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Our take on California’s 10 props on the fall ballot

Saturday, July 6, 2024, 7:49 am | Randy Thomasson
After delaying a few days so that Newsom & Co.’s fake “crime bill” could get on the ballot (it didn’t), California’s Secretary of State late on July 3 assigned proposition numbers to the 10 measures officially on the November 2024 ballot.

Here’s your first look at them with SaveCalifornia.com’s draft descriptions (you’re going to really want to vote NO on Prop. 3 and really want to vote YES on Prop. 36):

NO Prop. 2 wasting more taxpayer money on the wasteful, dumbing down, politically-correct K-12 government schools and community colleges. This $10 BILLION bond would cost much more than that with high interest, and is more expensive than a direct tax.

NO Prop. 3 permitting polygamy, bigamy, child marriages, incestuous marriages (and even people-animal and people-object marriages) by superseding all marriage statutes with a very broad and subjective state constitutional amendment claiming a “fundamental right..to marry” whomever and whatever (the sky’s the limit). Prop. 3 won’t make any practical difference on same-sex “marriage,” yet by superseding all existing marriage definitions, standards, and limits, this radical constitutional amendment would open up “Pandora’s Box.”

NO Prop. 4 funding another lie-based, subsidization of environmental wacko groups via a $10 BILLION bond, costing even more with interest, more expensive than a direct tax.

NO Prop. 5 permitting higher property taxes (attacking Prop. 13 from 1978) by lowering the “vote threshold from 66.67% to 55% for local special taxes and bond measures to fund housing projects and public infrastructure.”

NO Prop. 6 calling it “slavery” to make prisoners do work they don’t wish to do.

NO Prop. 32 increasing the state minimum wage to $18/hr. for all California employees (killing even more jobs and businesses).

NO Prop. 33 permitting local governments to enact rent control (resulting in less available rental housing, as landlords seeking income sell their rental houses and duplexes).

YES Prop. 34 requiring the ultra-left-wing, politically-active AIDS Healthcare Foundation of Los Angeles “to spend 98% of revenues from the federal discount prescription drug program on direct patient care.”

NO Prop. 35 taxing health care providers to pay for government the California state government’s “Medi-Cal” program (further increasing insurance rates for the rest of us).

YES Prop. 36 increasing penalties for theft and fentanyl possession, and repealing the worst parts of Prop. 47 from 2014.

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone,
and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
John Adams, U.S. founding father and 2nd U.S. president

Do the math in California’s U.S. Senate contest

Saturday, February 17, 2024, 8:17 am | Randy Thomasson

SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes
and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

For the love of God and people created in His image, SaveCalifornia.com is reminding voters to do the hard math in California’s U.S. Senate contest. Because, in California’s “jungle primary,” only two candidates will advance to the general election. And every indication is that will be either be a Democrat and a Republican, or two Democrats.

If you don’t want the latter scenario, then the real question for California conservatives is: Is Republican Steve Garvey acceptable? That’s the question we unpack for you at our SaveCalifornia.com Pro-Family Election Center. Please visit and urge your friends to visit!

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it — lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.’ Or what king, going to make war against another king, does not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is still a great way off, he sends a delegation and asks conditions of peace.”
Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and God in the flesh, in Luke 14:28-32

The DeSantis-Newsom debate: A clear winner

Saturday, December 2, 2023, 7:36 am | Randy Thomasson

SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes
and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

At Nov. 30 debate between a moral Republican governor and an evil Democrat governor, California’s uber-liberal Democrat Gavin Newsom was exposed more than any of California’s Big Media ever tried to.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity did an admirable job showing factual slides that Newsom tried to wiggle out of, but each time he was “caught” by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and sometimes by Hannity too.

Some of Newsom’s biggest whoppers were:

Claiming “LGBT” indoctrination wasn’t required in California K-12 “public” schools: Yet there are 13 perversity-promoting laws for every government school, including charter schools. SaveCalifornia.com’s special site, RescueYourChild.com, lists 12 here and Newsom this summer signed AB 1078 teaching kids to admire “LGBTQ+ Americans.”

Refusing to say whether he supports any restrictions on abortion (baby-killing): Despite Newsom dancing all over the place and refusing to answer Sean Hannity’s direct questions, the horrible fact remains: Gavin Newsom and California’s Democrat Party legislators have passed many laws with zero abortion restrictions. This year, Newsom signed a raft of murderous bills expanding abortion throughout California law, trampling parental rights, and even offering taxpayer-funded abortions to residents of other states.

Blaming high gas prices on oil companies, when Democrat politicians are to blame: But the fact is California has the highest gas prices in the U.S. because it has the highest gas taxes (the consequences of Democrat rulers), higher gasoline regulations (it costs more to produce California-only blends), lower supply from within (the State greatly limits oil drilling), lower supply from without (the State isn’t permitting new pipelines from other states), and higher real estate prices (more depressing of the supply due to Democrats’ laws) and more expensive employees (job-killing socialism of the Democrat politicians).
SaveCalifornia.com covered the debate with live tweets on our Twitter/X page:
Thank you for reading this special SaveCalifornia.com report. Please consider sharing our information to educate others about the harm of Democrat Party policies in California.

“And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”
Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and God in the flesh, in John 3:19-21