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The Democrat politicians’ death wish for the weak and vulnerable

Thursday, August 16, 2018, 4:45 pm | Randy Thomasson

Wait, aren’t Democrats supposed to protect the weak and the vulnerable? No, the new Democrat agenda is to kill them off — at the beginning of life (abortion) and now to the elderly too (euthanasia).

On August 6, AB 282 expanding both “assisted suicide” (so-called voluntary death) and euthanasia (involuntary death) passed the California State Senate. Sold as a “correction” to the 2015 “assisted suicide” law, AB 282, by focusing on the existing Penal Code making it a felony to assist someone to commit suicide, illogically exempts from all prosecution the act of helping a “terminally ill” person commit suicide.

But this should not assure anyone, not even the so-called “terminally ill” who have lots of life and natural medicine opportunities left,  Because under AB 282, with nothing to assure a person’s “choice” to die, selfish family members can order up the pills, even force you to “drink” them, avoid all prosecution, and still inherit money if they’re in your will. It’s the “perfect crime.”

I invite you to read my August 16 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News). In it, I explain why AB 282, as well as the first “assisted suicide” law from 2015, is so wrong and harmful, and why it’s a severe threat to the weak and vulnerable.

In the 40-member State Senate, all 25 Democrats voted yes, while 9 Republicans voted no and 5 others did not vote: Noes: Bates, Chang, Gaines, Moorlach, Morrell, Nguyen, Stone, Vidak, Wilk; No Votes Recorded: Anderson, Berryhill, Cannella, Fuller, Nielsen. AB 282 now returns to the Assembly for a “concurrence vote” by August 31.

In 2015, Democrat politicians in Sacramento first legalized “assisted suicide.” There’s no requirement for a witness at death, and no requirement to self-administer. What’s more, it permits forgery of a final attestation form and a false cause of death on a death certificate.

What’s going on today:

Now, the Democrat politicians are pushing AB 282 (authored by Jones-Sawyer). This new bill would:

» Exempt from criminal prosecution “aiding, advising, or encouraging” physician-assisted suicide. In other words, a bad doctor or nurse can pressure you to die.

» Allow someone who could financially benefit from your death to actually sign an order giving you suicide pills. This allows murder for profit.

Think about what a terrible message this sends to teenagers and young adults. While the law focuses on the so-called “terminally ill,” it also sends an an unmistakable signal that if you’re depressed, suicide is the “answer.”

The vital issue of “assisted suicide” is still in California courts. The 2015 bill was rightly ruled unconstitutional; however, that ruling is “stayed” (so it’s not in effect right now) while the case is being appealed by California’s pro-suicide Attorney General, Xavier Becerra.


Call your California state assemblymember and Governor Jerry Brown.
Calling your assemblymember: 1) Click here, then enter your voter registration address, then click the “Locate” button. 2) Then your state assemblymember and state senator information will display. 3) Click your assemblymember’s name. 4) On his or her web page, find “Contact” in order to see phone numbers.
When you call or leave a voicemail, just say: “AB 282 allows murder for profit by permitting a person who could financially benefit from a patient’s death to request a lethal dose of drugs. Oppose AB 282, which creates ‘the perfect crime.'”
Leave the same message for Governor Jerry Brown, including your conclusion, “Please veto AB 282.” Call 916-445-2841, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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