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NEW ALERT: Oppose the still-bad AB 659 (Gardasil jabs)

Sunday, April 16, 2023, 5:31 pm | Randy Thomasson

If you want to prevent children and young adults from autoimmune injuries and worse, please act now — before Tuesday 1:30pm!

Because that’s when the April 12 amended version of AB 659 will be finally heard in the Democrat-controlled Assembly Health Committee.


Gardasil has injured and killed many. Yet Big Pharma Democrats are still pushing it.

As amended April 12, AB 659 falsely threatens pre-teens, teens, and college students by purporting “it is the public policy of the state” that you “are expected” to be jabbed with Gardasil — when these shots are not required.


SEC. 3. Section 120336 is added to the Health and Safety Code, to read:

(a) It is the public policy of the state that pupils are expected to be fully immunized against human papillomavirus (HPV) before admission or advancement to the 8th grade level of any private or public elementary or secondary school.
(b) Upon a pupil’s admission or advancement to the 6th grade level, the governing authority shall submit to the pupil and their parent or guardian a notification containing a statement about the state’s public policy described in subdivision (a) and advising that the pupil be fully immunized against HPV before admission or advancement to the 8th grade level.

SEC. 4. Section 120390 of the Health and Safety Code is amended to read:

The department, in consultation with the Trustees of the California State University, the Regents of the University of California, and the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, as applicable, shall adopt and enforce all regulations necessary to carry out this chapter.

SEC. 5. Section 120390.6 is added to the Health and Safety Code, to read:

120390.6. It is the public policy of the state that students who are 26 years of age or younger are expected to be fully immunized against human papillomavirus (HPV) before first-time enrollment at an institution of the California State University, the University of California, or the California Community Colleges.


Unless you live in a specific assemblymember’s district, DO NOT identify yourself or provide your location — otherwise your message will be “trashed.” So be strategically anonymous!

STEP 1: Leave anonymous voicemails for 7 Democrats on the committee
Tell them: “Oppose AB 659. The amended bill falsely claims risky Gardasil shots are mandated. Stop threatening children and young adults and lying to their families. Kill this bad bill.”

Carlos Villapudua 209-948-7479 | 916-319-2013
Brian Maienschein 858-675-0760 | 916-319-2076
Kevin McCarty 916-324-4676 | 916-319-2006
Freddie Rodriguez 909-902-9606 | 916-319-2053
Joaquin Arambula 559-445-5532 | 916-319-2031
Miguel Santiago 213-620-4646 | 916-319-2054
Tasha Boerner Horvath 760-434-7605 | 916-319-2077

STEP 2: Tell the committee’s 4 Republicans to speak up
Tell these Republicans: “In committee, you need to expose how AB 659 falsely claims to be a mandate, and how it threatens pre-teens, teens, and college students. Please speak up and fight to stop this bad bill.”

Marie Waldron 760-480-7570 | 916-319-2075
Heath Flora 209-599-2112 | 916-319-2009
Vince Fong 661-395-2995 | 916-319-2032
Joe Patterson 916-774-4430 | 916-319-2005

4th International Symposium on Vaccines in Germany (April 2016), Session 7: “Is There Objective Evidence that the Current HPV Vaccination Programs are not Justified?” (see video)
From the session’s conclusion:
Q: Is it ethical to put young women at risk of death or a disabling autoimmune disease at a pre-adolescent age for a vaccine that has not yet prevented a single case of cervical cancer, a disease that may develop 20-30 years after exposure to HPV, when the same can be prevented with regular Pap screening which carries no risks?
A: We don’t know if it can offer any long-term clinical benefit for a disease that is safely preventable through other methods.

Good and bad Republicans

Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 3:27 pm | Randy Thomasson

I have long advocated against voting for “any Republican.” Because when you compare a liberal Democrat to a liberal Republican, ONLY the “Republican” can destroy the Republican Party from within.

And that’s what’s happening in California, as wrongly-motivated Republican officeholders and leaders partner with evil. Because when one’s motives are money, position, power, and false significance, it’s all too easy be self-centered and “sell out” to the highest bidder.

What is a good Republican?

SaveCalifornia.com reported to you last month about the Republican-majority city council of Huntington Beach no longer flying the “LGBTQIA+ pride” flag. Because their new ordinance only permits government and military flags on city property. This is highly commendable and a role-model for Republican city councils throughout California.

