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ALERT: Call Orange County’s Loretta Sanchez on Obamacare

Saturday, March 20, 2010, 6:57 pm |

It’s appalling that nearly all the Democrats in Congress want much more government control over people’s personal health care, instead of freeing up the superior private sector and encouraging personal responsibility.

But in the midst of being angry, I have hope. As I write this, along with guaranteed “no” votes from all the House Republicans, there are 37 committed “no” votes from Democrats, with 17 “undecided” votes remaining. If just 1 of the 17 undecided Democrats votes no, the number of Democrat “defectors” rises to 38 and Obamacare will be defeated without a vote to spare.

This scenario is more than possible because of a handful of pro-life Democrats who voted for socialized medicine in November say they won’t this time because both the Senate bill and the House reconciliation bill allow for taxpayer-funded abortions.

The current inside count is there may be only 210 Democrats who will end up voting for Obamacare — six votes short of the 216 votes required for passage.

California’s congressional delegation does not include any pro-life Democrats. Even those Democrats who claimed they were against taxpayer-funded abortions – Joe Baca of San Bernardino, Dennis Cardoza of Merced and Jim Costa of Fresno – have abandoned their rhetoric and are voting for socialized medicine that defines abortion as medicine and make taxpayers fund it. Pro-abortion Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton is also going to vote yes on Obamacare again.

Surprisingly, usually liberal Democrat Loretta Sanchez of Santa Ana remains the only California undecided vote and that has Obamacare managers worried. Sanchez, in a tough reelection battle, was the last Democrat to vote for Obamacare in November. Today, she wasn’t even at the Capitol and some wonder whether she’ll be a no-show for Sunday’s big vote.

ALERT: If you live in Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Anaheim or Fullerton, please leave a short message on Sanchez’ district phone tonight and Sunday morning urging her to “Vote NO on Obamacare — both the Senate bill and the House bill.” Phone (714) 621-0102 | fax  (714) 621-0401 | fill out contact form.

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