are unpopular.

1. Call Newsom’s constituent services office, Monday-Friday, 9-5 at 916-445-2841. When a staffer answers, they are a person paid to take your simple message of bills you are supporting or opposing. List all the bills in one phone call, but keep it brief.

2. Use Newsom’s web form to oppose all these bad bills at once.

On this page, here are the steps:
1. Under “What is your request or comment about?”, scroll to and select “Legislation Issues/Concerns”
2. Under “What is the purpose of your message?”, select “Leave a Comment”
3. Click “Next” to go to the next page
4. Under “If applicable, what is your stance on this topic?, click “Con”
5. In the message field, simply write in all caps: VETO THESE COSTLY BILLS, then copy and paste in SaveCalifornia.com one-sentence bill descriptions (from the above list)
6. Click “Next” to go to the next page
7. Enter your first and last name and email address (but not your phone number)
8. Click “Submit”

The California State Legislature will adjourn its 2023 session on September 14; the governor will have until October 14 to sign or veto bills.

It is apparent that, those who appear to wield unparalleled power – and, have a disturbing tendency of abusing this, as a means of sadistically and savagely subjugating their fellow countrymen and women, with abundant impunity – can not stand the heat when the tables are turned against them, and will swiftly head for the hills, whenever they perceive any substantial threat.
Zimbabwean Christian journalist Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Terrible! AB 659 pushing injurious Gardasil jabs passes Assembly

Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 9:17 pm | Randy Thomasson

Sadly, the unneeded, ineffective, harmful, anti-family Gardasil bill AB 659 passed the Democrat-controlled California State Assembly Wednesday, May 31, shortly after 11 a.m.

  • Two Republicans spoke against it: Joe Patterson and Devon Mathis
  • 51 Democrats voted yes
  • 10 Democrats abstained: David Alvarez, Sabrina Cervantes, Evan Low, Tina McKinnor, Blanca Pacheco, Sharon Quirk-Silva, James Ramos, Esmeralda Soria, Avelino Valencia, Akilah Weber (later in the day when vote changes were permitted, Alaverez, Cervantes, Low, McKinnor, Ramos, Soria, and Valencia changed their votes to “yes”)
  • 1 Republican voted yes: Greg Wallis
  • 5 Republicans abstained: Phillip Chen, Laurie Davies, Diane Dixon, James Gallagher, Tom Lackey (later in the day, when vote changes were permitted, Chen and Gallagher changed their votes to “no”)

ALL 18 Republicans should have stood and spoke against this dangerous bill, which if signed into law, will injure many children and young adults. Sadly, the foolish and deceptive “deal” of early April between the AB 659’s author and the “Freedom Angels” to replace the official “mandate” with unofficial dishonesty, coercion, and threats was the key to pass this devilish bill in committee and advance it to the floor.

THANK YOU to all who called and who steadfastly fought against this lie-based bill this winter and spring. Sadly, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and Big Lies were stronger.

Thanks also to the two Republicans who stood and spoke against the deceptive AB 659: Joe Patterson of Rocklin and Devon Mathis of Visalia.

To be clear, the amended AB 659 does not legally require anyone to bare their arm for a series of Gardasil shots. Yet AB 659 requires parents of every 6th grader in both “public” and private schools (including church schools) to be told:

“It is the public policy of the state that pupils are expected to be fully immunized against human papillomavirus (HPV) before admission or advancement to the 8th eighth grade level of any private or public elementary or secondary school.”

Unfortunately, this means millions of California parents (and hundreds of thousands of collegians, who AB 659 also threatens with Gardasil shots) will falsely think they must be injected or else they can’t go to school or college.

Because the Democrat-controlled State Senate is all the more likely to pass the tyrannical, deceiving AB 659, call and email Governor Gavin Newsom to urge him to veto this misleading bill: 916-445-2841 gov.ca.gov/contact

… he was talked into a flu vaccination. October 13th, Zach returned for a follow up and was talked into accepting the Gardasil and meningococcal vaccines. It was shortly after this that the first phase of his health decline began … I have watched my only child age decades within the span of less than 2 years. It has taken a year and a half later for him to finally find a group of doctors who believe he is Gardasil injured, but they do not know how to treat him.
“Gardasil: Sharing the Carnage with Boys,” VaccineImpact.com, June 29, 2016

ALERT: Kill the deceptive, harmful Gardasil bill

Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 9:34 am | Randy Thomasson

The good news is the unneeded, ineffective, harmful, anti-family Gardasil bill AB 659 did not come up for a vote all last week.

The bad news (or rather, the persistent threat) is that it could pass this week if swing-vote Democrats fear their Democrat bosses or Merck’s lobbyists more than they fear all the opposition phone calls they’ve been receiving.

So, this deadline week (bills must pass their house of origin by June 2), please keep flooding the deciding votes!

Whether you can leave one, some, or all of the voicemails, thank you!

1. Call your own state assemblymember. Find them by entering your voter address. When you leave your voicemail message, say your name and that you live in the district. Say, “The latest amendments to AB 659 make the deception even worse. You can’t say it’s not a mandate when you instruct parents that their children ‘are expected’ to ‘be fully immunized against human papillomavirus (HPV) before admission or advancement to the eighth grade level.’ Oppose this dishonest bill!”

2. Call Democrat Assemblymember Akilah Weber, an OB-GYN who abstained twice in committee on AB 659. Call 619-465-7903 or 916-319-2079, anonymously. Leave your voicemail, saying, “Thank you for not supporting AB 659. On the floor, please stand and speak against this misleading bill.”

