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‘Convoluted’ Prop. 8 ruling to be issued Tuesday morning

Monday, May 25, 2009, 8:24 am |

I fully expect tomorrow’s California Supreme Court ruling on Prop. 8 ruling to be half right and half wrong. Remember, this case never should have gone to court. The California Constitution clearly gives voters the last word when it comes to constitutional ballot measures.

During the March 5 oral arguments, Justices George and Kennard made it clear that, like it or not, they had to go with the voters, which would put them with three other justices — Baxter, Chin and Corrigan — who upheld man-woman marriage last year. At the same time, nearly all of the judges ignored the straightforward, retroactive effect of Prop. 8, which specified that the only valid marriage in California ‘is’ between a man and a woman, ‘regardless of when’ the marriage was performed.

Bottom line, it’s virtually guaranteed that the court will rule that only man-woman marriages could be performed after the Nov. 4, 2008 vote on Prop. 8 — but that nearly four months of homosexual ‘marriages’ performed before Election Day will still be recognized as valid. 

This kind of convoluted ruling would be half right and half wrong, not giving the Constitution or the voters the respect they deserve. Prop. 8 would therefore be corrupted by the courts. Remember, last year, over a five-month period, in a mad “rush to the alter,” every homosexual who wanted a “same-sex marriage” got one. 


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