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Lying, cheating, ‘gay’ Roy Ashburn should resign

Monday, March 8, 2010, 12:31 pm |

ACTION: Call Roy Ashburn’s office at 916-651-4018 or email him and demand that he resign. Even if you’re told he has voted pro-family in the past, he is untrustworthy now. Also call  your California state senator and state assemblymember and tell them to urge Roy Ashburn to resign. Find their contact information.

Now he’s completely “out.” Monday morning on the radio, Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield said “I’m gay.”

But Roy Ashburn is mistaken. No one is “gay” because the so-called “gay gene” does not exist. What’s more, there are thousands of Americans who formerly engaged in homosexual behavior who have gotten help and have left their unnatural lifestyle behind.

Should Ashburn resign? Yes, he should. His lying, cheating ways have boiled over and the public’s trust has been shattered.

For all these reasons combined, Ashburn must go:

• He swore to uphold the law, then broke the law and endangered others by driving drunk.
• He vowed to be faithful to his wife, then broke his vows when he chose homosexuality over his marriage.
• He signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, then broke his pledge in 2009 when he voted in favor of the biggest tax increase in state history.
• He repeatedly lied to people who asked him to honestly tell them whether he was living the homosexual lifestyle.
• Now that he has openly identified with the “LGBT” lifestyle, Ashburn is dramatically out of step with his constituents, has lost their trust, and is in danger of voting against their conservative family values.

Demonstrating himself to be self-serving, Ashburn has proven himself untrustworthy as a public servant. He should resign.

Background: Ashburn’s Alleged ‘Double Life’ Questioned after DUI Arrest