3. Call the Democrats SaveCalifornia.com has identified, leaving your voicemails, anonymously, 7pm to 8am, for some or all of them. Tell these Democrats, “The latest amendments to AB 659 make the deception even worse. You can’t say it’s not a mandate when you instruct parents that their children ‘are expected’ to ‘be fully immunized against human papillomavirus (HPV) before admission or advancement to the eighth grade level.’ Defeat this misleading, dishonest bill!”

Dawn Addis (916) 319-2030 Capitol office | (805) 549-3001 district office
Jasmeet Bains (916) 319-2035 Capitol office | (661) 335-0302 district office 
Juan Carrillo (916) 319-2039 Capitol office | (661) 266-3908 district office
Damon Connolly (916) 319-2012 Capitol office | (415) 479-4920 district office
Gregg Hart (916) 319-2037 Capitol office | (805) 564-1649 district office
Josh Lowenthal (916) 319-2069 Capitol office | (562) 429-0470 district office
Stephanie Nguyen (916) 319-2010 Capitol office | (916) 670-7888 district office
Liz Ortega (916) 319-2020 Capitol office | (510) 583-8818 district office
Blanca Pacheco (916) 319-2064 Capitol office | (562) 861-5803 district office
Diane Papan (916) 319-2021 Capitol office | (650) 349-2200 district office
Gail Pellerin (916) 319-2028 Capitol office | (831) 425-1503 district office
Pilar Schiavo (916) 319-2040 Capitol office | (661) 286-1565 district office
Esmeralda Soria (916) 319-2027 Capitol office | (209) 726-5465 district office
Avelino Valencia (916) 319-2068 Capitol office | (714) 939-8469 district office

Tasha Boerner (916) 319-2077 Capitol office | (760) 434-7605 district office
Eduardo Garcia (916) 319-2036 Capitol office | (760) 347-2360 district office
Timothy Grayson (916) 319-2015 Capitol office | (925) 521-1511 district office
Brian Maienschein (916) 319-2076 Capitol office | (858) 675-0760 district office
Sharon Quirk-Silva (916) 319-2067 Capitol office | (714) 525-6515 district office
Cottie Petrie-Norris (916) 319-2073 Capitol office | (949) 251-0074 district office
Carlos Villapudua (916) 319-2013 Capitol office | (209) 948-7479 district office

David Alvarez (916) 319-2080 Capitol office | (619) 498-8580 district office
Joaquin Arambula (916) 319-2031 Capitol office | (559) 445-5532 district office
Steve Bennett (916) 319-2038 Capitol office | (805) 485-4745 district office
Isaac Bryan (916) 319-2055 Capitol office | (310) 641-5410 district office
Lisa Calderon (916) 319-2056 Capitol office | (562) 692-5858 district office
Sabrina Cervantes (916) 319-2058 Capitol office | (951) 371-6860 district office
Laura Friedman (916) 319-2044 Capitol office | (818) 558-3043 district office
Jesse Gabriel (916) 319-2046 Capitol office | (818) 346-4521 district office
Mike Gipson (916) 319-2065 Capitol office | (310) 324-6408 district office
Chris Holden (916) 319-2041 Capitol office | (626) 351-1917 district office
Jacqui Irwin (916) 319-2042 Capitol office | (805) 370-0542 district office
Ash Kalra (916) 319-2025 Capitol office | (408) 286-2535 district office
Kevin McCarty (916) 319-2006 Capitol office | (916) 324-4676 district office
Tina McKinnor (916) 319-2061 Capitol office | (310) 412-6400 district office
Al Muratsuchi (916) 319-2066 Capitol office | (310) 375-0691 district office
James Ramos (916) 319-2045 Capitol office | (909) 889-7145 district office
Anthony Rendon (916) 319-2062 Capitol office | (562) 529-3250 district office
Eloise Gómez Reyes (916) 319-2050 Capitol office | (909) 381-4100 district office
Robert Rivas (916) 319-2029 Capitol office | (831) 759-8676 district office
Luz Rivas (916) 319-2043 Capitol office | (818) 504-3911 district office
Freddie Rodriguez (916) 319-2053 Capitol office | (909) 902-9606 district office
Blanca Rubio (916) 319-2048 Capitol office | (626) 960-4457 district office
Miguel Santiago (916) 319-2054 Capitol office | (213) 620-4646 district office

In February 2013, my healthy, active, academically gifted daughter received the 2nd of three recommended HPV-4 (Gardasil) injections. Within a week, she developed cold symptoms and a barking cough. I did not think it was related to the vaccine. How could a vaccine cause a cold? She went on to develop repeated lung spasms. After her third injection, she experienced dizzy spells, loss of balance, weakness, anxiety, ear pain, abdominal pain, and nausea. I was never an “anti-vaxxer” (if I were, I wouldn’t have agreed to the HPV vaccine) so. I never even associated her new symptoms with Gardasil … It was only when another mom contacted me via social media, asking, “Has your daughter had the Gardasil shot, by any chance?” that I began to put the pieces together. To be honest, I thought she was crazy at first. But I started reading the stories of other young people who have been injured by Gardasil. Their stories are so similar to Caitlin’s. Now, that same mother’s intuition which made me question her pediatrician before consenting to the Gardasil injections tells me that my child has been devastatingly injured by Gardasil. Today, my brilliant daughter has bouts of brain fog and she can’t piece together thoughts.
“Gardasil Vaccine Devastation is No Coincidence,” HealthImpactNews.com, July 20, 2016