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Lower chance of higher taxes and fees

Monday, November 22, 2010, 2:44 pm |

One of SaveCalifornia.com’s core principles is “financial freedom.” That’s
why I’m happy to report 3 pieces of good news in the aftermath of
California’s Nov. 2 election — news that has tax-and-spend Democrats at the
State Capitol all shook up:

1. Due to a published court ruling that is respectful of Prop. 13 in the
California Constitution, there is a very low chance of new tax hikes from

2. Because California voters have just approved Prop. 26, new general fee
hikes are also very unlikely. (In case you’re wondering, the 2009 tax and
fee increases (sales tax, income tax, car tax and “child tax”) — will
expire in July and December next year.)

3. Because of what you’ve just read, and since California voters have also
approved Prop. 22 to prohibit state raids of local government funding
streams, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov.-Elect Jerry Brown and California’s
Democrat legislative leaders are only talking about budget cuts — not
tax hikes, fee hikes or borrowing like before.

The reality is, they must cut billions in wasteful programs, in light of the
$25.4 BILLION state budget deficit projected for next year. California
voters, in the elections of 1978 (passage of Prop. 13), May 2009 (rejection
of tax and fee extensions), and November 2010, have boxed in the
Democrat-controlled California Legislature, providing much-needed financial

See for yourself in these news stories from Nov. 12:


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