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Join us in saying no to ‘recreational’ marijuana

Tuesday, December 23, 2014, 8:10 pm | Randy Thomasson


You may┬áhave heard that highly potent “recreational” marijuana legalization could be placed on California’s 2016 ballot.

You’re concerned and so am I. Remember, SaveCalifornia.com strongly opposed marijuana legalization in 2010, and we celebrated that was known as Prop. 19 was ultimately defeated.

But now, with virtual legalization in California already taking its toll, and children being damaged by marijuana in the few states that have legalized it, the evidence is mounting on why highly potent pot and a “stoned” culture is a very bad idea.

Today, I talked on the phone with our anti-marijuana colleague James L. Lambert and we both committed to reignite our MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com campaign if full-blown marijuana legalization returns to the California ballot.

So please stand with SaveCalifornia.com as we stand for God’s best for children and families…which is definitely not “stoned” families and a “stoned” culture!

Heavy marijuana use in the teenage years could damage brain structures vital to memory and reasoning, a new study suggests. The study found changes in the sub-cortical regions of the brain, which are part of the memory and reasoning circuits, NBC News reports. Young people who had changes in this region of the brain performed more poorly on memory tests than their peers who did not use marijuana. The heavy marijuana users in the study had not used the drug on average for more than two years before the memory testing occurred.
“Heavy Marijuana Use in Teen Years Linked to Damaged Brain Structures,” Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, 12/18/13

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