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Response to Jerry Brown signing ‘LGBT’ role models for kids bill

Thursday, July 14, 2011, 5:03 pm | admin

On Thursday, July 14, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 48. That means children as young as kindergarten in California K-12 government schools will be forced to admire “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans” as their personal role models. That’s because SB 48 mandates that the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles of both historical and contemporary persons who engaged or currently engage in homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexuality be positive portrayed to impressionable children through “instruction in social sciences.” It’s the most in-your-face sexual brainwashing yet. And there’s no parental opt-out.

SB 48 is the EIGHTH school sexual indoctrination law on the books. See the 7 other California laws.

In response, SaveCalifornia.com President, Randy Thomasson, said: “Jerry Brown has trampled the parental rights of the broad majority of California mothers and fathers who don’t want their children to be sexually brainwashed. SB 48 has no parental opt-out. The only way parents can opt-out their kids from this immoral indoctrination is to opt them out the entire public school system.” Full statement here.

SaveCalifornia.com thanks everyone who called, emailed, faxed, Twittered and Facebooked Gov. Brown. By signing SB 48, he ignored the wishes of the majority of California parents.

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