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You voted, now call and email Sacramento to “cut the waste”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 5:24 pm |

On the heels of California voters rejecting higher taxes, more debt, more dysfunction, and false reforms, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislative leaders are sitting down all this week to consider what to do now.

California voters’ “no new taxes” message at the ballot box was heard loud and clear. But Schwarzenegger and especially the Democrat legislators need to hear from you again, this time to persuade them to eliminate a mountain of waste and dysfunction, instead of borrowing and caving to pressure from the union bosses who got them elected in the first place.

It’s urgent you tell them that instead of releasing criminals into communities, instead of raiding local government funds, and instead of borrowing billions from the Obama Administration (which would place all Americans into more debt), you want them to eliminate tens of billions of dollars of disgusting government waste each and every year starting right now.

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: Call and email Governor Schwarzenegger and your California state legislators.

It’s important that you act now to tell them what to do. All this week, Schwarzenegger and the others, making up “The Big Five,” are meeting to decide a right, wrong or muddled direction.

Meanwhile, a Democrat-dominated committee is meeting to come up with their own “solutions.” Unless they receive a flood of challenge and direction from you and your friends, California’s foolish government may try to get billions in loans from President Obama. This will only make the spending and borrowing problem worse!

Also, you might have noticed that the morning after the election, the California Citizens Compensation Committee, which sets salaries for state officers and state legislators, voted to cut the average legislator pay from $116,208 to $95,291. This was good public relations for the Schwarzenegger-stacked committee, but nothing to get excited about.

California families need much more than this. The legislator pay cut won’t take place until December 2010. And the overall savings will be less than $3 million, a drop in the bucket compared to the $21.3 billion deficit hole that our tax-and-spend Legislature has dug for the fiscal year starting next month.

Obviously, the way to get out of debt and even grow a healthy surplus is to eliminate tens of billions of dollars per year in government waste. SaveCalifornia.com has sent our 10 recommendations to the Governor and every state legislator.

Your calls and emails will help them take notice. Please take action right now.

Don’t let scare tactics push you into supporting bad propositions

Monday, May 18, 2009, 5:48 pm |

Everytime money is on the ballot – especially your money – it seems that big-government unions and big-government supporters threaten to take away our police service, fire protection and parks unless a massive tax hike or government borrowing binge is approved.

The latest is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been going up and down California urging voters to approve his and the Legislature’s tax-raising, debt-increasing, fake-reform propositions. Schwarzenegger says failure to approve Props. 1A through 1F will be “devastating” to emergency rooms, fire departments, and public school teachers.

But don’t be fooled. There are TENS OF BILLIONS of unnecessary government spending that can be slashed EACH AND EVERY YEAR. Money to completely erase the budget deficit and much, much more could be “found” if Schwarzenegger, the majority Democrats and the minority Republicans would target the waste.

SaveCalifornia.com has identified 10 ways to cut tens of billions in government waste in California. Once you realize all the fat that can and should be cut, send these solutions to your state legislators. Challenge them to cut the fat and flush the waste now, and stop forcing hard-working families to foot the bill for a disgustingly wasteful government.

But first, vote NO on Propositions 1A through 1F. Don’t be fooled by the Legislature’s last-gasp effort to live in fantasyland and to make you pay. Voting NO on Tuesday, May 19 will be a well-deserved rebuke to Schwarzenegger and the Legislature, who wrongly raised taxes on families. Visit the SaveCalifornia.com Election Center.

Up to 82% of HIV transmissions are due to homosexuality, bisexuality

Friday, May 15, 2009, 5:38 pm |

We have to tell people the truth, especially when others won’t. In our May 14 news release we reported that “homosexual and bisexual behavior causes up to 82 percent of all HIV transmissions in California.” 

Here’s a closer look at these figures gleaned from the March 2009 AIDS Surveillance Report issued by the Office of AIDS in the California Department of Public Health:  

Exposure Category: Adult/Adolescent Transmission Modes

  66%  homosexuality (“men who have sex with men”)
  +7%  homosexuality (“men who have sex with men and inject drugs”) 
  +9%  bisexuality (called “heterosexual contact,” this is mostly heterosexual
             women having sex with HIV-infected bisexual men)
= Up to 82% of HIV transmission in California are spread by homosexual and bisexual conduct

The facts are facts. For the love of people, to protect them from disease and early death, no politician, educator or media outlet should ever advocate the homosexual lifestyle.