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The Democrats’ drought deception

Saturday, February 15, 2014, 5:15 pm | Randy Thomasson


You’re seeing Democrat politicians telling a big lie about California’s extraordinary drought.

On Friday, Barack Obama was in California’s Central Valley, which produces most of California’s fruits and vegetables and dairy products. The Central Valley is being hurt — and the rest of California by extension — because there has been little rain in December and January (thus the snowpack is low) and no large California dams have been constructed since the 1970s (despite a doubling of the state population).

But did Obama, and Jerry Brown and Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, who were all with him, even mention the only real solutions, which are: 1)  praying to God for rain, and 2) demanding new construction of water storage so that the wet months’ rain can be saved for people’s needs in the dry months? Not a chance.

Instead, Obama, Brown, Feinstein, and Boxer called for bigger government programs, water rationing, and – can you believe it – blamed their false villain of “man-made global warming” instead of blaming themselves and their radical environmental group allies for refusing to build large, new dams to serve the public. Of course, the liberal media is fawning all over them, and is helping to deceive the public that these politicians really care enough to bring new water to people.

But if these Democrat leaders truly cared about ushering in more water, they would at least agree with the Republican House of Representatives’ sound plan to stop California’s drinking water from being sent into the ocean, and instead divert that good water back to farmers and families. To get there, the Democrat politicians would have to reject their environmental wacko groups and accept the fact that Californian farmers and families need more water, right now.

This commonsense plan to prioritize water for people will only happen if voters who know the truth will rise up and demand more water supply and more water storage from the Democrat lawmakers in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. In an election year, if people’s voices are heard, we might just see some unprecedented action to quench a thirsty land.

Please barrage Sacramento with phone calls to “Build more water storage!” And spread the word to others!

“We went into 2013 with reservoirs 80% full and ended the year at 20% full, and now we have 0%,” said Valadao, citing the failure to build adequate storage for water. “We had lots of opportunities to prepare,” he noted, but Democrats “blew it.”
Republican U.S. Congressman David Valadao of Hanford, quoted in Investors’ Business Daily


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