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Put on love and logic and visit our Election Center

Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:58 pm | Randy Thomasson


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Everywhere you look, you see bad news about the consequences of America embracing liberal ideas and abandoning God. But did you ever think how people with moral values have been swept up by some liberal ideas too?

Look at this election. If everybody who said the word of God was true, or better yet, that the Bible is their standard for life, voted — can you imagine the good government that would result?

Or if people with moral values actually knew how to vote and didn’t get distracted, can you visualize the bad politicians — and even the bad judges — that could be swept from office?

But the liberal philosophies of pleasure-seeking (resulting in sloth) and self-centeredness (resulting in lack of love) have weakened what used to be called the “moral majority” in America.

Because twenty or thirty years ago, there were a lot of moral Americans who remembered what duty meant.  But many of those old timers have died off.

So for the sake of our generation and future generations, it’s high time for you and I regain an ethic of love and logic — to love God and our neighbors, and to understand the technological and historical opportunities we have to make a difference.  For it is hypocritical to complain about bad news if we refuse to vote wisely or help others to do the same.

This ethic of love and duty is especially needy this election, when evil wants to take more territory and when the opportunities to do good are among the highest in California history (because of low-voter turnout).

So please…grab your sample ballot and visit our Election Center. Then, to make an immediate difference, share with your friends how you’re voting

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