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The battle continues for smart Californians

Monday, October 1, 2012, 6:15 pm | Randy Thomasson

Of all the bad anti-family bills passed by the Democrat politicians and signed in the last week by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown, there are three of these bad laws that smart Californians still can and need to resist.

AB 2109: Although Jerry Brown signed this bill to require parents of government schools, private schools, and home schools to receive a) a lecture about the supposed risks of not receiving injections of risky vaccines, and b) a signature verifying the parent heard the lecture – parents still won’t have to obey this new law. Why?

It’s because Jerry Brown still runs his administration, and in his AB 2109 signing message, he instructed that the new state parent immunization form have a “religious beliefs” exemption check box, similar to the current state form with the “personal beliefs” exemption section.

There is a large, growing group of good parents who oppose vaccinating their young children due to the health risks of vaccinations, including destruction of the natural immunity process, acceleration of auto-immune disease processes, and possible triggering of autism in infants.

What’s more, an increasing number of informed parents are concerned about toxic additives used in vaccines, the serious risks and side effects associated with receiving them, and how the long-term health of children may be permanently affected by the “professional” vaccine schedule. Read about these risks at Natural News here and here and here.

SB 1172: This tyrannical bill bans parents from seeking counseling for their child who thinks he or she is “homosexual.” It also threatens to discipline licensed counselors who care enough to help gender-confused children, who have often been molested or raped.

This new law is a terrible robbing of freedom in America. It goes against molested children, their concerned parents, and good-hearted counselors. Under SB 1172, a teenager who wants to overcome gender confusion cannot receive this counseling, even if his parent wants it and pays for it.

How to fight SB 1172:

1. Civil disobedience: There are God-given parental rights that are above man’s immoral laws. Civil disobedience, for the right cause, in the right way, is biblical. SaveCalifornia.com is calling upon courageous counselors and knowledgeable pastors to defy this tyrannical edict and give hurting children the soul recovery they desperately need.

2. Constitutional lawsuit: There are two federal lawsuits underway. One is from Pacific Justice Institute and the other is from Liberty Counsel. As Liberty Counsel puts it, SB 1172 violates mental health therapists’ “ethical obligation to help clients deal with conflict” (First Amendment religious freedom). Another argument is the violation of basic parental rights, a foundational right (God-given natural right) which the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld several times. See Liberty Counsel’s news release

AB 1856: Authored by homosexual activist and San Francisco Democrat Tom Ammiano, and passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature, AB 1856 requires foster parents to be trained to positively support homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing/”sex changes” among the abused children in their care. The training is called “cultural competency and sensitivity” in support of these unnatural and unhealthy sexual behaviors.

This burdensome, perverse training, which will be incorporated into existing training sessions for foster parents, threatens to tramples religious freedom, destroys moral sensitivities, and erases the differences between male and female in foster homes. But there’s a way to try to get around it.

If you’re a foster parent and have Christian values or have other moral values on sexuality, then you can go to these training sessions, in which the “LGBT” agenda will be taught, and just sit there and take notes without talking. Then go home and teach moral values to needy kids in your home. Refuse to have your mind and practices changed, even if they try to brainwash you.

But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”
Acts 5:29 NKJV