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Recall math: How to get a good governor

Saturday, May 1, 2021, 11:38 am | Randy Thomasson

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Do you want a good governor again?

Given the qualification of Gavin Newsom Recall petition signatures, the evidence of tremendous harm done by this governor to California families, and the fact that Newsom is a true Democrat reflecting the unconstitutional insanity of his party, a constitutional, good governor will be the opposite of Newsom.

In the expected Fall 2021 recall election, Ballot 1 will be yes or no on firing Newsom, and Ballot 2 will be all the candidates who want to replace him as governor. And on the second ballot, the candidate receiving the most votes (a plurality) will win.

Which presents a challenge for California conservatives, since there is a leading liberal “Republican,” who’s a former big-city mayor, on Ballot 2. This “socially liberal” man, who’s marched in “LGBTQIA+” parades and supported awarding U.S. citizenship to illegal aliens, has already received the most endorsements of Republican state legislators. Did they know what they were endorsing?

Therefore, the only way to elect a true conservative is for California conservatives to rally behind the strongest conservative. Remember, a constitutional, good governor is someone you can trust to veto ALL the bad bills the Democrat-controlled State Legislature puts on his desk.

The problem is real, because with multiple “conservatives” running, they’re apt to split the conservative vote, which would propel the liberal “Republican” to victory. Consider the 2003 recall election, when liberal “Republican” Arnold Schwarzenegger deceived many conservatives (he signed bills imposing school sexual indoctrination and gave Californians a big tax hike and the elimination of party primaries).

Let’s do the math. Consider a scenario where two conservative candidates receive 30% and 25%. But the split conservative vote (totaling 55%) hands the victory to the liberal “Republican,” who wins with 35%. So, if you don’t want kick yourself later, calculate correctly now. If you want a constitutional, good governor, you can’t split conservative voters, and you must only support the leading conservative candidate (so he can be the top vote-getter). Because the hard math tells us minor conservative candidates will only help the liberal “Republican” win, by draining votes from the leading conservative.

Some of you want to know how I’ll vote. Well, I can tell you my standards for voting on the second ballot, which will contain many candidates who want to replace Newsom. I will vote for a candidate who:

  1. Has reliable moral, social, fiscal, conservative, constitutional values
  2. Is not a homosexual or transsexual (which is antithetical to the above values)
  3. Can win (acknowledged this September to be one of the three leading candidates)

To help you start your own research, here’s information on the top three declared candidates, in alphabetical order:

Ontheissues.org database reports John Cox is a “Libertarian-Leaning Conservative”
Unreliable Wikipedia describes Kevin Faulconer’s liberal social issues
Ontheissues.org database¬†reports Doug Ose is a “Moderate Libertarian Conservative”¬†

Quite practically, a constitutional, good governor is somebody you trust to veto ALL the bad bills that the Democrat-controlled Legislature sends to his desk.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan…
The king establishes the land by justice,
But he who receives bribes overthrows it.
Proverbs 29: 2 and 4