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Where will conservatives go now?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 10:21 pm |

SaveCalifornia.com, and our national arm SaveAmerica.com, provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

In my 18 years of public leadership for moral standards and family values, I have tried to be faithful to God’s non-negotiable values and His Truth. For throughout His Word, God only blesses obedient people.

Now that the contest for the Republican presidential nomination is a three-man race, I want to keep standing for God’s truth, despite any temptation to do otherwise.

Nine years ago, California went through a historic gubernatorial recall election. Yet because conservatives went with image over good public policies, they chose liberal Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger over conservative Republican Tom McClintock. As a result, bad policies were not reversed and bad bills were signed into law. Do you want to see history repeat?

If you have strong moral values and a sense of history, I invite you to stand for Truth with us at SaveCalifornia.com and our national arm, SaveAmerica.com. We have no horse in this race, but are working hard to get the truth about the public-policy records of the Republican presidential candidates to as many people as possible. The facts are found in our Report Card on the Natural Family, which documents the candidates’ records on 10 public-policy issues affecting families.

Truly, a candidate’s actual votes and public actions, along with his repeated, consistent, specific spoken positions, demonstrate where he really stands on public-policy issues regarding the natural family. Don’t disagree with the evidence before seeing the Report Card on the Natural Family documentation and source links here, in alphabetical order:

See the evidence for NEWT GINGRICH »
See the evidence for RON PAUL »
See the evidence for MITT ROMNEY »

Thank you for standing with us for God’s non-negotiable Truth. For the sake of our land, please forward the evidence of our Report Card on the Natural Family to all your friends.