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The fantasyland of teen transsexuality

Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 2:37 pm | Randy Thomasson


What are little boys made of? Forget the rhyme because every boy has inherited a Y chromosome from his father. What are little girls made of? Their father didn’t give them a Y but an X  chromosome.

Fast forward from Creation to today. In Azusa, California a boy, who dresses like a girl, has forced his way (with the help of his immoral attorneys) onto the Azusa High School girls‘ softball team. Look at the picture. This boy is obviously male, because our chromosomes absolutely determine whether one is male or female. Thus, transsexuality is a fantasy, not reality, because no one can change their gender. Listen why

To be sure, this is neither a matter of equality nor a correction of unfair discrimination, nor a constitutional right. Males and females are naturally different — physically, sexually, and emotionally. God-given, morally-correct distinctions are good, but this…well, it’s tyrannical, immoral, unnatural, unhealthy, anti-child, anti-parent, anti-education, anti-physical modesty, and the list goes on.

See how I spoke out publicly on this and see how to protetect your children and grandchildren

Walt Heyer says that no one can really change their gender. He should know, too, because he’s tried. When he was only about five years old, Heyer’s grandmother began to dress him as if he were a girl and even made a dress just for him. The result was a very confused little boy. “I look at it today as being pretty abusive. While it seemed very benign at the time, and maybe even playful, I can see today…that it was really abusive to my psyche.”
Transsexual Returns to Original Gender, Christian Post, Jan. 11, 2012

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