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Which of Newsom’s unconstitutional bill signings can be struck down?

Saturday, October 1, 2022, 2:47 pm | Randy Thomasson

By the end of his September 30 signing deadline, tyrannical Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom had signed hundreds of foolish, unconstitutional, and downright evil bills.

I’m reporting this not to depress you, but so you become so concerned that you’ll share this information with your friends and reasonable acquaintances, so they’ll become energized to vote this election.

While the final week of bill signings saw Newsom’s vetoes of two big, anti-parent bills — SB 70 and AB 1940 (he vetoed them because of their huge, ongoing costs), he signed the rest of the anti-parent bills, and many unconstitutional bills.

Here are the big ones that could and should be struck down:

AB 587 pressures social media companies to censor speech the Democrat-controlled government doesn’t like, such as, the truth about “Covid vaccines,” the harm of the “LGBTQIA+” agenda, the reality of election fraud, and the facts about life in the womb. AB 587 actually forces online platforms to report to the government whether they are blocking “Hate speech or racism,” “Extremism or radicalization,” “Disinformation or misinformation,” and, if so, how. These subjective terms are designed to censor your free speech, but the supporters of AB 587 think they can avoid constitutional scrutiny by forcing social media platforms to do their dirty work. Yet their fingerprints are all over this attack on the First Amendment. The larger conservative or free-speech-supporting platforms, such as Gab, Telegram, Truth Social, Rumble, Gettr, and Frank Speech should sue in federal court to repel this unconstitutional attack upon them and us.

AB 1797 will create a statewide vaccine registry, mandating most Californians’ vaccine status and “race and ethnicity” be reported to the government by “health care providers and other agencies, including schools, childcare facilities, family childcare homes, and county human services agencies.” AB 1797 is ripe for both a state and federal lawsuit, because it violates the California State Constitution’s explicit right to privacy. There’s even a California Supreme Court ruling from 1975 prohibiting any surveillance of Californians when there’s no suspected illegal activity. In addition, there’s California’s voter-approved prohibition of racial preferences (Proposition 209 from 1996). There are also federal medical privacy laws.

AB 2098 will punish doctors who have studied and tell their patients the facts about Covid (the non-threat of the “variants,”) the efficacy of natural and traditional therapeutics, and the risk of injury and death from the unsafe “Covid vaccines.” Because AB 2098 tramples medical ethics, informed consent, and the doctor-patient relationship, it must be sued and struck down in federal court. Specifically, AB 2098 infringes on the fundamental guarantee of freedom of speech in the U.S. and California constitutions. And professionally, it destroys the ethic of a second opinion — when a doctor disagrees with another doctor or even differs from so-called “consensus.”

AB 2223 permitting the killing of already-born infants and toddlers by prohibiting and punishing investigations by authorities of deaths occurring during the “perinatal period” (which a world-renowned child development authority said extends “18 to 24 months after the birth of the child.” This infanticide bill AB 2223 deserves a federal lawsuit based on the 14th Amendment‘s guarantee that States cannot “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Who are the constitutional California district attorneys and sheriff-coroners who will sue AB 2223 on its face?

AB 2229 will discriminate against law enforcement officer candidates (police officers, sheriff’s deputies, California Highway Patrol officers) who are practicing Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and conservative Jews. As the Legislative Counsel describes AB 2229: “Existing law requires peace officers in this state to meet specified minimum standards, including, among other requirements, that peace officers be evaluated by a physician and surgeon or psychologist and found to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. This bill would require that evaluation to include bias against race or ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.” According to current California law: “Sexual orientation” means heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality … “Gender” means sex, and includes a person’s gender identity and gender expression. “Gender expression” means a person’s gender-related appearance and behavior whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.” AB 2229 needs to be sued in federal court by law enforcement candidates who will be, or have been, discriminated against because of their religious values, on the strength of the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act.

SB 107 empowers “LGBTQIA+” activists to legally kidnap and mutilate kids. If parents in other states want to help their boys or girls overcome sexual confusion, “LGBTQIA+” groups will scheme to bring these children to California, then their attorneys will go to court and use SB 107 to give California “jurisdiction” over the children, and then California tax-funded hormone injections and “sex change” surgeries will follow. “Counseling” is part of this process, during which SB 107 will convince biological girls they’re “boys” and biological boys they’re “girls” (SB 107 calls this “gender-affirming mental health care”), then the hormone injections and irreversible “sex change” operations (which SB 107 calls “gender-affirming health care”) will follow. Federal lawsuits should be filed by state attorney generals in Republican states for this blatant violation of parental consent laws and other laws in their states. And it might require the U.S. Supreme Court to deliver a clarifying parental rights decision.