And nationally, it’s encouraging that, so far, 8 states have prohibited or restricted transsexual surgeries or procedures for minors. Florida just joined Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Mississippi, where state legislatures have a Republican majority. Republicans who voted yes are real Republicans!

What is a bad Republican?

Even when Republicans are the minority, they should speak up to sway key Democrat legislators and to educate the public. Yet, sadly, that’s not the M.O. of “Republicans” in Sacramento:

1. Silent Republican assemblymembers: Last year, several high-profile anti-family bills narrowly passed the Assembly floor when zero Republicans spoke to expose them. This was despite their offices receiving expert talking points about these truly awful bills.

2. Freshman Republicans selling out in Sacramento: And here in 2023, of the 8 freshmen Republican assemblymembers, several have already voted against family values. Voting yes on child mutilation and eliminating a parent’s right to know (AB 223) were Republicans Diane Dixon and Bill Essayli, while Republican Kate Sanchez voted no. Voting yes to accuse sincerely-religious law enforcement candidates of “biased conduct” (AB 443), when their social media follows a “hate group” (which Leftists call pro-family organizations in favor of Creator God’s design for marriage, sex, and family) were Republicans Juan Alanis and Tom Lackey. Coauthoring ACA 5 to put “marriage equality” on the ballot was Republican Greg Wallis. So far, half of the new Republicans – the RINOs — are selling out!

3. Anti-family, then “pro-family,” then anti-family: On Sunday, March 12, at the California Republican Party convention, 70% of the delegates voted to fully embrace (permanently charter) the “LGBTQIA+”- agenda “Log Cabin Republicans” (founded in 1977 to advocate for homosexual teachers). Eyewitnesses saw Assemblyman Bill Essayli of Riverside County stand and speak in support of honoring and embracing this anti-family group.

The following day, Monday, March 13, Essayli held a district news conference to publicize his amended bill, AB 1314, to require public schools to inform parents in writing if a child “identifies” as “transgender.” Yet the very next day, Tuesday, March 14, Essayli voted yes in committee for the Democrats’ AB 223 to push aside parents by requiring secrecy for minors seeking a legal change of “gender identity.” So he’s against secret “transitions” at school, but OK with them in court?

By advocating for the “LGBTQIA+” agenda at the GOP convention and in committee, Essayli has shown his true colors. His legislation to notify parents of their child’s “transgender” identity won’t survive a Democrat-run committee, but his vote for secret “transitions” in court will likely pass the Democrat-controlled Legislature. “Republican games” like this are sickening, aren’t they?

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”
Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and God in the flesh, in Matthew 6:24

MAM’MON, noun Riches; wealth; or the god of riches.
Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828

We were all in the womb once

Saturday, January 21, 2023, 6:33 pm | Randy Thomasson

Roe v. Wade has been overturned nationally — but California is, and has become all the more so, the USA’s abortion capital.

Proposition 1, California’s new state constitutional amendment, is actually worse than Roe. Also in 2022, Newsom & the Democrat legislators passed more than a dozen new laws to kill even more babies.

This is energizing California’s murder spree. It seems that for years to come, California will continue its infamy as the United States’ “abortion leader.”

Sad stats: According to 2020 estimates, 16.6% of all U.S. abortions occur in California, 19.2% of California women have aborted at least one of their children, and 26.9% of California pregnancies end in abortion.

Sunday, January 22 marks a half century since, via Roe, our nation spit in the face of God and legalized the murder of innocent babies. In this pro-life season, I encourage you to honor Creator God by showing others the truth about precious human beings, the most vulnerable among us.

To open more eyes, please share with others these amazing pictures of babies inside their mothers’ wombs:

“I’m adopted, and my biological mother was 17, and so was my biological father. She was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she decided to go to Planned Parenthood, which is the largest abortion provider in the world. And they counseled her to have a late-term saline abortion, which is a saline salt solution that is injected into the mother’s womb, the baby gulps that solution, it burns the baby inside and out, and then she’s to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours. And to everyone’s great shock and surprise, I didn’t arrive dead, but alive on April the 6th, 1977, in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic. What’s fantastic about this — about the perfect timing of my arrival — is that the abortionist was not on duty yet. So he wasn’t even given the opportunity to continue on with his plan for my life — which was death.”
Gianna Jessen’s 2008 speech in Australia