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Nurse-abortion bill pulled today

Friday, May 4, 2012, 7:49 pm |

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REJOICE that heavy, strategic lobbying in an election year has resulted in a rarity — a bill authorizing nurses to abort children is “dead in committee” after two pro-abortion Democrats refused to vote for it.

Today — Friday, May 4 — the lesbian, pro-abortion Democrat author of SB 1338 has pulled her bill off the committee schedule and will miss the deadline to pass the bill in committee because she couldn’t secure one more vote.

Read the story in the San Diego Union-Tribune

Why did this happen? The two pro-abortion Democrats who voted no on April 26 are Lou Correa of Central Orange County and Juan Vargas of San Diego. Both Democrats seem to want to please pro-life voters with their “latest image” as they run or consider running for new electoral offices. Correa may run for county supervisor and even statewide office. Vargas is running for a congressional seat that extends into the strongly pro-life Imperial County, and is running against a vocal, pro-life Democrat in the primary battle being currently waged.

In any case, this abortion skirmish is more evidence that the reality of children in the womb is becoming more accepted and popular. For now, even some Democrat politicians are fearful of a growing pro-life citizenry.

That said, this horrible bill authorizing nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, and physician assistants to “perform” tortuous, murderous suction abortions of pre-born babies can be brought directly to the Senate floor if the Democrat leader, Darrell Steinberg, really wants to.

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