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ALERT: Oppose ‘gender neutral’ public restrooms

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 7:22 pm | Randy Thomasson


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Article 5. Single-User Restrooms
118600. (a) If a toilet facility located in any business or place of public accommodation has only one water closet, that facility shall be identified as an all gender toilet facility. Operative sentence in AB 1732

Can you believe it? Democrat politicians want to rip male/female symbols off restroom doors.

You heard right. Four pro-“LGBT” Democrats in the California Legislature want to eliminate all gender distinctions. So they’ve introduced a bill to get rid of the familiar male-female symbols on single-stall bathroom doors – to be replaced by a “gender neutral” sign.

Because of the discomfort and conflict it would bring to families and the burden on private businesses, this same bill has been defeated in the liberal states of Vermont and New York.

The new bill creating “gender neutral” restrooms, AB 1732, is the lunacy of the four Democrats in the California Legislature who carry the water for transsexual, cross-dressing, “sex change” groups.

Currently, at a public place or place of business, when there’s one bathroom for males and one bathroom for females, transsexuals need to choose one or the other. Are transsexuals saying they’re confused about their real gender?

While they misspelled my name, Associated Press let me say this in their Jan. 29 story:

Robert Thomasson of the advocacy group SaveCalifornia.com, which opposes the bill by Ting, said it’s unnecessary and offensive. “It’s not just about quote-unquote fairness, it’s about pushing different values, different ideals in the faces of people,” Thomasson said. “So that necessarily causes conflict.”

Realize what’s going on with this unnecessary bill. At its core, this transsexual rights agenda is so selfish, it wants to destroy the most public standard of different genders known to young and old — the male-female symbols on bathroom doors. The cross-dressers obviously hate these natural-difference signs!

CALL SACRAMENTO: Please call your state assemblymember right now. Find your California elected representatives here. When you call, tell your assemblymember, “I’m calling to urge the defeat of AB 1732. This is a crazy bill destroying children’s understanding of the difference between male and female! It will cause problems for my family and want you to vote no.”

Daily Mail, Jan. 26, 2015: The man who’s had TWO sex changes: Incredible story of Walt, who became Laura, then REVERSED the operation because he believes surgeons in US and Europe are too quick to operate


Growing up in Los Angeles, Walt had a tough but bearable start in life with a strict mother, a part-time policeman father – living in the shadow of a ‘brainiac’ brother.

When he was five, everything changed.

‘It was then my grandmother, when I was being babysat by her, started dressing me in female clothing. She even made me a purple chiffon evening dress,’ he said.

‘And when dad found out what grandma had been doing, and dressing me up like a girl, it did change everything.

‘His adopted brother Fred began to sexually molest me. Mom’s discipline got even more severe and I would learn much later in life that on one occasion, her discipline was so tough, she thought she had almost killed me.’

The treatment he suffered from those entrusted to protect him made him feel like he was ‘a girl trapped in a male’s body’, he said, and he became reclusive because of it.

37 years later, he would finally take the drastic step to become a woman – and he lived for eight years as Laura Jensen.

See more facts at SaveCalifornia.com’s Not Born This Way


Stop secret teen abortions in California

Saturday, January 9, 2016, 1:20 pm | Randy Thomasson


You’ve seen the “baby body parts” horrors of Planned Parenthood. Now do something about it in California!

SaveCalifornia.com is excited to endorse the Parental Notification, Child and Teen Safety, and Stop Sexual Predators and Sex Traffickers Act. It requires a parent to be notified 48 hours before a girl under age 18 could be subjected to an invasive, damaging, and destructive abortion.

Older men exploit girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes, and then continue their sexual exploitation. It’s horrible — especially since the Democrat-controlled state government requires you, the taxpayer, to fund these teen abortions!

Remember, an abortion done on a teen girl will damage her psychologically, could harm her physically, and will always kill her pre-born baby. Shouldn’t parents know about this?

Parental notification laws work. In the 39 states that have them, there’s been a noticeable drop in teen pregnancies and teen sexually transmitted diseases — as well as a big drop in abortions. Isn’t this exciting to think about for California? (See the evidence below)

Unlike most initiative efforts, this California constitutional amendment is expertly drafted, with years of planning, and importantly – is above every state judge.

Early money has already been raised, which is essential. Paid signature gathering has already started.

The current low-voter turnout means fewer signatures are needed to qualify than in 2008, the last time this was on California’s ballot.

And realize that Planned Parenthood abortionists have big public-relations problems and might not be able to effectively mount a deceptive counter-campaign. The time is ripe for victory!

red-arrowStand up today for parental rights, the safety of teen girls, and the integrity of the family. Please do your part to gather signatures. Request your petitions today!

The People of California have a compelling interest in protecting minors from the known risks of secret abortions, including the danger of not obtaining prompt care for health- and life-threatening complications when a minor’s parent is unaware that she has undergone a secret abortion. The People also have a compelling interest in preventing sexual predators and sex traffickers from using secret abortions to conceal sexual abuse and exploitation, and sex trafficking of minors. Declaration of this amendment

Evidence of how parental involvement for abortion laws decrease abortions, pregnancies, and transmitted diseases among teenagers:

“Drastic reduction of abortions in Michigan demonstrate the importance of incremental protections”

“New found in his study that data from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Guttmacher Institute provide solid evidence that Medicaid abortion funding restrictions, parental involvement laws and informed consent laws effectively lower abortion rates.”

“evidence that…pregnancy rates went down”

“The parental involvement laws not only lower the abortion rate but also the rate of pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease and suicide. “