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The moral people of California will decide

Friday, September 4, 2015, 8:38 pm | Randy Thomasson


After working the halls of California’s State Capitol today, it’s clear to me that California will become a Suicide State unless people who oppose “assisted suicide” will exercise sacrificial love and enter the fight.

The forces pushing for “assisted suicide” have money and a small army of dedicated, death-wish activists. In contrast, the natural army of pro-life citizens against “assisted suicide” is distracted, absent, or compromised.

I call upon every pro-life person and every pastor to rise up and fight now to prevent California from becoming the Suicide State, where suicide would be increasingly “the norm,” and people who otherwise would have lived years or decades will have their lives cut short.

After passing its final Assembly committee on September 4 (today), AB 15, the new number of the Democrats’ “assisted suicide” bill, is going to the floor of the California State Assembly for a very close vote.

This weekend, please urge everybody you know to make calls opposing AB 15 before it can be heard early afternoon on Tuesday, September 8. There are a handful of deciding votes.

ACT BOLDLY: Especially if you’re in their districts, please lead others to call the deciding votes

LEARN: See how AB 15 does not guarantee choice or prevent pressure to die prematurely

See how AB 15 threatens families

Read how an advocate for the disabled strongly opposes AB 15

GIVE: With your donation, help SaveCalifornia.com persevere to prevent a Suicide State

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