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Democrat politicians pass higher taxes and fees

Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 10:26 pm |

Well, they did it. The Democrats that control the California Legislature have approved additional taxes and fees upon taxed-to-the-max California families.

And they did it just to ensure they wouldn’t lose a day’s pay under a new, voter-approved rule punishing legislators for late budget. Well, now a budget’s on time, but it’s bad. That’s obvious to State Capitol watchers, including veteran Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters, who writes, “Did Democratic legislators accomplish anything on the state budget crisis Wednesday other than protect their paychecks? Probably not.”

If Democrat Governor Jerry Brown signs this “sham” budget, which contains no structural reform, you will have to endure:

A quarter-cent increase in the sales tax you pay
A $12 surchage on your annual Vehicle License Fee or car tax
A new sales tax on every online purchase you make
A $150 fee each year on property owners in approx. 1/3 of the state (areas where the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection provides fire services)

This is an obvious disappointment because the abnormally-high state sales tax was scheduled to decrease one full percentage point, and the very high Vehicle License Fee (car tax) scheduled to be reduced by nearly half, on July 1. Instead, two weeks from now, the sales tax will decrease by three-quarters of a percent, the car tax will decrease but have a new surcharge for you to pay, and most Californians will either be paying more taxes through their online purchases or with “fire protection fees” that are redundant with state and county taxes.

Overall, if this bad budget is signed, you will be paying lower taxes overall than you did under the massive tax-and-fee hikes imposed back in February 2009, which are set to expire. Yet because of the Democrat politicians’ irresponsibility, foolishness, and thievery, you are still going to pay hundreds of dollars per year in new taxes. The Democrat legislators couldn’t stand losing a day’s pay under the new rule, so they’re punishing California families and individuals instead.

Take Action: Call Governor Jerry Brown first thing in the morning at 916-445-2841. Leave your message urging him to “Veto the higher taxes and fees. Let the people vote like you promised.”

SaveCalifornia.com and others were successful in lobbying Republican state legislators not to support higher taxes and fees. So be glad about that and pray to God that expected lawsuits are also successful. And tell people you know about the Democrat money grab. Here’s our SaveCalifornia.com news release issued earlier today:

June 15, 2011

Response of SaveCalifornia.com President Randy Thomasson
to the Democrats’ tax and fee hikes

Sacramento, California — In response to today’s passing of additional tax and fee hikes by the Democrat-controlled California Legislature, Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, a non-profit, non-partisan statewide organization that promotes moral virtues for the common good, released the following statement:

“Hard-working Californians who love their families now have another reason to be disgusted with their state government. The Democrats’ budget takes more money from people who earned it — just so these politicians won’t miss a day’s pay. Californians are witnessing corruption, and have more reason than ever to oppose corrupt politicians. I hope lawsuits to enforce the two-thirds vote on taxes and fees are successful, because this blatant money-grab needs to be struck down.”

SaveCalifornia.com has identified tens of billions in government waste, and for the last several months has been calling on concerned Californians to demand an end to tax and fee hikes.

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How children were brainwashed with Harvey Milk’s agenda

Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 6:08 pm |

Please read this shocking and true account of what happened to highschooler Lauren, in the name of notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

Here’s the email SaveCalifornia.com received on Monday, May 23 at 4:14 p.m.: You were right our daughter was told she had to attend a gay straight alliance rally to honor Harvey Milk at Moreno Valley High School. She shared she was a christian with the teacher and only after she saw Lauren was clearly upset about going to this rally did she issue her a hall pass. She was persecuted by another student but made it out of the class . I picked her up and she was very upset. How many other Christians were forced to go to this rally? Parents Stand and teach your children to. God Bless and thank you for your work with save California — Deanna Aguirre, Moreno Valley (provided with permission)

I was saddened, by not surprised, to read Deanna’s message. Even though this concerned mother didn’t hear in time about our boycott of “Harvey Milk Gay Day,” she’s now found SaveCalifornia.com and has signed up for our email updates. Keep reading to find out how “Harvey Milk Gay Day” played out at her daughter’s school.

16-year-old Lauren’s account of sexual brainwashing in public school

Harvey Milk “education” during the past two weeks is only the tip of the iceberg of perverse indoctrination happening all over California. Moreno Valley is a conservative area, consistently sending Riverside County Republicans to serve in the state legislature and U.S. Congress. Yet, because this sexual brainwashing is based on state laws, it’s a mandate on all California K-12 government schools, no matter the neighborhood or community. This is despite all the evidence that homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy.

I talked with Deanna’s 16-year-old daughter, Lauren, about the Harvey Milk takeover at the government high school she attends. She told me the following:

When she walked into her U.S. History class Monday, May 23, she saw the words “Gay-Straight Alliance Assembly — Harvey Milk” on the blackboard. Her teacher, obviously a pro-homosexuality agenda sympathizer, told Lauren and every other student walking in to go to the assembly. Lauren protested, but the teacher didn’t listen to her at first. Lauren again said she didn’t want to go, and finally the teacher exempted her, but only her.

Lauren got out of that one, but her fellow students were corralled into the brainwashing assembly, like cattle going to slaughter, where the homosexual sponsor of the on-campus Gay-Straight Alliance told them how they must support the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda of Harvey Milk. Later, a Muslim classmate told Lauren she wished she had refused to go to the assembly too.

But three days earlier, it was even worse for Lauren. On Friday, May 20,  in her English class taught by the same homosexual teacher who would lead the Harvey Milk assembly, Lauren was made to read out loud to the class an all-positive, one-page biography of Harvey Milk. Lauren’s mother says the teacher seems to pick on her because he knows she’s a Christian.

Then, the teacher turned off the lights and played several minutes of the R-rated Milk film, which showed two homosexual men in bed together. “I wanted to leave so bad,” Lauren told me. Then, to top off this Harvey Milk “commemorative exercise,” the homosexual activist teacher handed out “Milk Duds” candy, apparently trying to attach a pleasurable sense to his perverse teaching.

Trampling parental rights

Parents, realize there was NO advance parental notification of this happening or the opportunity to opt out your children. Even more, realize there was no parent permission sought, no opt-in form to sign. No, Harvey Milk sexual indoctrination, and other sexual indoctrination implemented, because of other perverse laws are being done behind parents’ backs and despite parents’ objections.

Realize that these “Gay-Straight Alliances” (GSAs are homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda clubs) are at many California public high schools (see the list). In May, they actively promoted the perverse Harvey Milk in public schools.

In addition to government schools nationwide having to permit GSA clubs (as long as any other non-curricular clubs are allowed), every California K-12 government school is under a state mandate to sexually indoctrinate children. See the list of these immoral California laws.

What you must do

Because of the raft of mandatory “LGBTIQ” laws — as well as “school options” such as “Harvey Milk Day” and “Day of Silence” — children left in California’s government school system WILL be sexually indoctrinated. You won’t be notified and they certainly won’t ask your permission. Time for a reality check. The only reliable way to opt your child out of this garbage is to permanently opt out of the government school system.

Parents, you must wake up and embrace the truth. Sexual indoctrination is just part of why government schools have become so bad in the last generation. See the list of problems facing every child in California public schools.

I challenge you to put on faith and love. In the face of this clear and present danger, you can choose to provide your child the stronger academics, moral values, character development, better socialization, physical safety, and flexible schedule provided by homeschooling. Be encouraged that homeschooling is simpler than ever, with inexpensive curriculum packages that do most of the teaching. And many parents are learning how to prioritize and afford a church school education. Discover how today at our special website, RescueYourChild.com.

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.
Martin Luther, Protestant Reformer