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Together, we fought the good fight (but Jerry Brown promoted suicide)

Monday, October 5, 2015, 6:35 pm | Randy Thomasson

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If you partnered with SaveCalifornia.com against California becoming a Suicide State, THANK YOU! You did a very good thing. You stood for what’s right by championing Life.

You stood up for a just, civilized, moral, and pro-life society with SaveCalifornia.com. And for the love of God and people, that’s what we must continue to do — in our homes, neighborhoods, churches, community, state, nation, and the world.

With Democrat Governor Jerry Brown today signing ABX2-15 to change California’s ethic from “suicide is wrong” to “sometimes suicide is good,” California will become THE Suicide State — UNLESS this bad law, which will likely go into effect in January, is repealed through a lawsuit or ballot measure.

We must respond to evil the way God wants us to. On sad days like this, when terrible agendas attack Godly, pro-family, pro-life values that you and I hold dear, will we run for cover, go silent, insulate ourselves, and pretend these battles don’t exist? OR will we do what’s right, and faithfully and prayerfully shine the light of Truth wherever we have a fighting chance? Because God always has something for us to do!

Here at SaveCalifornia.com, we believe that standing and speaking the truth — with a loving motivation — is always a success. THANK YOU AGAIN for doing your part alongside the leadership of SaveCalifornia.com and our Campaign for Children and Families. We’re privileged to be your pro-family and moral values advocate here in California.

Here’s┬áthe news release SaveCalifornia.com sent to the media today. This life-and-death issue will continue to be at the forefront in our state and nation. And you will no doubt find yourself in the middle of conversations about California being an “assisted suicide” state. Our news release talking points on ABX2-15 will empower you to be an articulate voice for truth in your circles of influence.

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