Other anti-parent bills that were signed — SB 1184, SB 1419, and SB 1479 — probably have no lawsuit potential (unless SCOTUS delivers a crystal-clear parental decision that California parents can use to regain their rights).

Religious hospitals might become exempt from SB 923‘s tyrannical transsexual indoctrination of health care providers if they sue and win in federal court on religious-freedom grounds. But pro-abortion bills, such as SB 1375 permitting nurses to kill pre-born babies and the 11 other pro-abortion bills Newsom signed, will survive all legal challenges because pro-abortion Democrat and RINO governors have built an unconstitutional, pro-abortion California Supreme Court, which callously guards “abortion rights.”

Overall, Newsom signed 997 bills this year, which were from Democrat authors or Democrat committees around 90% of the time.

One of his worst vetoes was of a Republican bill that Democrat-run committees actually passed, a bill to limit the governor’s emergency powers. Newsom arrogantly vetoed it.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

Proverbs 29:2

Because of the transgression of a land, many are its princes;
But by a man of understanding and knowledge
Right will be prolonged.

Proverbs 28:2

The Democrats are attacking you and the ‘Republicans’ won’t fight for you

Sunday, September 4, 2022, 2:10 pm | Randy Thomasson

SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

The California State Legislature ended its 2021-2022 session late August 31 — and the results aren’t pretty.

More than any year, Democrat legislators are attacking your God-given liberties and constitutional rights, acting as if everything you own is theirs.

Also more than ever, Republican state legislators aren’t fighting to protect you. Frankly, it’s the worst crop of Republicans I’ve seen since arriving in Sacramento in 1993. Because, this summer in the State Assembly, Republicans were silent on nearly all moral issues.

I’m reporting this to you because you deserve to know why awful bills passed — why Gavin Newsom has received bills to permit infanticide, trample religious freedom, squash free speech, impose more medical tyranny, and steal more money and property from responsible citizens.

These wicked bills passing wasn’t your fault or my fault or God’s fault. No, it was the fault of evil Democrats and silent Republicans. Because this election year, when legislators are running in newly-drawn districts, and when more people have awoken to the pain caused by Democrat tyrants, many bad bills could have been stopped if the minority Republicans had stood and exposed them in the 80-member Assembly, the house we targeted.

We had to try to stop the Covid tyranny bills, anti-parent bills, and anti-free-speech bills. Because these unpopular Democrat overreaches were indeed stoppable. There were enough vulnerable Democrats, along with those who had personal concerns about the excesses of Democrat bosses. Yet it was up to Assembly Republicans to expose what the bad bills actually do, thus scaring or educating enough Democrats to abstain.

That’s how some other bad Democrat bills were killed this session — when Republican stood, spoke, and exposed them for what they were. But the 19 Assembly Republicans didn’t care enough to do that on horrible bills attacking your moral and social values.

We could have won with three “armies.” Yet, despite our advice, the in-house pro-parent groups lobbied only against one bill, SB 866, to the exclusion of the other anti-parent bills. And the Assembly Republicans were self-centeredly mute. So the two other armies that were needed (to join SaveCalifornia.com’s army in defeating these stoppable bills) didn’t materialize.

This was despite SaveCalifornia.com distributing expert analyses to 19 Assembly Republicans and 30+ deciding-vote Democrats: AB 2098 (8/29) | AB 2223 (8/29) | SB 1419 (8/29) | SB 866/SB 1184/SB 1419/SB 1479/AB 1940 (8/15) | No more Covid mandates (8/15) | AB 2223 (5/24) | AB 1797 (5/24) | AB 2098 (5/23)

Therefore, the worst anti-family, tyrannical bills passed the Assembly (our “killing fields”), often on very close votes (takes 41 yes votes to pass bills). Think how these bills could have been defeated if Assembly Republicans had spoken up to expose their harms:

AB 1940 pushing promiscuity, abortion, risky vaccines, mind-altering drugs, and “sex changes” on children via “school-based clinics” behind parents’ backs
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 1:26:55)

AB 1797 dividing Californians with a statewide database tracking “vaccination status”
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 2:22:30)

AB 2098 punishing doctors who know and say the facts about Covid — attacking medical ethics, informed consent, and the doctor-patient relationship
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 6:00:27)

AB 2223 permitting infanticide by prohibiting and punishing infant death investigations
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 4:50:26

SB 70 eliminating parental choice on kindergarten and mandating it instead, taking children away from their parents all the earlier
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 2:30:54)

SB 1018 invading online privacy and censoring constitutional, conservative voices of truth
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 6:30:49)

SB 1184 letting health insurers disclose children’s records to government schools and county governments, without parental consent
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 2:09:12 

SB 1419 eliminating parental rights to see all of their children’s medical records
Passed when no Republicans stood and spoke to expose it (see video at 4:21:24

If you watch entire Assembly floor sessions, you’ll witness 19 Republicans’ silence on most Democrat bills. They might call it their “ethic” of being liked, comfortable, or safe. But you and I know it’s a big, big problem.

Need more evidence Republican assemblymembers no longer speak on moral issues? See their silence on even the most extreme “LGBTQIA+” and abortion expansion bills:

SB 107 enabling out-of-state children to get California ‘sex changes’ (Wiener)
Assembly floor, August 29: Watch at 2:46:10 

SB 1142 building a State of California abortion services website telling out-of-state women where and how to abort their babies here (Caballero), Assembly floor, August 29: Watch at 3:41:22

Republicans don’t hold enough seats to win in the 80-member Assembly, so their voices are worth more than their votes. Is a silent Republican a useless Republican? When they’re in the minority, I say yes.

Now you know why the battle against most of the tyrannical bills was lost in August. And while it might be too late for this year, you and I need to elect — not RINOs, not silent, selfish seat-warmers — but constitutional fighters who always speak against evil.

Thank you for your phone calls, your donations, and your prayers the first eight months of 2022. Please continue with SaveCalifornia.com as, together, we fight for truth and shine our lights in California. We’re pursuing some vetoes right now and hope you’ll participate. And we have much to do to get out the vote of moral Californians this important election!

I’ll end with some real victories. Demonstrating the great potential for defeating Democrat overreach by exposing its harm, there WERE several awful bills stopped this legislative session. Bad and unpopular Democrat bills that were “shelved” by their authors include SB 866 (eliminating parental consent on teen vaccines), SB 871 (eliminating personal and religious exemptions for the “Covid vaccine”), SB 1464 (defunding law enforcement unless they agree to be the “vaccine police”), AB 1993 (requiring California workers be injected with the unneeded, risky “Covid vaccine”), SB 920 (punishing good doctors, violating patient privacy), and AB 1400 (giving government control over your medical treatment). These are definite wins!

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
The Bible, Ephesians 5:11

ASSEMBLY FLOOR ALERT: Call the Republicans on SB 866

Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 8:05 pm | Randy Thomasson
Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley of Rocklin drills SB 866’s author, Democrat Senator Scott Weiner, with numerous questions at the June 1 committee hearing.


You want the bad news first, or the good news?

I’m going to give you the bad news first, because the good news is better. Today, the horrible anti-family bill, SB 866, which would eliminate parental consent for “vaccines” for children as young as 12 years old, passed the Democrat-controlled Assembly Judiciary Committee and was sent to the Assembly floor. This committee passage was expected — and “fixed” — by the Democrat majority, which fast-tracked this awful bill by referring it to only one committee, their most liberal one.

But the good news is 2 of 3 Republicans spoke against SB 866 in committee, and one Democrat — Brian Maienschein of north San Diego County — voted no. What’s more, Jordan Cunningham, a “moderate” Republican from San Luis Obispo County, voted no, instead of abstaining, which has been his habit on too many controversial bills.

Stop and realize this means we have a greater chance of defeating SB 866 on the Assembly floor. Remember, last Thursday, May 26, we lost by narrow margins on two medical tyranny bills (AB 2098 and AB 1797) and the infanticide bill (AB 2223) — because Republicans did not raise their voices to expose what these bills would really do.

