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Someone’s got to say it

Thursday, February 21, 2013, 8:56 am | Randy Thomasson


SaveCalifornia.com and I have a moral obligation to speak and stand for what benefits children, families, and individuals, and to speak and stand against what harms people created in the image of God.

And on the important but uncomfortable moral subject of homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuality, someone has to say the truth — because children and adults are being harmed by these unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, and tyrannical behaviors.

For example:

1. Against Health: Male homosexuality has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and a host of other sexually transmitted diseases, higher cancer rates, and earlier deaths. Documentation

2. Against the Best Interest of Children: Boys and girls raised by female homosexuals have skewed gender identities. Girls are more masculine-acting and more aggressive than normal, and boys are less masculine-acting and more passive than normal. And a significantly greater portion of young adults raised in these homosexual households have experimented with homosexual acts themselves, as compared with those raised in natural family households. Documentation

3. Against Stability: The marriages of husbands and wives, on average, are 1000% stronger, with 10 times the duration, of homosexuals who cohabitate. There is no such thing as marriage without a man and a woman. And neither can claims of same-sex “commitment” match man-woman marriage. Official census data found 50% of man-woman marriages lasted 20+ years, while only 5% of homosexual couples even claimed this duration (among whom, male homosexual couples often have “open” relationships). Documentation

4. Against Liberty: In California, there are state laws and court rulings that give homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuality the force of law. These official policies oppress religious freedom, parental rights, property owner rights, business owner rights, foster parent rights, physician rights, counselor rights, and even Boy Scout rights. Here’s the latest intolerant attack by homosexual activists against moral virtues and a private group’s right to set its own standards.

5. Against Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights: There is no “gay gene,” thus no basis for civil rights designation. Consider that race and ethnicity are inherited, but homosexuality is not, as both science and thousands of former homosexuals demonstrate. A changeable behavior is not immutable; therefore homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuality should not have been given the legal force of non-discrimination laws, such as those based on immutable race and immutable gender. Look what’s happened — bestowing civil rights status upon homosexuality and “gender identity” (transsexuality) has resulted in the severe infringement of Americans’ First Amendment rights — religious freedom, free speech, and freedom of association. Documentation 1 | Documentation 2 | Documentation 3

6. Against God: From Genesis through Revelation, the Bible describes homosexual behavior as sin. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, specifically defined marriage as only for one man and one woman in Matthew 19, and He taught that all sexual activities outside of marriage are sin in Mark 7 (“adulteries,” “fornications,” “lewdness”).

When people’s constitutional rights and their conscience before God is trampled, I’m concerned.

And when adults publicly celebrate and promote to children a behavior that results in three-quarters of the HIV/AIDS transmissions in our nation, I am very concerned. So should everyone who knows what’s true and cares about children and our society.

This is why SaveCalifornia.com speaks and stands for what’s right in God’s sight — to help individuals and families thrive – and speaks and stands against what’s wrong – to protect valuable human beings from harm.

Love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth.
1 Corinthians 13:6 (HCSB)

Dating vs. courtship: Choose wisely

Monday, February 18, 2013, 1:02 am | Randy Thomasson


When should you allow your child to date? Or should they date at all?

Barack Obama has implied that his oldest daughter, who’s 14, is dating.

Is that too young or it is okay? Where’s the dating scene gotten our nation? And what has starting romance in our early teens done to children?

It’s highly worthwhile to take inventory of what the modern invention of dating, and its emotional and physical expectations, has produced.

And when you look at it closely, the dating culture has led to widespread heartbreak, sexual immorality, STDs, abortion, abuse, and divorce. All of these ills are much more likely to come from dating than courtship. For God did not intend for parents to cut their teenagers loose to follow their own foolish feelings.

Where does abortion come from? Primarily sex out of wedlock.

Sexually-transmitted diseases? The same.

What has the highest domestic violence rates? Unmarried relationships.

What reinforces a divorce mentality? The constant breakups of dating.

All this is why I’m no longer a fan of dating and instead support courtship. Courtship puts the parents in a wise and beneficial position to advise and approve and protect hearts and minds and bodies. I’m convinced courtship is the best way to obtain a secure marriage.

How is courtship different from and better than dating? Tracey Bartolomei explains:

The main difference between dating and courtship is the attitude that one assumes towards relationships and the activities in which the couple engages before marriage. Contemporary dating is generally a self-focused past time. It is characterized by expectations of physical/emotional intimacy without commitment. Self-gratification is paramount. If either party is no longer gratified the relationship ends; thus, a cycle of short-term relationship begins and continues.

In courtship, both individuals have the understanding that marriage is the eventual goal of the relationship. Courtship takes a more thoughtful, long- term approach to a premarital relationship. The emphasis is on developing friendships and seeking compatibility in ones future mate. Courtship doesn’t actually begin until each feels that the other person could be a perspective marriage partner. Their time together is spent getting to know teach other better through conversation and group socialization, rather than sexual intimacy.

Learn more about courtship:

Courtship vs. Dating: What’s the Difference?

Seasons of Courtship

Dating vs. Courtship: A Bible Study

“..take a wife for my son Isaac.”
Genesis 24 (NKJV)

Use this to educate others about marriage and our republic

Monday, February 11, 2013, 12:54 pm | Randy Thomasson

ThumbNail_NewsletterJan2013I was thrilled the other day to find out that a large church in the L.A. area had placed in its bulletin, for everyone to see, SaveCalifornia.com’s excellent newsletter explaining real marriage, Proposition 8, the United States Constitution, and what’s at stake in our republic.

The current issues that turn people’s heads are a great opportunity to educate them with Truth. SaveCalifornia.com is teaching all who are willing to listen, and you can too. With Prop. 8 scheduled March 26 at the U.S. Supreme Court, please seize this opportunity to educate your friends, your church, and people in your community.

Print and distribute SaveCalifornia.com’s Prop. 8 newsletter

So they taught in Judah, and had the Book of the Law of the Lord with them; they went throughout all the cities of Judah and taught the people.
2 Chronicles 17:9 NKJV