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Why do you pay more for gas and electricity in California?

Saturday, November 25, 2017, 8:04 pm | Randy Thomasson


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Earlier this year, 80 Democrats and 1 Republican voted in Sacramento to raise your gasoline taxes and your DMV fees. Specifically, this means 20 cents more in taxes for each and every gallon you pump. Are you feeling the pain yet?

Today, November 25, 2017, the average price per gallon of regular gas in California is $3.186. One month ago, before the 20-cent-per-gallon-tax-hike, the average price per gallon was $3.074.

Why is the difference 11.2 cents more, not 20 cents more, per gallon? Because many gas stations recently switched to their legally-allowed “winter blend” of gas, which is cheaper. You can expect California gas prices to be noticeably higher in the spring — as much as 20 cents more per gallon — when the more expensive “summer blend” returns.

ACTION: Plan now to vote YES to repeal the unnecessary and corrupt gas tax hike and DMV fee hike in November 2018, when, hopefully, a constitutional amendment will be on California’s ballot.

But wait, there’s more!

In the United States of America, there are 26 states with a Republican governor and a Republican-controlled state legislature. These states, with elected representatives committed to lower taxes and less regulation, enjoy combined gasoline and electricity prices that are BELOW the national average.

But among Democrat-controlled states, such as California, most of them impose HIGHER-THAN-AVERAGE costs at the gas pump and on your electricity bill.

Why do your energy bills keep going up, up, up? Now you know it’s because of Democrat politicians. Remember, it was 80 Democrats and 1 Republican in the Legislature, plus a Democrat governor, that imposed higher gasoline taxes on you.

ACTION: Share this fact with a Democrat that you love or a Democrat friend. They deserve to know how voting for Democrats is making them poorer.

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.”
American statesman Daniel Webster in 1819

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