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ObamaCare ruling: Don’t be depressed, direct your anger instead

Thursday, June 28, 2012, 1:28 pm | Randy Thomasson

If your emotions are riled up by unjust judges who have upheld ObamaCare, let the Righteous Judge help you direct your anger and frustration toward a good cause. For the Word of God teaches “be angry, but do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26).

Even though five judges on the U.S. Supreme Court have wrongly opined that ObamaCare is constitutionally permissible, a future Congress and President could repeal all of this socialist-medicine monstrosity.

ObamaCare includes:

At least 20 new taxes on families and small businesses

The ruination of America’s health care system

The biggest pro-abortion federal program ever

Insurance blockades to nutritional medicine

Because this is an election year, I urge you to replace your unrealistic depression for healthy anger. Dr. Neil Anderson is a Christian mental health pioneer and an expert on spiritual warfare. In his excellent book, Victory Over The Darkness, Anderson explains the difference between depression and anger:

Depression Signals an Impossible Goal
When you base your future success on something that can never happen, you have an impossible, hopeless goal. Your depression is a signal that your goal, no matter how spiritual or noble, may never be reached.

Anger Signals a Blocked Goal
When your activity in a relationship or a project results in feelings of anger, it’s usually because someone or something has blocked your goal in that endeavor. Any goal which can be blocked by forces you can’t control (other than God) is not a healthy goal, because your success in that arena is out of your hands.

See it? If you’re frustrated about ObamaCare’s socialized medicine being upheld, you’re justifiably angry that elected representatives and Supreme Court judges are blocking your goal of (and your healthy desires for) personal liberty, a reliable healthcare system, and good government. And your anger is good if you direct it toward good.

Christian psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of the eHarmony.com matchmaking service, wrote a groundbreaking book called Make Anger Your Ally.  From the book’s description:

Do you ever struggle with anger? You can suppress it, deny it, let it control you, or you can Make Anger Your Ally… master anger and transform its energy into a dynamic force for positive living.

Got it? Instead of being depressed about ObamaCare, be righteously angry and direct your anger in healthy ways this November. Vote how you want, but know that a future Congress and President could repeal ObamaCare if you vote like you demand it. Permission to be angry!

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