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How to escape and protest higher taxes

Saturday, March 28, 2009, 11:15 am |

Brace yourself. California’s foolish government decreed Wednesday, April 1 as the day when the statewide sales tax will increase a full 1.00%. I suggest that if you have to make a big purchase, buy it now to save a full percentage point. Then join the tax revolution that’s brewing all over the nation.

When you wake up Wednesday morning, the total sales tax will be around 9.00% for most Californians, and even higher in some already high-tax areas: 9.25% in Los Angeles County; 9.50% in San Francisco; and 9.75% in places like Alameda County, Pinole, Richmond and National City. The highest sales tax in the state is likely to be in South Gate in L.A. County — 10.25%.

Again, who is doing this to working families? Seventy-five out of 75 Democrat state legislators, 6 out of 44 Republican legislators and 1 liberal Republican Governor named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The .25% hike in the state income tax and the slashing of the state child tax credit (costing parents $210 per child) are already in effect. The car tax or Vehicle License Fee will double on May 19. Ironically, that’s the same day California voters will vote on Prop. 1A. Defeating 1A would limit these higher taxes to two years’ duration.

The overall tax-and-fee hike on California families is expected to average $1,100 per year. In case you’re wondering, Barack Obama’s “middle class” tax cut will average $800 per family, but will last only two years. So the average California family will still pay more in taxes for 2009 and 2010, even if Prop. 1A is defeated and California’s tax increase expires in Spring 2011. And as long as tax-and-spend Democrats rule the roost in Sacramento, you can expect more tax hike proposals.

The Bible said a king will tax the people 10%
“He will take a tenth of your flocks….” 1 Samuel 8:17 NIV

In feudal Europe, serfs who worked under landlords paid an average of 20%
A World History of Tax Rebellions

Yet in the United States, the average total tax that working Americans pay is 30.8%. This means the average American is under more financial oppression than the average serf in feudal Europe!
Tax Foundation 2008 Tax Freedom Day

Take action:

1. Californians, call and email Governor Schwarzenegger and your state legislators to demand they NEVER AGAIN RAISE TAXES OR FEES (that’s right, the Democrats and Schwarzenegger are actually considering more taxes in light of a new $8 BILLION hole in the state budget) 

2. Californians, plan to vote NO on Prop. 1A on May 19

3. Everyone, plan to attend an April 15 rally to protest higher taxes and big government


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