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Stop the squashing of parents’ rights

Saturday, August 30, 2014, 8:22 pm | Randy Thomasson


ACTION: Call Governor Jerry Brown’s office at 916-445-2841. Leave a message
that you want him to “Veto AB 1444, mandatory kindergarten. Let parents decide!” 

Forcing parents to hand their young children over to the government is not a good thing. But that’s exactly what the mandatory kindergarten bill on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk would do. AB 1444 forces all kids into kindergarten (public school, private school, or homeschooling), instead of leaving this a parent’s option under current law.

Who does mandatory kindergarten hurt? Parents — who decide for any reason that it’s best for their child to delay formal education until 1st grade.

Consider these parents and their children:

A girl who’s doing well emotionally and developmentally at home and whose parents don’t want to interrupt this with forced “government school care” or don’t wish to begin other formal education just yet.

A boy with a soft, sensitive personality who doesn’t yet know how to handle conflict with other kids. His parents want him home with them for another year to work with and better prepare him.

A father or mother who doesn’t like what’s taught in government schools and wants more time to consider their family’s education choices.

Along with our home school organization friends, SaveCalifornia.com has been publicly urging the veto of AB 1444. We have a chance because this is a parental rights issue, there’s no money in the state budget for it, and Governor Jerry Brown is iffy about it.

Time is short. Will you help us work aggressively to preserve parental choice on kindergarten, protect the integrity of the home, and halt the government’s replacement of parents?

ACTION: With AB 1444 going to Gov. Brown, SaveCalifornia.com needs your help today to expand our pro-parental rights and “veto AB 1444” message all this month of September to:

1. The mainstream media
2. Local talk radio shows
3. Pro-family activists
4. The desk of Jerry Brown

Will you join me in standing up for the rights of parents to decide what’s best for their own children? Will you please help SaveCalifornia.com work to defeat AB 1444? Your tangible gift of $10, $100, or $1,000 will empower us in this specific battle. Please join us now to pursue a veto of this attack upon the family.

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Then, after making your donation, please call, email, or fax Jerry Brown by following these steps.

Thank you for helping protect children and families!

What’s best for kids? Back to school or back from school?

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 3:17 pm | Randy Thomasson


Is back from school better than back to school?

The government schools’ sexual indoctrination laws, failure to teach reading proficiency, and bad peer pressure was the topic August 19 when I was on VCY America’s CrossTalk with Jim Schneider (heard in the Great Lakes / Midwest states).*

This very informative interview is must-listening for concerned parents gifts_v14and grandparents. Listen now (takes about a half minute to load)

pattyandherchildrenAfter the show, Patty posted on our SaveCalifornia.com Facebook, “Just heard the show on VCY today. So much information! Thanks for the encouragement! I believe if there is a will, there is a way! Thank you!! I got my kids out of GS as a single parent 7 yrs ago. God knew the desire of my heart and he provided a job for me at a Christian school where my kids got to attend and then I have my own biz on the side that is flexible. God so provided!! Anyone can do this if they REALLY want to! Vacations and retirement funds are over rated! Loving your kids gives the best satisfaction!”

* In the 53-minute interview, I made two errors that deserve public correction:

At 27:30, I say that America’s immorality is causing despair among children and “anger against children.” While it’s true that immoral adults can become anti-child, I meant to say societal and family immorality causes despair and anger in children.

At 29:05, I say that liberal public education founder John Dewey “created the Dewey decimal system for libraries.” That is incorrect. The Dewey decimal system was named after its inventor, Melvil Dewey (1851-1931). My apologies to pro-family library workers!

There are now 10 sexual indoctrination laws impacting children in every California public school. There is no parental opt-out and no child is exempt. See these bad laws, then rescue your child.
Our special site, RescueYourChild.com