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Lodi religious freedom rally a success

Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 11:21 pm |

RALLY PHOTOS: See snapshots of the historic August 5 rally for religious freedom in Lodi, California.

ALERT: Take a moment to email the five Lodi City councilmembers. Urge them to restore the policy allowing pastors to pray in Jesus’ name at council meetings.
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VIDEO: Pro-and-con prayer testimony before the Lodi City Council: The public comments on prayer begin 30 minutes into the video. Speakers include liberal pastor who’s OK with banning Jesus, an atheist, two Christians, a Buddhist who wants to ban Jesus’ name, and a Bible-believing pastor who wants to pray in Jesus’ name. I speak at 44 minutes in and Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt speaks at 48 minutes in. It’s worth watching.

BLOG: My account of the Lodi “Stand Up for Jesus” rally on Aug. 5

It was probably 1000 to 30.

Pro-religious freedom activists and supporters of praying in Jesus’ name heavily outnumbered athiests Wednesday night in Lodi, California.

It felt really good to see all the people. Most were from Lodi and nearby communities. But some came longer distances — from Salinas, the Bay Area, and as far as Orange and Riverside counties!

All were men and women who wanted to stand up for Jesus. Their voices for Jesus and religious freedom and against the city’s prohibition of council prayers against Jesus were heard loud and clear. Thank you to everyone who prioritized coming and taking a stand.

All the TV and radio and newspapers from Sacramento, Lodi and Stockton were there. I did a few media interviews, but mostly talked with reporters off-camera.

My goal was to give them constitutional and legal documentation proving that the U.S. Constitution and even the U.S. Supreme Court say the federal, state and local governments can allow pastors to deliver prayers to open or close public meetings.

It was a joy talking with principled people. How fragrant to connect deeply and spiritually with people who share moral values!

Speaking to the entire crowd from the podium was a privilege. The people were very responsive to hearing the Founding Fathers’ vision for religious freedom across America.

After the rally, Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt and I went into the city council chambers and spoke directly to the city’s elected leaders.  While the anti-Jesus city attorney squirmed, we explained point by point why prayers, and especially prayers in Jesus’ name, are good and proper and completely constitutional.

The City Council announced it would have a special hearing and vote on September 30 on the prayer issue. With your help, SaveCalifornia.com will work, fight and pray to reverse the City of Lodi’s bad policy of prohibiting prayers in Jesus’ name. Stay tuned!