What’s changed since then? First, outraged California conservatives have been “spanking” Republican members for not speaking last week (so has SaveCalifornia.com). Then, our May 30 alert on SB 866 urged you to tell the Judiciary Committee Republicans, “Speak out against SB 866 — expose this bad bill.” Thank you for your calls — because today, we saw two of the three Republicans — Kiley and Davies — do just that!

So yes, we can win this on the Assembly floor. Remember too that SB 866, which tramples your God-given parental rights, initially failed by 1 vote before passing by 1 vote. Being that close was historic — and should make us all pursue defeating this hellish bill!

Parental rights is definitely a crossover issue, which is why 2 Democrat state senators voted no and 8 Democrat state senators abstained. And we’ve got a better chance to win on the Assembly floor — if Republican assemblymembers speak out this time.

You can help Republicans speak up, as they should. Believe SB 866 can be stopped on the Assembly floor and you’ll make them believe it too!

Republican Assemblywoman Laurie Davies of Laguna Niguel told SB 866’s anti-parental-rights author. homosexual activist Scott Wiener, that her parents had medical consent for her, so did his parents, and parental rights exist to protect children.

Today’s June 1 committee hearing was a success in further “wounding” and “dragging down” SB 866. Again, the best success was the two Republicans energetically speaking out and challenging SB 866 author Scott Weiner of San Francisco.

Remember, with SB 866, parents won’t even know if their children are being manipulated, coerced, or bribed into baring their arm for a shot they don’t need and you don’t want. And how are 12-year-olds going to remember their medical history, and whether they’re susceptible to adverse reactions? And what if they have an adverse reaction — and the parent doesn’t know what caused it? SB 866 eliminates parental rights, at a time when parents are needed to provide “guardrails” against profit-motivated Big Pharma.

Talking points: “The age of 12 is too young for medical consent”

Why take action now? Simply put, on radical bills like these, Republicans’ voices are their own “secret weapon.” By speaking out strongly on the Assembly floor, they can actually pull away enough nervous Democrats to stop SB 866 in its tracks! If they had done so last week, we could have defeated medical tyranny and infanticide bills.

PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: Because SB 866 could come up for a vote as soon as the afternoon of Monday, June 6 on the floor of the California Assembly!

1. Call your own state assemblymember, whether they’re Republican or Democrat. Tell your Republican assemblymember you want him or her to “oppose and speak against and fight against SB 866 — don’t be silent on the Assembly floor!” Tell your Democrat assemblymember you want them to “Don’t attack parents — don’t eliminate parental rights on teen and pre-teen vaccinations. Children cannot give informed consent or be responsible for knowing their risks beforehand or dealing with problems after an injection. Oppose SB 866!” 
Find your own assemblymember’s website and office numbers here.

2. Leave anonymous voicemails (unless the assemblymember is yours) after hours Wednesday and Thursday 7pm to 8am for all 19 Assembly Republicans. Tell them: “Please speak against SB 866 on the Assembly floor. This horrible bill eliminates parental rights for children as young as 12 years old. Raise your microphone and speak up for parental rights and protecting children!”

Megan Dahle 916-319-2001 and 530-223-6300 and 530-265-0701
James Gallagher 916-319-2003 and 530-895-4217
Frank Bigelow 916-319-2005 and 209-267-0500 and 559-673-0501
Kevin Kiley 916-319-2006 and 916-774-4430
Heath Flora 916-319-2012 and 209-599-2112
Jim Patterson 916-319-2023 and 559-446-2029
Devon Mathis 916-319-2026 and 559-636-3440
Thurston Smith 916-319-2033 and 760-244-5277
Vince Fong 916-319-2034 and 661 395-2995
Jordan Cunningham 916-319-2035 and 805-549-3381
Tom Lackey 916-319-2036 and 661-267-7636
Suzette Valladares 916-319-2038 and 661-286-1565
Phillip Chen 916-319-2055 and 714-529-5502
Kelly Seyarto 916-319-2067 and 951-894-1232
Steven Choi 916-319-2068 and 714-665-6868
Randy Voepel 916-319-2071 and 619-258-7737
Janet Nguyen 916-319-2072 and 714-843-4966
Laurie Davies 916-319-2073 and 949-240-7300
Marie Waldron 916-319-2075 and 760-480-7570

Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!
Creator God speaking to His servant, Moses, in Deuteronomy 5:29